Mastering Group Discussions for MBA Admissions 2024: Tips, Topics, and Preparation Strategies

By universitykart team, Posted on Jun 24, 2024
Mastering Group Discussions for MBA Admissions

MBA programs have a critical component of the selection process Group Discussions (GD) which assess candidates on various parameters such as communication skills, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving ability, and general awareness. For Candidates it is important to score well in the entrance exam, as well as in the GD/PI round. Top MBA colleges in India (IIMs and non-IIMs place a lot of emphasis on GD for the selection process and have the potential and temperament to be good business leaders.

What is Group Discussion?

GD for MBA admissions typically involves a group of candidates discussing one of the MBA GD topics or case studies for around 15-20 minutes. Five minutes are given to prepare trending GD topics before the discussion. During the discussion, panellists observe speakers of spoken English, confidence, clarity of thoughts, ability to present an argument convincingly, and leadership qualities to succeed as a business manager or an administrator. GD Topics for MBA include topics from social issues, business, economy, finance, and current affairs, abstract and hot GD topics for MBA, or events from the last five years. The Group Discussion and Written Ability Test rounds of top B-Schools typically begin in February and go on till August. MBA aspirants must prepare for current and trending GD topics for the MBA interview. The GD/WAT/PIs at top B-Schools are tough to crack to pursue an MBA.

After debating on the MBA group discussion topic, candidates are evaluated based on content relevance, clarity of expression, persuasiveness, and the ability to contribute meaningfully by forming strong opinions to the discussion. Panelists observe the MBA GD and score participants based on predetermined parameters, helping determine their suitability for the MBA program.

MBA Admission: Types of Group Discussion (GD)

Candidates can expect the following types of Group Discussion (GD) Topics for MBA admissions. After the results of the MBA entrance exams, qualified candidates have to clear the GD and/or Written Ability Test (WAT) rounds.

Group Discussion (GD) Topics for MBA Admission 2024

As per experts' insights, the following can be the GD topics for MBA admission rounds:

Current Affairs Topics for GD Preparation

In most of the MBA Group Discussions, topics are given from Current Affairs, related to social and economic surroundings. Given below are some of the most popular current group discussion topics for MBA admission. 

Group Discussion (GD) Topics on Current Affairs

Electoral Bonds: Fair or Unfair

18th Lok Sabha Elections

Russia-India-USA ties

EVs and future

Athletics regaining popularity and support in India

Inclusion of women soldiers in combat troops

Government crackdown on OTT Platforms

US Passes Bill to Ban TikTok

Uniform Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices (UCPMP)

India World’s Largest Arms Importer: SIPRI Report

Emergence of India as an economic power

Budget 2024

India should be made a permanent member in the UN

Over-dependence on AI

Dangers of bio-warfare

Gun culture in the USA

India's successful landing on the Moon

ISRO launches Aditya-L1, India's first solar mission

Inclusion of African Union in G20

ChatGPT: Dangers of plagiarism 

One Nation One Election

India Overtakes China in Population. Future Ramifications

Caste-based census

Should BCCI invest more in Women's cricket?

CHAT GPT- Pros and Cons

Vande Bharat Express

Indian Unicorns

Agni path Scheme

Moonlighting: Ethical or Unethical

5G Telecom Services in India

BHIM: Making India Cashless

Reducing Carbon Emission and the Role of Developing Countries 

COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine

Tech Layoffs

Women's Reservation Bill passed by Parliament

European Union's role in Ukraine-Russia conflict

India as the G20 host

Taliban Rule and Women's Education in Afghanistan

Twitter and Free Speech

Social Media's Role in Politics and Regime Change

Metaverse and Future

Population Control Bill

Uniform Civil Code

Tata taking over Air India

Ukraine-Russia Conflict

US Inflation

Inflation Heat in Europe


Ayodhya and Religious Tourism

India's Performance in Olympics 2020

Repealing of Farm Bills

Farmers' Protest and MSP

Indo-Russia Relations

Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Will AI replace or assist humans

Is Climate Change a Hoax

Online Education is here to stay

Is gender equality desirable or a burden

Bio-war and bio-weapons new means of world supremacy

World post COVID-19

Indian vaccines vs foreign vaccines

Jal Jeevan Mission

Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy

Importance of the Statue of Unity

COVID-19: Importance on Spending on Public Health

COVID-19: How India fared in fighting coronavirus compared to developed countries

Is social distancing the new world order?

