Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

  • course years 4 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Medical
  • course type Full Time
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About Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Admission, Entrance Exams 2024, Eligibility criteria, Spelezations, Feature ScopeJob Profile, Top Colleges, Top Recruiters

The BPT Full form of Bachelor of Physiotherapy is the full name of the medical term BPT. A Bachelor of Physiotherapy Program is a four-year undergraduate program that concentrates on the study of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a field of medicine that uses physical techniques like exercise, manual therapy, and electrotherapy to help individuals recuperate from physical injuries, disabilities, or impairments.

A BPT course can be applied by students who passed Class 12 with Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) as their primary subject. A minimum cumulative score of 50% or higher is required to be admitted to the BPT course. Common Entrance Exams for BPT courses are NEET, CUET, KCET, IPU CET, and LPU NEST.

After completing the BPT program, graduates can apply for positions as medical coding analysts, researchers, home care physiotherapists, lecturers, and physiotherapists. A BPT course graduate typically makes between INR 2 and INR 8 lakh per annum.

To learn more About the BPT course, the admissions procedure, eligibility, costs, hiring, selection, and other topics, candidates should keep reading.

BPT Eligibility criteria

To be admitted to the Bachelor of Physiotherapy program, candidates must meet the specified conditions and requirements. The institute will deny admission to candidates who do not meet the requirements. It is important to keep in mind that eligibility requirements may vary from institute to institute. Candidates will need to satisfy the institutes' specific eligibility requirements.

1) Must have graduated from a reputable 10+2 program with at least 50% marks.

2) Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are required courses at the 10+2 level.

3) English proficiency is required for candidates to pass.

4) At the time of admission, candidates must be 17 years old or older.

What is the full form of BPT?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is spelled BPT. The BPT undergraduate program lasts for four years. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy course is available to candidates who want to work as physiotherapists. Physical movement, post-fracture manoeuvres, injuries, chronic pain, and hip pains are covered in the course.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Highlights

Particulars Value
Course Name BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
Course Type Degree
Course Level Undergraduate
Duration Four years
Eligibility Completion of 10+2 from a recognised board
Admission Process 10+2 merit/ entrance examination
Semester Wise/ Year Wise Semester Wise
Entrance Examination IPU CET, BCECE, NEET
Average Fee Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 10,00,000
Career Opportunities Physiotherapists, Defence Medical Establishments, Sports Physio Rehabilitators, Customer Care Assistants, Exercise Physiologists
Average Annual Salary Rs. 7 LPA
Recruiting Companies Fortis, Max Healthcare, Indian Council of Medical Research, Apollo Hospital, Sports Teams, Educational Institutions

BPT Course Entrance Exams 2024

The Entrance exams for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course in India are pivotal for securing admission into esteemed colleges and universities offering this program. These exams evaluate candidates' knowledge, aptitude, and skills essential for pursuing a career in physiotherapy.

Here are some popular BPT course entrance exams along with their exam dates and schedules:




15 May '24 - 31 May '24


20 Apr '24 - 21 Apr '24


June '24


20 Jan '24 - 5 Feb '24


5 May '24

Note: Information sourced from official websites is subject to change.

Top BPT Exams

The Common Entrance Test for Physiotherapy is the most frequently taken entrance exam for BPT applicants. The list of additional tests required for Admission to the BPT program is available to candidates.

CET IPU: GGSIPU administers the Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test (IPU CET). The university administered the entrance exam for BPT and numerous other undergraduate courses. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Maths are the three subjects that make up the Bachelor of Physiotherapy entrance exam.

BCECE: The Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECE) is a competitive examination for admission to engineering, agriculture, and medicine colleges run by the Bihar government.

NEET: Another exam that can be used to get into BPT that is accepted by some institutions is the NEET. The NEET is not required for admission. The National Testing Agency administers it for admission to the best schools. Thousands of candidates apply for the exam each year. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology comprise the three sections of the NEET, which is administered using pen and paper. The NEET exam pattern is listed in the table below for candidates' convenience.

