JEE Main Sample Papers are most important in the preparation of IIT JEE. Download the JEE Main sample papers for 2024 and the previous year's papers for JEE Main with solutions and answer keys to practice, which will help the candidates score well in the exam.

JEE MAIN SAMPLE PAPER 2024: Introduction

JEE Main 2024 Sample Papers: Practicing the JEE Main sample papers is most important for rehearsal for exams like IIT JEE. Candidates who have participated in the upcoming JEE Main exam must study or practice these sample papers with solutions that will help them crack the test. 

NTA will conduct JEE Main 2024 in two sessions in January and April. The JEE Mains 2024 exam date session 1 was conducted between Jan 24 to Feb 1, 2024. The session 2 exam will be conducted from Apr 4 to Apr 12, 2024. The JEE Main 2024 sample papers include the same question pattern with the original format, and difficulty level as in the actual exam. JEE Main exam papers are available for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 and include question papers as per the official JEE Main Syllabus 2024. Along with the JEE Mains sample paper, candidates are provided with the JEE Main previous year question paper PDF download. Also, check out the JEE Main Mock test papers here. 

JEE MAINS 2024: Overview

We can prepare the JEE Main exam sample papers to cover all the important topics or subjects of the JEE Main exam. These sample papers are not just a phase of random questions and answers. So you can view them as comprehensive exam preparation.


JEE Main Sample Papers


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium


Physics, Chemistry and Math (Combined)

Available Material:

Chapter-wise Sample Papers with PDF

Boost Your Confidence With JEE Main Sample Paper PDF

Universitykart sample papers are prepared based on the new updated pattern of the JEE Main exam. So, you can be sure that you will receive the most relevant and updated preparation material. Don't wait any longer: begin your JEE Main preparation with Universitykart Sample paper PDF files. Build your confidence, get familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus and then give yourself the best chance to crack the JEE Main entrance exam. Get your free PDFs now from the links which are mentioned below and take the first step toward your engineering dreams! 

JEE Main Sample Question Papers - Free PDF Links 

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-2 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-3 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-4 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-5 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-6 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Sample Question Paper-7 with Answer Keys

JEE Main Mock Tests 2024

JEE Main tests with sample papers students are strongly advised to practice these tests as it helps to score excellently on the exam. Students can find the JEE Main Mock Test from NTA official website the download section. Students can download the JEE Main Mock Tests and practice at their convenience time or online through the direct link on the website. 

Practice NTA JEE Main Mock Test

Practice Specially Crafted JEE Main Mock Tests

Importance of JEE Main Question Paper 2023

The JEE Main Question paper is designed to test the engineering students' aptitude, analytical skills and subject knowledge. By regularly practising JEE Main 2024 previous year's questions and sample papers, students can easily improve their level of preparation, identify zones for improvement and improve their time management aptitudes. Moreover, JEE Main Model Paper PDF is easily available online so that students can practice anytime anywhere.

Tips for Effective Preparation Using JEE Main Question Papers

  1. Start your preparation with sample papers already in your study plan to understand the exam pattern.
  2. Simulate timed exam conditions, this will help improve your time management skills.
  3. After solving each sample paper, analyze your mistakes and weaknesses in detail.
  4. Use sample papers to focus on improving your weak topics or subjects.
  5. Lots of benefits of solving JEE Main Question Papers as it will help the students to get good scores.

How to Utilize JEE Main Question Papers in Revision

During the revision days, sample work can be used to reduce studying and assess exam readiness. Solving these sample papers will help you to identify gaps in your knowledge and refine your exam strategy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using JEE Main Question Papers: 

  1. Not timing practice can leave you unprepared for real exam conditions.
  2. Failure to analyze your mistakes and learn from them can hinder your progress.
  3. While JEE Main sample papers are invaluable, they should complement your overall preparation and not replace the core study.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. Will solving the JEE main sample papers help in cracking the exam?

Ans. The only purpose of sample papers is for students to practice for entrance exams which will surely help in evaluating the preparation level and strong and weak points in the subject. So, yes as per that solving the JEE Main Sample Paper 2024 will also help in cracking the exam.

Ques. Where can I get JEE Main sample papers?

Ans. Students can download JEE Main sample papers free from online websites. Students can also practice previous year's JEE Main question papers as sample papers to practice for the exam.

Ques. What is the advantage of solving JEE Main Model papers?

Ans. Solving the JEE Main sample papers will help candidates know their preparation level and plan further studies accordingly. It will also help in evaluating the strong and weak areas of the subjects. Also, it will help in improving time management. 

Ques. What is the pattern of questions in the JEE Main sample papers?

Ans. The JEE Main sample paper pattern is in the same format as the official JEE Main question paper.

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