Online education, work from home: Have we arrived in the virtual world

Nationwide lockdown to flatten the COVID-19 curve: Dent on Economy

Coronavirus and lockdown has exposed social inequality in modern India

Citizenship Amendment Act - What and Why

How will the Abrogation of Article 370 improve the situation in Kashmir?

Should there be a limit to Media Freedom?

Why Individual Data Privacy is important?

Is Trump creating a World Trade War?

Will companies benefit from the Companies Amendment Bill?

Discuss about Union Budget India 2022-23

Discounts on E-commerce websites are harmful in the end

How beneficial is the IIM 2017 bill for students?

Is postponing the presentation date of the General Budget a good decision?

Is India ready for electric vehicles?

Will De-Nuclearisation Instill World Peace?

Will fake news kill the Social Fiber of India if unchecked?

Can India afford to spend a fortune on projects like Mission to MARS?

Is it still too early for India to have bullet trains?

Making Aadhaar mandatory is not a good idea- for or against

The implications of State Assembly elections at the national level?

Is the banning of Pakistani artists from India justified?

Medicare: Will it be an affordable healthcare project?

Implications of CAA-NCR

Doklam Standoff

Farm Bill Amendment -The new agricultural bill

Atmanirbhar Bharat: Call for self-reliance

NEP: The new education policy

Free Speech is an excuse to polarize

Chadrayaan-2 mission

Abstract Topics for GD Preparation

In group discussion on abstract topics is to judge a candidate's ability to think beyond the obvious. Given below are some of the most oft-discussed abstract topics of GD rounds of MBA admission. 

Group Discussion (GD) on Abstract Topics

Hard Work vs. smart Work

How important is it to be patient in Business and Management?

Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Building Strategies Vs Execution


The first impression is the last

Change is the only constant

Leader Vs Follower

Friends, Enemies, or Frenemies?

Innovation Vs Invention

Ethics or Profit?

Freedom: A Myth?

Thoughts on the Me Too Campaign

Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers?

Can failures teach you important lessons in life?

Women are better multi-taskers- agree or disagree?

Business & Economy Topics for GD Preparation

Topics from Business and Economy are often used to check the confidence of the candidate's real interest and aptitude. Given below are some of the most popular and recent GD topics from Business and Economy for MBA admission. 

Group Discussion (GD) Topics on Business & Economy

Will reduced Goods & Services Tax (GST) help the Indian economy grow faster?

How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy?

How capable is India of leading the Solar Energy and wind Energy revolution?

Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?

Is an MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?

Should the Indian economy be privatized?

Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?

Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons

Views on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the retail sector is good for India- agree or disagree?

Ways in which Technology is impacting the Banking sector

Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India

How can we control banking fraud to reduce NPAs?

Minimum Support Price: Is it a Political gimmick?

Is Globalization an Opportunity or a Threat?

How will the deal between Walmart and Flipkart impact the Indian Economy?

Will India be able to double Farmers’ Income in the next 5 years?

Is ‘Startup India’ Boosting Entrepreneurship

India V/s China: Will India remain way behind China?

How beneficial is the merger of Public Sector Banks?

Make in India campaign

High Deficit Financing V/s high interest rates: Can both go together?

Will RERA restore the trust of homebuyers?

Should Business Lobbying be made legal in India?

Demonetization: Discuss its Success & failures

Views on YONO

Is Corruption in the Economy the root cause for the Indian Economic slowdown?

Views on Merging the General & Railway Budget

Statue of Unity - Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?

