Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law Course Syllabus

  • course years 5 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Law
  • course type Full Time
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BBA LLB syllabus Details

A BBA LLB syllabus integrates business administration with legal education, providing a multidisciplinary approach to learning. The program typically includes core business subjects such as Principles of Management, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and Organizational Behavior, alongside essential legal subjects like Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, and Corporate Law. Additionally, students study Business Economics, Financial Management, and Strategic Management to build a robust business acumen. Legal studies cover areas such as Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Rights, and International Law. The curriculum also emphasizes practical learning through moot courts, internships, legal drafting, and case studies, complemented by elective courses in areas like Taxation Law, Cyber Law, and Mergers and Acquisitions. This integrated approach ensures students develop a comprehensive understanding of both business and legal frameworks, preparing them for careers in corporate law, legal consultancy, and business management.

BBA LLB Semester Wise Syllabus

The BBA LLB program combines elements of business administration and law to offer a holistic understanding of both fields. In the initial semesters, students study foundational subjects like business management, economics, and legal systems. As the program progresses, the curriculum delves deeper into specialized areas including contract law, corporate law, taxation, and intellectual property rights. Practical training through internships and moot court exercises enhances students' legal skills and prepares them for the complexities of the legal profession within the business context.

BBA LLB 1st Semester Syllabus

Subject Description
Legal Method Introduction to legal systems, sources of law, legal reasoning, and writing.
Law of Contract - I Formation of a contract, types of contracts, offer and acceptance, consideration, capacity to contract.
Law of Contract - II Performance of contracts, discharge of contracts, breach of contracts, remedies for breach of contract.
Legal English & Communication Skills Developing legal vocabulary, writing legal documents, and effective communication in a legal setting.
Principles of Management Functions of management, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.
Managerial Economics Application of economic theories to business decision-making, demand and supply analysis, and cost analysis.
Law of Torts Introduction to torts, different types of torts, negligence, strict liability, remedies for torts.
Consumer Protection Consumer rights and responsibilities, consumer protection laws, redressal mechanisms for consumer grievances.
Financial Management Time value of money, financial analysis, investment decisions, fundamentals of financial markets.
Organizational Behaviour Understanding individual and group behavior in organizations, motivation, leadership, and communication.
Marketing Management Marketing concepts, marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion), market research, consumer behavior.

BBA LLB 2nd Semester Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
Constitutional Law-I Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, Citizenship
Law of Contract-I Offer and Acceptance, Consideration, Breach of Contract
Legal Method Legal Research, Writing, and Reasoning, Case Analysis
Law of Torts and Consumer Protection-I Nature of Torts, Negligence, Strict Liability, Consumer Protection Laws
Business Mathematics Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Permutations, Combinations
Political Science-I Theories of State, Constitution, Political Parties

BBA LLB 3rd Semester Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
Constitutional Law-II Executive, Judiciary, Parliament, Constitutional Amendments
Law of Contract-II Performance, Discharge, Remedies for Breach, Quasi-Contracts
Family Law-I Hindu Law: Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Maintenance, Guardianship
Law of Crimes-I Indian Penal Code: General Principles, Assault, Kidnapping, Theft
Business Organization Forms of Business Organization, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership
Economics for Lawyers Microeconomics: Theory of Demand and Supply, Elasticity

BBA LLB 4th Semester Syllabus

Subject Description
Law of Crime - I Introduction to criminal law, different types of crimes, mens rea and actus reus, general exceptions.
Law of Property - I Introduction to property law, different types of property ownership, acquisition and transfer of property.
Mercantile Law Introduction to commercial law, negotiable instruments (bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes), sale of goods act.
Company Law - I Formation of a company, different types of companies, corporate governance, capital structure.
Jurisprudence Introduction to legal philosophy, schools of legal thought, sources of law.
Business Elective (e.g., Business Law, International Business Law) In-depth exploration of a specific business law area.

BBA LLB 5th Semester Syllabus

Subject Description
Law of Torts - II Advanced topics in torts, product liability, defamation, personal injury.
Law of Property - II Transfer of property, easements, mortgages, leases.
Law of Crime - II IPC (Indian Penal Code) in detail, specific offences, criminal procedure.
Constitutional Law - I Introduction to the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, directive principles, federalism.
Tax Law - I Introduction to direct and indirect taxes, income tax, GST (Goods and Services Tax).
Business Elective (e.g., Banking Law, Securities Law) In-depth exploration of a specific business law area.

BBA LLB 6th Semester Syllabus

Subject Description
Law of Crimes - II (Criminal Procedure Code) This course delves into the legal framework for investigation, prosecution, and trial of criminal offenses in India. You'll study the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), covering topics like arrest, search and seizure, pre-trial procedures, trial procedures, and appeals.
Labour & Industrial Law - I This subject explores the legal regulations governing employment relationships in India. You'll learn about various labor laws, trade unions, industrial disputes, and social security schemes.
Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation This course equips you with the skills to interpret and understand legal statutes. You'll explore various methods of statutory interpretation, legislative drafting principles, and the role of judiciary in interpreting laws.
Environmental Law This subject focuses on the legal framework for environmental protection in India. You'll study key environmental legislation, pollution control measures, and sustainable development principles

BBA LLB 7th Semester Syllabus

Subject Description
Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act This course covers the procedural aspects of filing and defending lawsuits in India, including jurisdiction, pleadings, discovery, trial, and appeals. The Limitation Act sets time limits for filing various legal claims.
Labour & Industrial Law II This course delves deeper into labor and industrial laws, likely covering topics like trade unions, industrial disputes, social security, and wage regulation.
Land Laws Including Tenure and Tenancy System This course explores the legal framework governing land ownership and use in India, including different types of tenures and tenancy systems.
Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System Practical This course focuses on the ethical principles lawyers must adhere to while practicing law. The practical component may involve mock trials, drafting legal documents, or accounting exercises.

BBA LLB 8th Semester Syllabus

Subject Description
Law of Evidence This course covers the principles governing the admissibility and presentation of evidence in court proceedings. Topics include relevancy, hearsay rule, burden of proof, and different types of evidence.
Possible Elective Courses In addition to Law of Evidence, some universities may offer elective courses in the 8th semester. These electives allow students to specialize in a particular area of law. Examples of electives include: * International Commercial Law * Election Law * International Humanitarian Law * Indirect Taxes

BBA LLB 9th Semester Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
Law of Evidence Introduction to Law of Evidence, Relevance and admissibility of evidence, Burden of proof and presumption, Witnesses and their examination, Documentary and oral evidence, Examination-in-chief, cross-examination, and re-examination, Hearsay evidence and its exceptions, Privileged communication and its exceptions, Expert opinion and its admissibility
Intellectual Property Rights Introduction to IPRs, Copyright law and related rights, Patent law and procedure, Trademark law and procedure, Designs and geographical indications, International aspects of IPRs, Enforcement of IPRs and remedies
International Trade Law Introduction to International Trade Law, World Trade Organization (WTO) and its agreements, Trade in goods and services, Trade remedies and dispute settlement mechanisms, Regional trade agreements, Intellectual property rights in international trade, Investment law and international trade, International commercial arbitration, Cross-border transactions and legal challenges
Competition Law Introduction to Competition Law, Anti-competitive agreements and practices, Abuse of dominance, Regulation of combinations and mergers, Competition advocacy and enforcement, Sectoral regulations and competition, Competition law and intellectual property, International perspectives on competition law

BBA LLB 10th Semester Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
Constitutional Law Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, Constitutional Remedies, Separation of Powers, Federalism, Emergency Provisions, Amendments to the Constitution, Judicial Review
Environmental Law Introduction to Environmental Law, Principles of Environmental Law, International Environmental Law, Laws Governing Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Land Pollution, Biodiversity Conservation Laws, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Clearance Process, Environmental Protection Act
Human Rights Law Introduction to Human Rights Law, Historical Background of Human Rights, International Human Rights Instruments, Protection of Human Rights in India, National Human Rights Commission, Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups, Human Rights and Environment, Human Rights and Business
Taxation Law Introduction to Taxation Law, Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes, Principles of Income Tax Law, Corporate Taxation, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Tax Planning and Management, Taxation of International Transactions, Taxation of E-commerce Transactions
Labour and Industrial Law Introduction to Labour Law, Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining, Industrial Disputes and Settlements, Laws Governing Wages and Working Conditions, Social Security Laws, Industrial Employment Laws, Occupational Health and Safety
Alternative Dispute Resolution Introduction to ADR Mechanisms, Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration, Hybrid ADR Processes, Legal Framework for ADR in India, Role of Courts in ADR, Enforcement of ADR Awards
Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing Drafting Legal Documents, Pleadings in Civil and Criminal Cases, Conveyancing and Deeds, Legal Correspondence, Preparation of Agreements and Contracts, Practical Exercises in Drafting and Conveyancing
Moot Court and Legal Aid Moot Court Exercises, Legal Research, Case Analysis, Courtroom Etiquette, Legal Aid and Access to Justice, Role of Lawyers in Legal Aid, Practical Training in Legal Aid Clinics
Internship and Report Writing Mandatory Internship in Law Firms, Courts, Legal Departments of Companies, NGOs, etc., Report Writing on Internship Experience, Reflection on Practical Learning, Submission of Internship Report

