CAT 2024 preparation is all about theory and practice. If you are wondering how to prepare for CAT 2024, Universitykart brings you top study tips from MBA experts. Check it out now and start preparing. If you are planning to appear for CAT 2024, you need to have 100% dedication for the exam; only then will you be able to crack it. The CAT exam preparation in 2024 will require six to eight hours of study daily, with regular revision of all the concepts and formulae so that they are fresh in memory till the exam day.

CAT Preparation Tips 2024: Introduction

CAT Preparation 2024: Candidates need to recognize that having a well-rounded plan is important to passing the CAT exam. The day-by-day observation agenda for CAT 2024 instruction must be intended for 6 to 8 hours consistent with the day. Working experts want to set aside at least 4 hours per day and 8 hours on weekends to prepare for the CAT exam. To make certain you cover the complete syllabus, start your CAT 2024 instruction as early as May 2024. Concentrate on the CAT exam`s most important topics over the last leg of your observation period, which runs from September to October, in case you need to attain a high score. To become a professional at the topics, take several CAT exercise exams.

CAT Preparation Strategy 2024

See the overall CAT examination instruction method below, which any candidate can use to create a complete observation plan.

Step 1: Make sure you completely assess the CAT 2024 syllabus and are acquainted with the CAT examination format.

Step 2: Observe substances and CAT books, which have been encouraged with the aid of professionals.

Step 3: Enroll in online MBA observation agencies on Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora, Telegram, YouTube, and different platforms.

Step 4: Create a monthly, weekly, and everyday agenda in step four.

Step 5: For the most advantageous outcomes, adhere to the agenda and the CAT instruction method.

CAT Preparation: Know the CAT Syllabus 2024

It`s common knowledge that the CAT syllabus is more engineer-friendly; however, in actuality, all subjects at the examination, besides quantitative aptitude, are practicable for college kids without an engineering background. But there may be lots of exercise required. Classes 9–10 cowl advanced-degree arithmetic subjects in the notoriously difficult CAT Quantitative Aptitude section. To pass the CAT, applicants best want to study and look at the material's central ideas in the topics blanketed in the syllabus. Candidates from the engineering circulate find it tough to pass the CAT VARC. The desk underneath lists the important topics for the CAT syllabus in 2024.

Prepare as per the Latest CAT Pattern

Candidates ought to be well-versed in the examination sample to pick out questions effectively and complete the paper with 100 % accuracy overall. This will assist their intention for the 100, or 99.99 % at the CAT examination. The desk underneath highlights the most critical factors of the current CAT examination format.

CAT Exam Features


Number of sections

Three - VARC, DILR, and QA (to be answered in the same sequence)

Number of questions


Types of question


Examination mode


Sectional time-limit

40 minutes

Total marks


Marks per question


Negative marking

-1 (no negative marking for TITA and unattempted questions)

Exam duration

120 minutes

Difficulty Level of CAT Exam

It is essential to be aware of the question paper`s level of difficulty when preparing for the CAT 2024 examination so that you understand what to expect. Exam trouble for the past six years' CAT exams can be found on the desk below.

CAT Year

Difficulty Level

Paper Analysis

CAT 2023

Moderately difficult 

Read the CAT 2023 exam analysis

CAT 2022

Moderately difficult 

Read the CAT 2022 exam analysis

CAT 2021

Moderately difficult 

Read the CAT 2021 exam analysis

CAT 2020

Moderately difficult

Read the CAT 2020 exam analysis

CAT 2019

Moderately difficult

Read CAT 2019 exam analysis

Changes to the CAT exam pattern over the years


CAT 2023/ CAT 2022/ CAT 2021

CAT 2020

CAT 2019

Number of CAT exam slots




CAT exam time duration

120 minutes

120 minutes

180 minutes

Sectional time limit

40 minutes

40 minutes

60 minutes

Total number of questions




Total marks




Total questions in the VARC section




Total questions in the DILR section




Total questions in the QA section




How do I prepare for CAT VARC?

Readability, verbal comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar are the 4 important sections of the CAT VARC phase. The CAT examination calls for applicants to have a wonderful technique for every phase to put together. Reading comprehension, for instance, is approximately growing and cultivating the dependency of analysis, so the training for it has to begin early in the year. It takes much less time to finish the CAT Verbal Ability. Take a look at the training pattern questions. It is feasible to work on vocabulary and grammar simultaneously. You have to deal with training the physical activities primarily based on RC, para jumbles, peculiar sentences, and para final touch because those are the principal subjects of the CAT VARC.

How do I prepare for the CAT DILR?

The key to performing well in Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, or DILR, is knowing the fundamentals. Candidates must sharpen their observational abilities and attention to detail because this section's questions are grounded in common sense and data. Furthermore, because DILR lacks formulation and theorems, working towards pattern questions is a key part of your training. Tables, line charts, pie charts, bar charts, and combined charts are key topics to analyze for DILR. Obtain CAT and take a look at substances with an extensive variety of pattern questions protecting those topics.

How do I prepare for CAT quantitative aptitude?