Will Automation and Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?

Surcharge on Income Tax (IT) for the Super-Rich

All You Need to Know about Right to Information

Latest GD Topics on Social Issues

Given below are some of the latest GD topics on social issues for MBA admission. 

Group Discussion (GD) Topics on Social Issues

Success of the Swachh Bharat Mission

Smart City Project – How useful will they be?

Social Media: A boon or a bane for the society?

Is Net Neutrality essential to make India Digital?

Will Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abolish the orthodox mindset?

Crime against women

Views on Retirement Homes

Views on Climate Change Summit

Does Browsing at the Workplace affect productivity?

Should the national anthem be played in cinema halls?

Rural vs Urban India

Environment and us

Does India need a uniform civil code- For or against?

Give views on the present system of education in our country

GD Topics for Current Affairs: 

The Current affairs topics for GD 2024 are based on national or international political development, Policies and issues that are highly debated in the media

1. Sustainable Development Goals: India ranked 120th; Does Sustainable Development hampers Industrial Growth and Economy

2. Tata takes over Air India

3. Farm Laws Repealed: PM MODI withdraws the three farm laws

4. Coal Crisis in India: Key Facts, Reasons, How to Overcome?

5. Gati Shakti Master Plan: Will it Boost Economic Growth?

6. Central Vista Redevelopment: Beneficial for Future or Waste of Money

7. Is India a Failing State? Opinions Vs Facts

8. India - the Pharmacy Capital of the World?

9. National Education Policy 2020 – Impact on Higher Education Sector

10. E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning? Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

11. Chinese App Banned in India – Pros and Cons

12 Lock Down: Will it check Coronavirus spread in India?

13. Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019: What, Why, When, and Whom; Relationship with NRC explained

14. Article 370 Abrogation: Correcting old folly or thrusting nationalistic agenda?

15. Single-Use Plastic Ban?

16. One Nation One Election: Benefits are more for India

17. EVMs vs. paper Ballots: Which one is Better to Use?

18. Fake News will kill the Social Fiber of India unless checked

19. Modicare: Affordable healthcare or a pipe dream?

20. Bullet Train: Does India need it?

21. Mission to MARS: Can India afford to spend a fortune on such projects?

22. Linking of Aadhaar: Is making Aaadhar mandatory a good idea?

23. Delhi Air Pollution: Man-made Crisis or Fall Out of Industrialization?

24. Chandrayaan 2: A failed mission or a stepping stone for future glory? 

25. Global Climate Crisis: India Leadership

26. US Trade Policy: Is it creating a World Trade War?

27. US Trade Policy: Is it creating a World Trade War?

28. Is A Borderless World Practically Impossible?

29. Hong Kong Protests: Rebel against China or pro-democracy fight?

30. US-China Trade Talks: A political drama or renegotiation of rules of the game?

These above are only a few topics MBA Candidates are encouraged to stay updated with the latest updates and events nationally and Internationally to effective discussion in GD

Latest GD Topics with Discussion Point

Group Discussion Topics of IIMs and Non-IIMs (Current Affairs)


. Given below are some of the GD topics for MBAs asked in IIMs and non-IIMs.

MBA GD Topic



Due to COVID-19, the education industry has seen many new startups. Discuss how this affected everyone positively or negatively?


IIM Bangalore

 Only 1% of India’s population pays income tax. As the tax base hasn’t grown over the year, should the government look to other sources of income? If yes, where?


IIM Bangalore

Can Government schools be developed so that they can give quality education or such a case is not possible at all.


IIM Bangalore

An IITian working at Google has come up with an idea to make schooling online


IIM Ahmedabad

Is introducing bullet trains in India a good idea


IIM Calcutta

Caste-based reservations are impediments on building a caste-less society’.

