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The purpose of a Ph.D. program in Hospitality is to enhance research and study related to the hospitality industry. The course includes coursework in statistics, research design, and related areas. It typically takes four years to complete. Students will develop analytical and logical skills while completing the program. The course is designed for people who want to be successful managers or perform research. The students who graduate from the program will be well-qualified for careers in various fields, including consulting and teaching.

A Ph.D. in Hospitality is a Research degree program that consists of 60 credits. The program requires a master's degree in a relevant field. The course also requires the completion of 800 hours of hospitality work. Candidates who choose to pursue a doctorate in this field can concentrate in a specific area of the hospitality industry. The requirements to obtain a Ph.D. in Hospitality are similar to those for other Ph.D. programs.

The program requires a minimum of 60 credit hours and is structured in a residential format. Applicants must have completed a master's degree in a relevant discipline. In addition, students must take a comprehensive exam, a qualifying examination, and a dissertation study. They must also submit a proposal that addresses a research question. In addition, they must pass a comprehensive examination and complete a 

Ph.D. in Hotel Management Eligibility

Candidates who want to take admission in Ph.D. must have a post-graduate degree in Hotel Management and its relevant discipline with at least 55% marks from a recognized university and must have passed the national level entrance examination or university level entrance examination. National level entrance exams like UGC NET / UGC CSIR NET / GATE / SLET or University entrance exam consisting of written tests and personal interviews.

The Benefits of a Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism Management

A Ph.D. program in Hospitality and Tourism Management prepares students to become excellent university teachers and to conduct scholarly research. The program's goal is to develop highly qualified individuals who are able to contribute to the field of hospitality and tourism management. Graduates of the program are prepared for careers in academia and in industry. The program is highly competitive and seeks individuals with strong academic credentials who are committed to pursuing a career in the academy.

The University of South Carolina's Ph.D. The hospitality Management program prepares students for careers in academic research, education, and consulting in the field. The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management's world-class faculty members provide rigorous academic training to help students enter the field as future scholars. The University's financial aid programs are very competitive, making a Ph.D. program an excellent choice for those with financial needs.

The University of South Carolina's Ph.D. The hospitality management program is a pipeline into the hospitality industry. With its world-renowned faculty and research centers, the UofSC School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management is known for producing industry leaders. In addition, students can take part in funded grant projects and work with institutes to help improve the field of hospitality. The degree program is extremely popular in the industry, and it has numerous advantages for future professionals.

The Career and Job Opportunities of a Ph.D. in Hotel Management

The Ph.D. in Hotel Management offers many options for employment, including lecturing, research, or consulting in the industry. In addition, graduates may pursue a variety of related career paths, including government or postsecondary education administration. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, lodging and food service managers earned an average annual salary of $56,590 in May 2020. The field of study has a variety of job descriptions, and there are numerous potential careers.

Those who earn a Ph.D. in Hotel Management can work in a variety of settings. They can become restaurant and hotel managers, a public house manager, or a lecturer. In addition to lecturing, a Ph.D. in Hospitality Administration offers career possibilities in the field of hospitality administration research. However, the most popular career opportunities for this degree program are in management.

A Ph.D. in Hotel Management also prepares students for a research-oriented career. Students who complete this doctorate program take courses in hospitality law, accounting, statistics, and operations. They also study various subjects that support their field. Most programs last four years, including a semester of additional study. During this time, incoming students should possess excellent analytical and communication skills. If they are planning to work in the industry, the Ph.D. program may be right for them.

The Future Scope of a Ph.D. in Hotel Management

A Ph.D. in hotel management provides the candidate with specialized training in the field of hospitality management. As a manager, you'll oversee the daily operations of a hotel and allocate tasks to subordinates. You'll analyze a property using standard terms to understand its competitiveness and potential for growth. You'll also analyze how the hotel's revenue sources differ from those of its competitors.

A Ph.D. in hotel management is the research-level equivalent of a master's degree. This is a two- to a five-year course that focuses on the business side of hotel management. If you have an MBA in hospitality, you can go into a management position in a company or become a consultant. In addition, recruiters are always on the lookout for hotel management graduates.

The program prepares you for teaching and research positions in the hotel industry. The coursework for the program varies from two to five years, and the research project should be relevant to the student's current interests. During the final phase of the course, you'll develop a thesis that explores a particular area of hotel management. You can then publish this work, which will make you an expert in your field.

Ph.D. Research Programme duration

The Ph.D. in Hotel Management course is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 in duration. This depends on the university offering the course.

Fees for research program for Hotel Management

The average fee for Ph.D. in Hotel Management degree is between INR 50000 and INR 500000.

Ph.D. in Hotel Management


Ph.D. in Hotel Management

Rayat Bahra University, Ajitgarh

Ph.D. in Hotel Management
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Ph.D. in Hotel Management

Master Degree in Hotel Management or its related field.

Ph.D. in Hotel Management

5 Years

Ph.D. in Hotel Management
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