The toughest and very last section of the CAT examination is the quantitative flair phase. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and the meridian are the various arithmetic subjects included within the QA phase. Having a strong know-how of all of the concepts, formulations, and theorems is vital to doing well in this part of the CAT examination. Additionally, intellectual computation is important to reaching excessive marks in this area. Even though the CAT examination can have an on-display calculator, applicants can save time by doing calculations mentally. To prepare for the examination, take a look at the guide, which incorporates several pattern questions protecting those topics.

Last Month's CAT Preparation Strategy

Candidates have to end the CAT syllabus and exercise a massive variety of pattern questions for the utility of formulations and theorems through October 2024. Candidates have to be capable of influencing the subjects and formulation through now, giving all of them they want to exercise CAT mocks and exercise papers. Thus, use the closing month to exercise for the CAT mock and take a look at the series.

  1. Examine the results of a CAT mock examination on each different day. Work on the topics that had been hard inside the exercise examination right away.
  2. Assess your regions of weakness, ask questions of mentors, or take part in a web problem-fixing consultation to get your doubts answered.
  3. Get shortcuts for appearing mathematical calculations and decoding LR styles through analyzing recommendations and looking at videos. For the examination to head greater quickly, this cap potential is important. 
  4. Schedule your rewriting time. This is a timely and methodical assessment of each challenge in the CAT 2024 syllabus.
  5. Fill out the admissions forms at the same time as many MBA schools open for applications in October. If the application deadline has passed, your CAT score will be useless.
  6. To improve, try answering more Para jumbles and logical reasoning questions during the past month.

CAT Preparation 2024: How Many CAT Mock Tests to Practice?

During the preparation section, it's advised that applicants take between forty and forty-five CAT mock checks. The number of exercise checks, however, can also additionally vary for every applicant based on their talent with CAT topics in addition to their accuracy and pace. After completing the syllabus, candidates need to commit to the second half of the CAT instruction section to practice for the mock examination. The mystery right here is to assess each mock examination result to decide your cutting-edge stage of talent and the quantity of extra exercise you require. Enhancing application, accuracy, and pace is the aim of a CAT mock check. You can lower your tempo when you have reached a factor in the mock exams in which you're continuously scoring highly (excessive problem stage). All applicants aren't required to finish 45 exercise checks. With fewer mock checks completed, you may be simply as well-organized. Examine your ability.

CAT Preparation 2024: What are the Key Points to Note?

  1. The CAT is a check of accuracy and pace. To boost your pace and accuracy, do as many exercise CAT question papers and mock checks as you can.
  2. Assess your overall performance after each CAT exercise check as you prepare for the examination. Examine your benefits and drawbacks so you can improve.
  3. Try answering each CAT examine fabric query a minimum of 3 times. On your first try, you`ll apprehend it; on your second try, you will get the solution faster; and on your third try, you may discover a shortcut.
  4. You ought to end every phase of the CAT examination in the allocated time, as it has a sectional time restriction.
  5. The CAT examination is marked negatively. One mark is taken away for every wrong response. Learn the art of selecting the precise inquiries to save you this.
  6. A sectional cutoff restriction applies to CAT, so do not forget about any topics. The choice in WAT-GD/PI and the general CAT percentile are immediately impacted by the sectional cutoff.
  7. As a part of your CAT instruction plan, take exercise checks, which can be timed. It will help the boom of its slow control abilities.
  8. Maintain best CAT 2024 instruction; however, refrain from going overboard. if you have already organized a few topics. Don't paint on them repeatedly. Pay attention to topics that also cause you discomfort.
  9. After taking an exercise CAT examination, cautiously overview your outcomes to determine your regions of weakness. Put a few attempts into it. Sort out the questions, which can nonetheless be unanswered. Avoid answering questions like this all through the check.
  10. Learn as many as 20 tables via means of the heart, inclusive of rectangular, cube, and rectangular roots. These will help you do intellectual calculations at the CAT check.
  11. Every day for an hour, move over all the LR, VA, and QA formulas. You should realize those so well that you can quickly and effortlessly overview them on check day.
  12. Concentrate entirely on mock checks and revision all through this very last degree of CAT instruction for 2024. This is the crucial window of opportunity to get your CAT rating from 95 to 99 percentile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. How must I manipulate my time effectively at some point in CAT instruction?

Ans. Create an observed schedule, prioritize topics, and allocate particular time slots for every subject. Regularly exercise for certain mock exams to enhance time-control skills.

Ques. What position do mock exams play in CAT instruction for 2024?

Ans. Mock exams simulate the real CAT examination environment, assisting you in apprehending the examination pattern, perceiving strengths and weaknesses, and refining your techniques accordingly.

Ques. Is it vital to enroll in an education institute for CAT instruction in 2024?

Ans. While education institutes offer based guidance, self-observation supplemented with online assets can also be effective. Choose the technique that aligns greatly with your mastering fashion and schedule.

Ques. How can I live stimulated and steady at some point of CAT instruction in 2024?

Ans. Set doable goals, tune your progress, and praise yourself for milestones achieved. Surround yourself with supportive friends or observe groups, and maintain wholesome stability between observation and relaxation.

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