Social Issue

IIM Kozhikode

Encounter of Hyderabad rapists justified or not

Social Issue

IIM Ahmedabad

An IITian working at Google has come up with an idea to make schooling online


IIM Ahmedabad

Is introducing bullet trains in India a good idea

Business & Economy 

IIM Calcutta

Caste-based reservations are impediments on building a caste-less society

Social Issue

IIM Kozhikode

Ban of additional homework given to students from school to be done at home


IIM Ahmedabad

Poverty in India: Facts, Causes, Effects, Solution

Business & Economy 


Indian Economy in 2018-19: Performance & Policies of Modi Regime

Business & Economy 


Agriculture Role in India and Subsidies: Problems & Challenges

Business & Economy 


Women Empowerment & Gender Justice: Addressing the Equality Challenges

Social Issue


End of Globalization/ De-Globalization/ Nationalization

Business & Economy 

IIM BangaloreMDI GurgaonIIM Lucknow

Climate Change/Pollution

Social Issue

IIM BangaloreIIM TrichyTISS Mumbai

Retirement Homes: Do the advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?

Social Issue


Social Media: Impact on human behaviour and society

Social Issue

IIM RanchiIIM Ahmedabad

Impact of Technology on Jobs

Current Affairs

MDI Gurgaon, CAP process for New IIMs

Me Too campaign

Current Affairs

IIM AhmedabadIIM Calcutta,

Crypto Currency/ Bitcoin

Current Affairs

IMI Delhi

Banking Scams

Current Affairs

MDI Gurgaon

Mars Mission for India Justified?

Current Affairs

MDI Gurgaon

Shortage of Open Spaces and Playgrounds Lead to Negative Tendencies in Children

Social Issue

IIM Ahmedabad

Knowledge is the biggest asset you can accumulate

Abstract Topic

IIM Lucknow

Is India Ready for a Cashless Economy?

Business & Economy


Travelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning

Social Issue

CAP process for New IIMs


Abstract Topic


Death Penalties for Perpetrators of Crime Against Women. Is it Justified?

Social Issue

IIM Indore

Best resources for GD topics and preparation

The best and most common study materials for GD topics are the newspapers and magazines of current affairs such as Outlook, Frontline, etc, several GD preparation materials are available online or on social media platforms. It is best to maintain a journal and chronicle the details to present relevant and analytical points during the GD.

Types of Group Discussion (GD) Topics asked in MBA (Previous Years)



Cultural diversity impedes democratic governance

IIM Lucknow

End of Globalization/ De-Globalization/ Nationalization

IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, MDI Gurgaon

All decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums

IIM Lucknow

The changing role of women actors in Bollywood


Climate Change/Pollution

IIM Bangalore, IIM Trichy, TISS Mumbai

Mars Mission for India Justified?

MDI Gurgaon

The issues in the Indian Education sector

MDI Gurgaon

Sustainable Development in India

DMS, IIT Delhi



Retirement Homes: Do the advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?


Space research projects are a waste of money

IIM Lucknow

Are conventional retail stores competing with the E-commerce market and what can be the possible future?


Have coaching institutes in India just become a source of business?

IIFM Bhopal

Social Media: Impact on human behaviour and society

IIM Ranchi, IIM Ahmedabad

India’s diplomatic ties with China

IMI Delhi

Can technology help in preventing Money Laundering?

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon

Sports and its benefits

DMS, IIT Delhi

Development alternatives for the rural economy

IIFM Bhopal

mpact of technology on Jobs

MDI Gurgaon, CAP process for New IIMs

Indians are good at being second best but not first

MDI Gurgaon

#Me too campaign

IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta

Travelling: Helps in Generating Ideas and Experiential Learning

CAP process for New IIMs

Loose lips sink ships

IIM Lucknow

Centralization of Indian Public Sector Oil companies will be a boon

IIM Lucknow

Although the group discussion topics for the MBA can range from current affairs to technologies, sports, and education, the majority of questions are based on current affairs. It is, therefore, recommended that the candidates are always updated on the important and major events across the nation and worldwide.

How to get into a group discussion?

Aspirants can check the pointers below to know the best approach to enter a group discussion for MBA successfully: