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List Of Top MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management Universities/Colleges in Goa based on 2022 Ranking

Goa is one of the states along the coast of the southwest of India in the Konkan region. It is separated geographically from Deccan mountains by the Western Ghats. It lies in between two Indian States in Maharashtra in the North as well as Karnataka to the south and east and has Karnataka to the east and south, with Arabian Sea forming its western coast. It is India's second-smallest state in terms of area, and the fourth-smallest population. Goa is the most prosperous state in terms of GDP per capita of the Indian states, which is two more and half than its GDP for India overall. It was the Eleventh Finance Commission of India has ranked Goa the top-ranked state due to the quality of its infrastructure. the country's National Commission on Population rated Goa as having the highest standard of living within India (based upon the Commission's "12 indicators"). It's the third highest ranking among Indian states on the index of human development.

The Master of Business Administration (Tourism & Hospitality Management), a residential, two-year program in the full-time residential sector, is a 2-year-long program. The academic year is made up of three trimesters that lead to the award of the Degree of MBA (Tourism & Hospitality Management) in Goa . Core courses will be offered in the first year. These courses will cover the basic concepts and practice of management across various functional areas. All students must complete the first year of coursework. Then, they will be required to participate in a summer internship or International Immersion Programme (IIP). Students are required to complete a six- to an eight-week summer internship. IIP is a voluntary activity that students can take after Term III to get exposure to international business and tourism in general.

MBA tourism in Goa and management is responsible for overseeing all activities in the tourism and hospitality industry. This multidisciplinary field prepares individuals with the experience, interest, and training to manage the tourism, accommodation, and food industries. MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa is a course that falls under the umbrella MBA.

MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa subjects are accounting and finance management. They also cover tourism concepts and impacts, transport and travel management, English business English, and other topics. Because of the national importance of the tourism industry, there are many jobs in this MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa .

The curriculum pedagogy will include lectures, flip classroom sessions, and case studies. Online resources are also available. Fieldwork, assignments, lab sessions, and fieldwork are all part of the curriculum. This program combines core business knowledge and management skills. It includes Entrepreneurship, Special Interest in Tourism, and Tourism Analytics. Contemporary Hotel and Travel Management are also included.

Eligibility: MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa

These are the eligibility requirements for the MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Goa program.

* Candidates must have graduated in commerce or arts.

* A minimum of 45%- 50% aggregate mark from a recognized university is required.

* Some institutions accept direct admission based on marks at graduation, but most institutions require entrance exams to their college or university.

Apply for MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa

MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management admissions in Goa process differs from one university to the next based on their curriculum and standard. Students must register on the college's official website to be eligible for the next round of interviews.

August is the start of the admissions process. Students must read the eligibility criteria and take all required entrance exams to be admitted.

Types of MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa

The course can be pursued in either a full-time or part-time mode by aspirants. Here are details about the MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management programs:


A two-year full-time MBA program in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa is offered. In this field of work, practical knowledge is more important than theoretical understanding. Students can connect with other students and teachers in a full-time program, which allows them to expand their knowledge, experience, and exposure.


Part-time MBAs in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa are available. Practical expertise is more important than theoretical understanding in this type of business. Part-time MBAs in Tourism and Hospitality Management have the advantage of allowing candidates to work while they study.


Distance learning is the best option for those who have a bachelor's degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa but don't have the time or the desire to take traditional classes. It can take two to three years depending on how busy the candidate is.

Future prospects for MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa

* Candidates who have completed an MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Goa are eligible to apply for jobs in various management and healthcare sectors.

* This course has a high chance of success and is expected to grow in popularity.

* People are required by organizations for different work processes.

* You can also start your own business.

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