Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)

  • course years 2 Years
  • type of course Post Graduate
  • course stream Management
  • course type Full Time
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About Course

PGPM or Post Graduate Program in Management is a course for students who have graduated and wish to acquire management skills. It is very important to note that PGPM is a certificate course and not a diploma course and is offered under many other names such as PGP, PGPX or EPGP. The course duration is usually one year, but some colleges offer two-year PGP courses. Typically, two-year PGP courses lead to an MBA.

PGPM is an excellent course that provides the student with managerial skills through theoretical understanding of the issues and practical implementation through projects and internships. The course is designed to be practice-oriented and helps professionals to climb the career ladder. The program is very similar to the MBA program, but the duration is shorter, so that the course is also suitable for professionals.

PGPM's students study subjects such as marketing, micro and macroeconomics, finance, business law, organizational behavior and more. Students also have hands-on learning opportunities available through internships, research assignments, industry visits, live projects, and more. Course. Previously, the PGPM course was associated with the IIM, but now many private institutions offer these courses due to their popularity.

Course Highlights

Particulars Values
Course Name Post Graduate Programme in Management
Course Level Post Graduate (PG)
Course Duration 1 – 2 Years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility Criteria Graduation in any stream + Work Experience
Admission Process Entrance Exam + Selection Process of College
Internship Yes
Entrance Exams CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, etc.
Course Fee INR 10,00,000 to INR 25,00,000
Average Annual Salary Rs. 10 LPA
Job Profiles Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Tech Consultant, Retail Manager, Tourism Manager, HR Manager, Hotel Catering Manager

Why Study PGPM?

If you are employed and want to take a management course to improve your management qualifications, skills and abilities, you should consider proceeding with PGPM.

Other reasons for participating in the PGPM program are:

1. Can be completed in less time: Most PGPM courses (except the two-year IIM courses) can be completed in one year. At the end of the course, a certificate corresponding to the MBA title will be issued.

2. Learning through work: The PGPM course is designed to include a mandatory internship or live project at intervals of 3 to 4 months and sometimes even throughout the year. No other management course offers such a wealth of internships and live projects.

3. Huge Job Opportunities: PGPM graduates have excellent job opportunities in various industries such as corporations, multinationals and IT companies.

4. Higher Salary: The salary package for PGPM applicants is generally between INR 10,000,000 and 25,000,000, which is far more than any other undergraduate degree. This is the main reason why candidates choose this PGPM program.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants interested in the PGPM program must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

1. Applicant must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized college/university with a minimum grade of 50% or CGPA equivalent.

2. Valid score for accepted entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, GMAT, etc.

3. Some universities, such as IIM, MDI, etc., also take into account candidates' work experience when granting admission, so it can be assumed that work experience is an important criterion for admission to the PGPM.

4. High school students may also apply for admission to the PGPM program if they can provide a certificate from their director or director of enrollment stating that the applicant is currently in their senior year and has at least 50% grades or equivalent in the compared to the previous semester or the last available grades or grades.

Admission Process

PGPM has an admissions process based on an entrance exam. Most of the colleges offering PGPM in India first screen suitable candidates based on their scores in the entrance exam and then conduct their own selection process for the final selection of candidates. Below is the general admissions/selection process for PGPM colleges. The exact procedure may vary. Applicants should refer to their university's admissions guidelines for details on how to proceed.

1. Applicants must first fill out the application form for the university they are interested in. Application forms for almost all PGPM colleges can be filled online at the official university website.

2. The next step is to pass the entrance exams. The most commonly accepted entrance exams for admission to the PGPM include CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/GMAT.

3. Depending on the university, one or more of these entrance exams may be considered valid. IIMs only accept CAT scores for admission and generally, to be accepted into Level 1 of the IIM, a student must be above the 99th percentile.

Selection Process:

Applicants who exceed the limits set by the university can take part in the university selection process. The selection process can consist of up to 3 consecutive phases or rounds.

1. Written Aptitude Test (WAT)

2. Group Chat (GD)

3. Personal Interview (PI)

Skills Required for PGPM

The PGPM course promotes those who aspire to employment in teaching, management or administration. It opens up a wide range of career opportunities in various international agencies for budding authors and translators. Some of the skills required of PGPM graduates are:

1. Public Relation

2. Communication Skills

3. Analytical Reasoning

4. Data Skills

Entrance Exams for PGPM

Here are the most popular and important management entrance exams that a candidate must pass for admission to the PGPM course:

1. CAT: Common Admission Test or CAT is one of the most popular postgraduate entrance exams in India. The computer based exam is administered annually by the IIM and the results are officially used to secure admission to all postgraduate courses at all IIMs in India.

