Top 5 MBA Specializations in India: Launching Your Dream Career

By universitykart team , Posted on Jun 15, 2024
Top 5 MBA Specializations in India

Top 5 MBAs in India - The MBA admission season has begun; candidates must prepare to make a career-defining choice – an MBA specialization. Choosing an MBA major can be as difficult and confusing as choosing a career or choosing an MBA institute. At Shiksha, we have found that while MBA institutes are constantly introducing very specific courses and programs such as an MBA in Sports Management or an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism, a large proportion of management candidates still gravitate towards some of the traditional majors. Of course, these are the popular MBA majors in India. 

Top 5 MBA Specialisations in India




Develops expertise in financial theories, analysis, and management, preparing graduates for careers in investment banking, corporate finance, and wealth management.

Business Analytics

Analyzes large datasets to extract meaningful insights used for strategic decision-making across various business functions.


Equips individuals with the skills to develop, implement, and analyze marketing strategies to effectively reach target audiences and achieve business goals.

Information Technology (IT)

Merges business acumen with a strong understanding of technology, preparing graduates for leadership roles in managing and optimizing IT systems within organizations.


Fosters the skills and knowledge needed to launch and manage successful businesses, from ideation and market research to securing funding and building a sustainable venture.

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance offers many job opportunities in the field of finance. CFOs can become accounting managers, who prepare a company's financial statements, or financial analysts, who focus on developing financial strategies and are responsible for the company's financial management.

"Financial analysis supports strategic planning, alliance management and day-to-day management decision-making. From mergers to expansion to global finance, an MBA in finance provides expertise that contributes to the success of both the individual and the companies they work for," says Suresh Agrawal, who has taught student finance for years.

"Financial management is for people who love numbers and balance sheets, have advanced analytical skills and are comfortable behind the scenes. Business. An MBA specialization in finance can prepare you for an exciting career in investment banking and commercial banking, financial. consulting, financial institutions and international finance,” says Ravi Jain, an HR professional with two decades of experience.

MBA in Finance Job Roles and Average Salary

Check below for popular MBA Finance jobs and their corresponding average salaries in India.

MBA Finance Job Roles

MBA Finance Average Salary (INR)

Business Analyst

6 - 12 LPA

Equity Research Analyst

7.5 - 12 LPA

Financial Analyst

5 - 8 LPA

Research Analyst

6 - 10 LPA

Relationship Manager

7 - 9 LPA

Chief Financial Officer

15 - 20 LPA

Account Manager

7 - 12 LPA

Finance Manager

10 - 18 LPA

Bank Manager

6 - 10 LPA

MBA Business Analytics

The MBA course is an academic program oriented towards management and marketing. It covers topics such as organizational behavior, marketing, and management. principles, supply chain management, etc. Top MBA recruiters are Amazon, Apple, Bain and Company, Citigroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Accenture, etc.

As a process, business analytics combines data analysis and business intelligence in a specific volume to create future business strategies and plans. of information. Below is a table showing the following information about MBA Colleges for Business Analysis in India:



No. of Colleges


Annual Fees

 INR 1 lakh: 13 colleges

INR 1-2 lakh: 67 colleges

INR 2-3 lakh: 50 colleges

INR 3-5 lakh: 106 colleges

INR 5 lakh: 273 colleges

Admission Process

Entrance Based: CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, ATMA, SNAP, NMAT, etc.

MBA in Marketing

Most Popular Specialization for MBA Graduates in India. Marketing is a demanding front line job and it is for managers.  MBA Marketing is a very dynamic and competitive program. To succeed in key sales and marketing roles, you'll need excellent communication skills, resource mobilization and relentless drive.

"MBA Marketing offers you a fast-paced career - full of responsibilities, challenges and opportunities for growth. From Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Goods, Non-Durables, Advertising, Market Research, Media, Sales and Distribution to Services Marketing, an MBA in Marketing offers you excellent job opportunities,” says Hari Mirchandani, a marketing executive with five years of experience.

"While MBA Finance has its importance, MBA Marketing equips you with a very critical function. of any business. Also in the financial services industry, the success of products like loans and credit cards depends more on their marketing than their marketing. Marketing Interests and Fees In finance, you may need additional professional qualifications such as CA and CS to succeed. Marketing is all about experience and results," says Sumit Chadha, MBA in Marketing.

  1. If you have an outgoing and spontaneous personality, you can influence people with your words and actions and live in the moment. Marketing management can be your job. CEO- positions in major international companies controlled by people behind the marketing.
  2. Achieve the best results by joining the best B-schools that offer you exposure to international markets and global marketing techniques.

MBA in Marketing Job Roles and Average Salary

Check below for popular MBA Marketing jobs and their corresponding average salaries in India.

MBA Marketing Job Roles

MBA Marketing Average Salary

Marketing Manager

7.9 LPA

Brand Manager

8.8 LPA

Asset Management


Corporate Sales


Market Research Analyst

3.4 LPA

Sales Manager


Product Manager


Head Of Digital Marketing