Benefits of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is regarded as a satisfying and rewarding career in medical science. A BPT is an option for candidates who do not wish to pursue an MBA or BBA. The B.P.T. program lasts less time than the M.B.B.S. program, and it offers many opportunities to pursue a medical career as a physiotherapist.

BPT Courses

Medical schools, colleges, and other institutions offer a wide range of courses. A three-year, full-time bachelor of physiotherapy degree program is offered. If a candidate is unable to enroll in a full-time degree program because they failed the NEET or another medical entrance exam, they can enroll in a diploma or certification program in a related field. As an alternative to the Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree, we have listed major undergraduate physiotherapy courses below.

1) B.Sc. ( Bachelor of Science) Physiotherapy

2) B.O.T. (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy) Physiotherapy

3) B.R.S. (Bachelor of Rehabilitation Science) Physiotherapy

4) Diploma in Physiotherapy

BPT Courses Spelezations

BPT Specializations Physiotherapy offers various specialization options for students pursuing their Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. Candidates can choose from several specialized areas to focus on during their course of study.

Outlined below are some of the specialization options available in BPT:

1. Orthopedic Physiotherapy: Orthopedic physiotherapy, also known as orthopaedic physical therapy, is a specialized field focusing on assessing, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

2. Neurological Physiotherapy: Neurological physiotherapy, also referred to as neuro physiotherapy, specializes in the treatment and management of individuals with neurological conditions, addressing their unique needs.

3. Pediatrics Physiotherapy: Pediatrics physiotherapy, also known as pediatric physical therapy, is a specialized branch focusing on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of movement disorders or physical impairments in infants, children, and adolescents.

4. Geriatrics Physiotherapy: Geriatrics physiotherapy is a specialized area that caters to the distinct requirements and challenges faced by older adults, aiming to enhance their physical well-being and functional abilities.

Feature Scope of Bachelor of Physiotherapy course

Candidates who take undergraduate courses in physiotherapy have a lot of career and growth opportunities. Physiotherapists are needed at every hospital and health clinic because they play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. In the event of an injury, illness, or disability, they assist in restoring the body's movement and functionality. After earning a degree in physiotherapy, a candidate can join any health and fitness centre or start their private physiotherapist clinic, among other opportunities.

It has been observed that many multinational corporations employ physiotherapists to safeguard employees' health. Alongside this, an enormous number of all-inclusive schools have likewise employed their physiotherapists. This is done to keep their students' health good.

After completing the BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) program, graduates are hired for a variety of job responsibilities that are based on their areas of interest. There are numerous career options in the field. There are many options for employment in this training.

1) Physiotherapist

2) Defence Medical Establishments

3) Sports Physio Rehabilitator

4) Customer Care Assistant

5) Exercise Physiologist

Job Profile and Salary after BPT

The individual's salary package varies from one career to the next. The employee's pay scale is determined by the job description they were given. The pay scale varies depending on the job profile. The amount of money paid depends on how much experience you have.

Job Profile Average Salary
Physiotherapist Rs. 2 to 7 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Researcher Rs. 3 to 7 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Therapy Manager Rs. 5 to 7 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Professor Rs. 9 to 12 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Private Physiotherapist Rs. 3 to 6 Lakhs p.a. (Approx.)

Best Government Colleges for BPT Course and Fee

For aspiring physiotherapy students seeking government institutions, some of the top choices include AIIMS Delhi, King George's Medical University, JIPMER Puducherry, and Banaras Hindu University. Here's a list of other popular government colleges offering the BPT course along with their fees:

Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences 2.2 Lakh
Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research 50,000
Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education and Research 7.8 Lakh
Jamia Hamdard 3 Lakh
Christian Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana 3 Lakh
Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences 40,500
Chettinad Academy of Research and Education 12 Lakh
Annamalai University 1.3 Lakh
Kerala University of Health Sciences 1.4 Lakh
Topiwala National Medical College 1.1 Lakh

Top Private Colleges for BPT Course and Fee

Private institutions also offer excellent opportunities for BPT education. Here are some popular private colleges along with their fees:

Christian Medical College, Vellore 53,900
Kasturba Medical College 8 Lakh
Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research 5.6 Lakh
St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences 3.6 Lakh
Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences 5 Lakh
M S Ramaiah Medical College 14 Lakh
Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana 3.3 Lakh
Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai 28 Lakh
Parul University 6.4 Lakh
Saveetha University 3.1 Lakh

Note: Fee information is subject to change and sourced from official websites.

BPT Salary in India

Upon completing the BPT course, graduates can explore employment opportunities in both private and government sectors, or even opt for independent practice. Here are some popular job profiles available after completing BPT along with their average salaries:

Physiotherapists Providing physiotherapy care to patients in clinical settings 3.2 LPA
Researchers Collaborating with team members to conduct and achieve research goals 7.6 LPA
Lecturers Educating students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels 6.2 LPA
Home Care Physiotherapists Delivering care to clients directly at their home setting 2.9 LPA
Sports Physio Rehabilitator Working with agencies to manage injuries of athletes 5 LPA
Medical Coding Analysts Assisting health insurance agents in billing client care 4.4 LPA

Note: Average salaries are sourced from

BPT Top Recruiters

It's essential to acknowledge that the list of top recruiters for BPT graduates isn't exhaustive, as many other organizations and institutions also hire them. The demand for physiotherapists is steadily increasing, making it a promising career choice for those interested in enhancing others' physical well-being. 

Some of the leading recruiters for BPT graduates include:

HelpAge India

Apollo Hospitals

Fortis Hospital

Hosmat Hospital

Talwalkars Pantaloon Fitness Pvt Ltd

NeoGen Care

FAQS. Related to Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Q. What is the admission process for a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2024?

Ans. Admission to Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) programs is generally based on entrance exams conducted by various universities or state boards. Candidates need to fulfil eligibility criteria and pass the entrance exam to secure admission.

Q. What are the entrance exams for Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2024?

Ans. Common entrance exams for BPT include NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, and state-level CETs. Each exam has its own syllabus and eligibility criteria, so aspiring students should check the specific requirements.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Physiotherapy admissions?

Ans. Generally, candidates must have completed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects. Minimum marks and age criteria may vary depending on the institution and the entrance exam.

Q. Are there specializations available in Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

Ans. Yes, common specializations in BPT include Orthopedics, Neurology, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Cardiopulmonary, and Geriatrics. Specializing allows students to focus on specific areas of physiotherapy practice.

Q. What is the future scope of Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

Ans. BPT graduates can pursue careers as physiotherapists in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, sports clinics, private practice, and academic institutions. There are also opportunities in research, the fitness industry, and community healthcare.

Q. What are the job profiles for Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduates?

Ans. Job profiles include Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Orthopedic Physiotherapist, Neurological Physiotherapist, Pediatric Physiotherapist, and Geriatric Physiotherapist.

Q. Which are the top private colleges offering Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

Ans. Some top private colleges for BPT include Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences, Christian Medical College Vellore, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, and Lovely Professional University.

Q. Which are the best government colleges offering Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

Ans. Prestigious government colleges offering BPT include All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped, Maulana Azad Medical College, and Government Medical College, Nagpur.

Q. Who are the top recruiters for Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduates?

Ans. Top recruiters include hospitals and healthcare institutions such as Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare, AIIMS, government health departments, sports teams, and rehabilitation centres.

Q. What are the features of Bachelor of Physiotherapy programs?

Ans. BPT programs focus on theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and clinical training to prepare students for a career in physiotherapy. The curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, and clinical practice.

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