Apart from IIM, almost all secondary schools in India accept CAT results for admission to PGPM courses. The exam usually takes place in November and the results are available at the end of January. Application forms are usually available in August of each year.

2. CMAT: Common Management Aptitude Test, or CMAT, is a computer-based entrance exam administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA) each year in late January. CMAT scores are accepted by almost all colleges (except IIM) for admission to PGPM courses.

All AICTE-accredited higher education institutions (public and private) must accept CMAT results for admission to postgraduate management courses. The application process usually takes place between October and November, with the results appearing in February.

3. GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a comprehensive management admissions exam administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). This test result is accepted in more than 100 countries worldwide, including India.

Apart from IIM, most private management schools in India accept GMAT test scores for admission to PGPM courses. Currently, the GRE, which is mainly intended for admission to Masters and PhD programs in USA, is also accepted by many colleges in India for admission to management courses.

4. XAT: The Xavier Aptitude Test or XAT is an online entrance exam administered by XLRI. XAT scores are accepted by many reputable private universities for admission to PGPM courses.

The application process usually takes place in November, exams take place in early January and results are published in late January or early February each year.

Other entrance exams are tabulated below:


Fee Structure

PGPM fees may vary by university. A state institution requires less than a private institution due to its infrastructure and equipment. The average fee for a PGPM course at a private institution ranges from INR 10 to 25 LPA.

Name of College Average Annual Fees
Great Lakes Institute of Management INR 17.25 LPA
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research  INR 22.10 LPA
IIM Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu INR 16.50 LPA
IIM Kozhikode INR 9.50 LPA
Institute of Management Technology (IMT) INR 1 LPA
Management Development institute, Gurgaon INR 8 LPA

Course Comparison

Parameters PGPM PGDM
Course Name Post Graduate Programme in Management Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Course Overview It is a course specifically designed for working professionals to train them for managerial and leadership positions, and to get a boost in their career. This course is meant for students who are coming for higher studies in Management after completing their bachelor degrees.
Course Duration 1 – 2 Years 2 Years
Course Level Post Graduate (PG) Post Graduate (PG)
Course Fees INR 8,00,000-20,00,000 INR 12,00,000
Admission Process Entrance Based Admission Entrance Based Admission
Average Annual Salary INR 10,00,000 to INR 20,00,000 INR 15,00,000

Top Colleges of PGPM

Listed below are some of the top PGPM Colleges in India which offer the course:

Name of College Average Annual Fee (INR) Location
IIM Ahmedabad INR 11.5 LPA Ahmedabad
IIM Calcutta INR 11.10 LPA Kolkata
IIM Indore INR 8 LPA Indore
IIM Kozhikode INR 9.5 LPA Kozhikode
IIM Shillong INR 11.5 LPA Shillong
IIM Trichy INR 9.15 LPA Tamil Nadu

Jobs and Placements in PGPM

PGPM jobs in India are in high demand and offer a good range of jobs in today's developing world. All students who have attended the PGPM course can be admitted to the PGPM course. In addition, there are various employment opportunities in the private and public sectors.

Private Jobs

There are several private companies that offer career opportunities in PGPM to applicants after earning their PGPM degree. The average salary for graduates is around INR 7 LPA. There are several job titles.

Top Private Companies Job Profiles Salary
Tethers Unlimited Program Manager INR 44,000
USDM Life Sciences Finance Manager INR 1.3 LPA
Alpha Consulting Project Manager INR 1 LPA

Government Jobs

Due to high demand, career opportunities in government for PGPM graduates continue to increase. The growth of the country's development has led to an influx of opportunities from the government sector. The starting salary of PGPM in India ranges from INR 4 LPA to 8 LPA and increases with experience. Below are some state-owned companies with their job title and salary:

Top Government Companies Job Profiles Salary
Surat Municipal Corporation Associate Professor INR 10 LPA
Employees State Insurance Corporation Super Specialist INR 8.12 LPA

Abroad Jobs

Each country has a different salary structure for candidates who have earned the PGPM degree. There is a diverse range of jobs in each country, but as each location requires different skills, the position and the offer will depend on the qualifications and achievements of the student. Some jobs for PGPM students include CFO, HR, Bank, etc.

Students can also opt for a research stay abroad. Aside from India, Melbourne, London, USA and Australia are well suited for those who are sufficiently qualified to work as PGPM graduates or other roles offered.