BBA LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
English Language Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms
General Knowledge Current Affairs, History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science & Technology
Legal Aptitude Legal Reasoning, Legal Knowledge, Legal Maxims, Legal Terms, Landmark Judgments
Logical Reasoning Analogies, Logical Sequences, Syllogisms, Blood Relations, Critical Reasoning


Subject Book Title Author(s)
Constitutional Law "Introduction to the Constitution of India" D.D. Basu
"Constitutional Law of India" J.N. Pandey
Environmental Law "Environmental Law and Policy in India" S. Hussain
"Environmental Law" P. Leelakrishnan
Human Rights Law "International Human Rights Law" Philip Alston, Ryan Goodman
"Human Rights Law in India" Arvind Verma
Taxation Law "Direct Taxes Law and Practice" Dr. Vinod K. Singhania
"Indirect Tax Laws" V.S. Datey
Labour and Industrial Law "Labour and Industrial Laws" P.L. Malik
"Industrial Relations: Text and Cases" S.R. de Silva, R.P. Caldwell
Alternative Dispute Resolution "Alternative Dispute Resolution" Rishabh Gandhi, Arpan Gandhi
"Arbitration and Conciliation" V.G. Gowri Motha
Legal Research & Writing "Legal Research Methodology" B.S. Murthy
"Legal Writing" Richard K. Neumann Jr., Sheila Simon

BBA LLB Syllabus: FAQs

Q. What is BBA LLB?

Ans. BBA LLB is an integrated undergraduate program that combines the study of Business Administration (BBA) and Law (LLB). It is typically a five-year program offered by various universities and colleges.

Q. What is the syllabus for BBA LLB?

Ans. The BBA LLB syllabus usually covers a wide range of subjects including Constitutional Law, Contracts Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Taxation Law, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, and more. The syllabus may vary slightly depending on the university or institution offering the program.

Q. How is the syllabus structured?

Ans. The syllabus is usually structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of both business administration and law. It begins with foundational courses in both disciplines and gradually progresses to more specialized topics. The final years often include elective courses and practical training such as internships and moot court exercises.

Q. What are the key subjects covered in BBA LLB?

Ans. Some of the key subjects covered in BBA LLB include:

i) Constitutional Law

ii) Contracts Law

iii) Criminal Law

iv) Business Law

v) Corporate Law

vi) Taxation Law

vii) Intellectual Property Law

viii) Environmental Law

ix) Labour Law

x) Alternative Dispute Resolution

Q. Are there any practical components in the syllabus?

Ans. Yes, BBA LLB programs often include practical components such as moot court exercises, internships, legal aid clinics, and research projects. These components help students gain practical exposure to the legal profession and develop essential skills.

Q. How can I prepare for BBA LLB entrance exams?

Ans. Preparation for BBA LLB entrance exams typically involves thorough study of subjects like English Language, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. Referring to standard textbooks, practicing previous years' question papers, and taking mock tests can be helpful in preparation.

Q. Is the BBA LLB syllabus the same in all universities?

Ans. While the core subjects may be similar across universities, there can be variations in the syllabus and elective courses offered. It's important for students to carefully review the syllabus of the university they are interested in applying to.

Q. What are the career prospects after completing BBA LLB?

Ans. Graduates of BBA LLB programs can pursue diverse career paths including:

i) Legal Practice (Advocate/Lawyer)

ii) Corporate Legal Departments

iii) Judiciary Services

iv) Legal Consultancy

v) Legal Research

vi) Government Legal Services

vi) NGOs and International Organizations

Q. Can I pursue further studies after BBA LLB?

Ans. Yes, after completing BBA LLB, students can pursue higher studies such as Master of Laws (LLM), specialized diplomas, or certification courses in areas like Intellectual Property Rights, International Law, Taxation Law, etc.

Q. Is BBA LLB suitable for students interested in both business and law?

Ans. Yes, BBA LLB is ideal for students who have an interest in both business administration and law. It provides a comprehensive understanding of both fields and opens up diverse career opportunities.

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