The exam conducting authorities released a notice mentioning the changed dates of the FMGE 2024 exam on April 4, 2024. As per the new dates, the exam is scheduled to be conducted on July 6, 2024. Applicants who want to appear in the exam and qualify must take note of it and start preparing for the FMGE exam.

FMGE Exam 2024: The key to cracking 150+ in the FMGE Exam 2024 can be challenging, considering the vast syllabus with several topics that need adequate understanding and practice. The National Board of Examination of Medical Sciences (NBEMS) will conduct the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) exam in June 2024, so candidates should work hard to achieve the target scores in the FMGE 2024 Exam. This article will guide you with strategic and organized approaches to help candidates achieve 150+ marks in the FMGE 2024 exam.

FMGE December 2024 Exam Pattern

Before starting the FMGE exam preparation for any entrance exam, the candidate must go through the exam pattern and syllabus. Here are the highlights of the FMGE 2024 Exam. Read on to find out what to expect from the exam

FMGE Exam Pattern



English only

Mode of the examination


Total number of questions


Marking Scheme

+1 for the correct option

No Negative Marking

Type of questions

MCQ (objective-type only)

Exam Duration

5 hours

(2 hour and 30 minutes for each section)

No. of Sections

Two (Part A and B)

Exam Timing

Morning Shift – 9:00 PM to 11:30 AM

Forenoon Shift – 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

The Tips to Score 150+ in the FMGE Exam 2024

The key to scoring 150+ in FMGE 2024 includes excellent study methods complemented by revision and practice to help candidates understand the various topics in the syllabus and improve their knowledge and skills needed to score 150+ in FMGE 2024 exam. As suggested by experts and toppers, below are the tips for scoring 150+ in the FMGE exam

FMGE 2024 Best Books to Refer

Refer to important books for the FMGE exam. Apart from these books, there are other books which candidates can use for exam preparation


Books to Refer

Dermatology & STD

Read Review of Dermatology by Saurabh Jindal


Self-Assessment & Review Medicine  by Mudit Khanna


Orthopedics Quick Review (OPQR) by Apurv Mehra & Thameem Saif


Self-Assessment & Review ENT (PGMEE) by Sakshi Arora


Review for PSM by ‘Vivek Jain’

Microbiology & Forensics

Jain/Chaurasia or Arora Book by Dr. Vikas


Complete Review of Pathology by Praveen Kumar Gupta, Vandana Puri


Dr. Ruchi Rai’ for Ophthalmology


Read Review of Radiology (PGMEE) by Rajat Jain &Virendra Jain




Anesthesia Essence by Pritesh Singh & Usica Chandan

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Review Book by ‘Dr. Sakshi Arora” or Review Book by Harmeet Goyal



Conceptual Review of Pharmacology for NBE by Ranjan Kumar Patel


Jitendra Talekar Notes by ‘Dr. Marwah

Physiology & Pathology

Review of Pathology by ‘Dr. Govind Garg & Dr. Sparsh Gupta’


Quick review series: Psychiatry for FMGE/NEXT by Rajesh Kannan &  P. Harinath


Amit Tripathi and Ashish Gupta or Rachna Chaurasia / Arora

FMGE 2024: Prepare an Organized Study Plan

Preparing an organised FMGE syllabus is a crucial step in dealing with each topic of the FMGE syllabus. To this end, time-based goals should be set, which help to use the available time most efficiently, dividing the time spent on each topic according to its importance.

The curriculum should include a balanced allocation of time for study, exams and practicals, which will help create a strong foundation for the subject concepts of the FMGE curriculum

FMGE 2024: Consult the Right Study Materials

Check out the appropriate study materials to build a strong foundation for the basics of different subjects in the FMGE syllabus. You should use all reliable and up-to-date study materials, including textbooks, question banks and online materials.

Subject matter experts, teachers and former principal researchers can recommend and guide you on the best study materials for the FMGE exam. To develop solid knowledge, it is necessary to organise and prepare the necessary study material

FMGE 2024: Regular Revision with Study Notes

Regular revision with study notes will help you remember important information for longer. FMGE syllabus topics are more theory so regular revision of topics helps to clear doubts and understand problem points.

Use the notes you took during your studies to go over the main topics and make sure you have sufficiently understood the basic concepts of the FMGE topics

FMGE 2024: Previous Year Papers

FMGE Previous Year Papers will help the experienced to prepare for the exam on time. These question papers provide an overview of the type and difficulty of questions expected in the exam. FMGE previous year papers are one of the best sources of FMGE exam, they are easily available online. Candidates can also buy books in which FMGE's previous year's papers have been published by well-known publishers.

Practising FMGE's previous year's papers thoroughly will boost my confidence. This gives applicants mental clarity about the speed and accuracy of the medical license review.

FMGE 2024: Mock Tests

Several leading training institutes design and conduct FMGE Mock Tests to help experienced individuals practice before D-day. Candidates can register for the FMGE sample paper series to test their learning. The FMGE sample paper helps the candidates to assess their weak and strong points. Thus, it helps them identify areas where preparation needs to be improved. A candidate must complete at least 2 FMGE tests per week to get a high percentile in the 2024 FMGE exam

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQS

Ques: What is FMGE 2024?

Ans: FMGE stands for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. It is a screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE) for Indian citizens and Overseas Indian Citizens (OCI) who have obtained their medical degrees from foreign countries and wish to practice medicine in India.

Ques: When will FMGE 2024 be conducted?

Ans: The FMGE 2024 exam is scheduled to be conducted on July 6, 2024, as per the latest notice released by the exam conducting authorities.

Ques: How can I prepare effectively for FMGE 2024?

Ans: Effective preparation for FMGE 2024 involves understanding the exam pattern and syllabus, organizing a study plan, using the right study materials, regular revision, practicing with previous year papers, and taking mock tests.

Ques: What are some key tips for scoring 150+ in FMGE 2024?

Ans: Some key tips for scoring 150+ in FMGE 2024 include thorough understanding of subjects, regular revision with study notes, practicing with previous year papers, taking mock tests, consulting subject matter experts, and maintaining a balanced study schedule.

Ques: How should I organize my study plan for FMGE 2024?

Ans: Organize your study plan by setting time-based goals, allocating time for each subject according to its importance, including time for study, revision, and practice tests. Consult with experts to ensure your study plan is comprehensive and effective.

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