Top International Recruiting Companies who hire PGPM graduates are:

1. Deloitte

2. Amazon

3. Google

4. Facebook

5. HCL Technologies

6. Cognizant

Job Profiles

Some of the famous expert avenues open to successful graduates of the PGPM degree are indexed underneath with the corresponding salaries provided for the respective positions.

Job Profile Job Description Average Salary in INR
Operations Manager An operations manager, or Operations Supervisor, oversees a company's organizational processes and adds improvements to it. INR 8,00,000
Finance Manager A Financial Manager is a key professional responsible for ensuring the financial health of an organization. INR 12,50,000
Tech Consultant A technical consultant is a professional who provides technical support and performs troubleshooting functions for the company's product or application. INR 8,00,000
Retail Manager The retail manager is responsible for the overall management of a business by ensuring that both the operational and commercial sides run smoothly. INR 4,00,000
Tourism Manager A Tourism Manager is responsible for managing the tourism information centers, supervising staff, development, business management as well as office systems management. INR 4,40,000
HR Manager A human resources manager, or HR Supervisor, is responsible for coordinating all administrative activities related to an organization's personnel. INR 6,50,000
Hotel Catering Manager Catering Manager responsibilities include planning food and beverage menus, scheduling shifts and coordinating food preparation and serving during events. INR 5,30,000

Scope for PGPM

The demand for PGPM courses is increasing day by day. Companies that hire candidates offer salaries at the level of MBA candidates.

1. Because PGPM candidates are expected to have more work experience than other candidates on the course, the course will become more relevant to recruiters in the future.

2. The career opportunities for a PGPM candidate are enormous. PGPM candidates are offered leadership positions in almost every industry including corporate, multinationals, IT and finance.

3. Applicants can continue with doctoral studies, such as the doctorate in management sciences and the doctorate in business administration. You can also take other certification courses that can help you improve your managerial skills and abilities.

4. Most applicants are employed as analysts and consultants, positions with very high salaries ranging from INR 6 to 20 LPA.

PGPM: Career Prospects

Although not a diploma course, the PGPM offers excellent career opportunities for professionals. If you decide to take a PGPM course at the right time in your career, it can be very rewarding for you. Students with work experience and formal management training in the form of a PGP course are in high demand for leadership positions in the business world. PGPM salaries for top students can easily exceed Rs. 10 LPA and salaries from Rs.20 - 25 LPA are also quite common in practice. In fact, the average salaries of PGPM students at top universities consistently exceed Rs. 20 LPA.

Due to the shorter duration of the courses, students can earn money earlier than in undergraduate or postgraduate studies and benefit from additional work experience. What makes the course particularly beneficial is the business exposure it provides.

Many students completing the PGPM do so while keeping their jobs. These professionals, too, see an increase in their work and salary after completing this course. Professionals can use their best managerial and administrative skills to negotiate higher pay packages, and companies are willing to pay candidates who can bring those skills to bear.


(1). What are the advantages of PGPM?

Ans: The biggest advantages of PGPM courses are that they are faster than an equivalent MBA program and offer excellent internship opportunities.

(2). What are the disadvantages of PGPM?

Ans: The fact that it is a certificate course limits the scope of higher education. At the same time, this course is aimed specifically at professionals and brings many advantages on the job market.

(3). MBA or PGPM, which is better?

Ans: This depends on various factors. The IIM PGPM awards MBAs after two years. While other institutions like Great Lake offer annual certificate courses like PGPM.

Overall, the PGPM is limited in terms of higher education opportunities but offers many advantages over the MBA in terms of internships and life projects.

(4). What has more value in the job market between MBA, PGPM and PGDM?

Ans: The three majors are considered equivalent by recruiters, but most prefer MBA students. But it all depends on the recruiter, the needs of the company, the skills and qualities required for the job, and other factors.

(5). Does the PGPM have the same value as an MBA?

Ans: Both are equal when it comes to job opportunities, but if you want to pursue higher education, you're better off getting an MBA.

(6). Which is the top private college for studying PGPM courses?

Ans: Management Development Institute, Great Lakes institute of Management, are some of the good private PGPM colleges in India.

(7). Which is the top private college for studying PGPM courses?

Ans: Management Development Institute, Great Lakes institute of Management, are some of the good private PGPM colleges in India.

(8). PGPM or PGDM, which is better?

Ans: Depends on circumstances. The scope for higher education is limited for PGPM courses, but it provides greater advantage in terms of internships and job opportunities.

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