There are two papers in the JEE Advanced exam Papers 1 and 2. Each paper is given for three hours on the same day. To be eligible for the exam, you must appear for both papers. Examinees should be aware that while Papers 1 and 2 of the Jee advanced syllabus 2024 are identical, the format varies according to the questions posed. Examine the JEE Advanced 2024 Pattern.

  1. Questions of JEE Advanced test the comprehension, analytical ability and reasoning of the students to have a deeper understanding of concepts and application-based problem-solving. 
  2. Class 11 topics make up 30–40% of the IIT JEE Chemistry paper, with Class 12 topics accounting for the remaining 60–70%, according to the trend analysis from the previous year. In mathematics, between 40 and 50% of the questions are based on Class 11 chapters, while in physics, both Class 11 and Class 12 topics contribute equally.
JEE Advanced AAT Syllabus 2024

Students can check the JEE Advanced AAT 2024 syllabus below

  1. Freehand Drawing
  2. Three-dimensional Perception
  3. Architectural Awareness
  4. Geometrical Drawing
  5. Imagination and Aesthetic Sensitivity

Comprehensive Comparison of JEE Main and JEE Advanced Syllabus 2024

A prerequisite for JEE Advanced is JEE Mains. As a result, JEE Mains preparation is required before IIT JEE preparation. This year, the NTA changed the JEE Mains 2024 syllabus, eliminating 11 chapters in the areas of maths, chemistry, and physics. However, the JEE Advanced Syllabus 2024 issued by IIT Madras still includes some of these removed chapters and topics. You must understand the main importance of the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Syllabus to prepare for the IIT. 

Deleted Topics from JEE Mains Syllabus 2024 which are still a part of JEE Advanced Syllabus 2024 are-

  1. Physics-
    • Newton’s Law of Cooling & its Experiment
    • Carnot Engine and its Efficiency
    • Free, Forced & Damped Oscillation, Resonance, Doppler Effect in Sound
    • Radioactivity, Radioactive Decay Law
  2. Chemistry-
    • Surface Chemistry
    • p- block Elements
    • s- & d- Block Elements
    • States of Matter
    • Metallurgy
    • Hydrogen
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Polymers
    • Chemistry in Everyday Life
  3. Mathematics
    • Binomial Coefficient
    • Sequence & Series- sum up to n terms of special series
    • Rolle’s Theorem and Langrange’s mean value Theorem
    • Scalar and Vector Product

What is JEE Advanced Syllabus 2024 Chapter-wise?

The JEE Advanced syllabus for 2024 is typically similar to previous years, covering three main subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Here's a chapter-wise breakdown of the syllabus for each subject:




General Physics: Units and dimensions, Vectors, Kinematics, Laws of motion, Work, power, and energy, Center of mass, Rotational dynamics, Gravitation

Mechanics: Fluid mechanics, Heat and thermodynamics, Waves and sound, Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetics, Electromagnetic induction, Optics, Modern physics (Atomic physics, Nuclear physics, Solid state physics, Electronics)


Physical Chemistry: Basic concepts of chemistry, States of matter, Atomic structure, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Chemical thermodynamics, Solutions, Equilibrium, Redox reactions and electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Organic Chemistry

Basic principles of organic chemistry: Hydrocarbons, Halogen derivatives, Alcohols, phenols, and ethers, Aldehydes and ketones, Carboxylic acids and their derivatives, Amines, Biomolecules, Polymers, Inorganic Chemistry

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties: General principles and processes of isolation of metals, Hydrogen, S-block elements, P-block elements, D and f-block elements, Coordination compounds, Environmental chemistry


Algebra: Complex numbers, Quadratic equations and expressions, Sequences and series, Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorem, Matrices and determinants, Mathematical induction, Trigonometry

Analytical Geometry: Straight lines Circles, Conic sections

Probability: Probability distribution, Mean, variance, and standard deviation

Vectors: Addition of vectors, Scalar and vector products, Three-dimensional geometry

Integral Calculus: Integration and its applications, Definite integrals, Areas under curves

Differential Calculus: Functions, limits, and continuity, Differentiation and its applications, Differential coefficients, Tangents and normals

Trigonometric functions and equations: Inverse trigonometric functions, Heights and distances, Analytical Geometry 

JEE Advanced Exam Pattern 2024: Past 5-Year Trends

The format of the Jee Advanced 2024 exam is flexible. Therefore, in addition to studying for the JEE Advanced syllabus, you also need to be aware of the exam's format, question types, total number of questions, and point value. The salient features and historical patterns of the JEE Advanced exam pattern are discussed in the section of the article below.


Total Question per Subject

Total Questions in Papers 1 & 2

Total Marks Paper 1 & 2





















Syllabus for JEE Advance (F&Q)

Ques. What is the syllabus for JEE Advanced 2024?

Ans. The jee adv syllabus for 2024 covers three main subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It includes topics like Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Differential and Integral Calculus, Probability, and more.

Ques. Is the JEE Advanced syllabus different from the JEE Main?

Ans. Yes, the syllabus for JEE Advanced is more extensive and covers advanced topics compared to JEE Main 2024. JEE Advanced focuses on deeper conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.

Ques. Are NCERT books sufficient for JEE Advanced preparation?

Ans. While NCERT books are essential for building a strong foundation, they may not cover all topics in depth for jee advanced. It's recommended to refer to additional reference books and study materials for thorough preparation.

Ques. How should I plan my study schedule for JEE Advanced syllabus?

Ans. Divide your study time effectively among all subjects and topics according to their weightage in the exam. Focus on understanding concepts, practising problems, and revising regularly. Create a timetable that includes regular mock tests and revision sessions.

Ques. Are there any changes in the JEE Advanced syllabus for 2024?

Ans. The syllabus for JEE Advanced usually remains consistent with minor adjustments or updates. It's important to check the official website or notifications for any specific changes or additions to the syllabus for the upcoming year.

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