Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering - Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh

  • Years 5 Years
  • type of course PhD
  • course type Research
  • delivery mode

The course prepares students for employment in various fields related to electronics, information technology, and computer science. The program helps prepare candidates for career advancement in circuitry, modeling, and probability. Graduates can also apply for gazetted positions and become professors or lecturers in colleges and universities. This degree is also beneficial for those who wish to become research scientists or engineers. 

When choosing a graduate degree, a Ph.D. program in Electronics and Communication is the right choice for students with a keen interest in electronics and communication. This degree program offers many opportunities to advance in the field of electronics and communication. The curriculum covers various fields of study, including acoustics, signal processing, component and materials technology, and wireless networks. A Ph.D. in Electronics and Communications can take up to five years to complete.

A Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering is a three-year doctorate degree program. The minimum eligibility is a Master's degree in Electronics or an exam of the equivalent. The program is also recognized for its high quality. Despite its complexity, it opens a wide range of opportunities for graduates and postdoctoral researchers in the field.

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering Eligibility 

Candidates who want to take admission in Ph.D. must have a post-graduate degree in Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Egg. and its relevant discipline with at least 55% marks from a recognized university and must have passed the national level entrance examination or university level entrance examination. National level entrance exams like UGC NET / UGC CSIR NET / GATE / SLET or University entrance exam consisting of written tests and personal interviews.

The Benefits of a Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Egg

After getting a Ph.D. in Electronics and Communications Engineering, you can choose to pursue a variety of careers. Some of the most lucrative options include independent research, teaching, government employment, and entrepreneurship. The field of electronics and communication is growing at an incredible rate, and the benefits of a graduate degree are plentiful. For example, graduates of this field can work in product design, probability, and modeling.

With a Doctorate in Electronics and Communications Engineering, graduates can choose to work in a wide variety of fields. Some go into academia, others enter government agencies or large businesses. While there are numerous career paths for those with an ECE Ph.D., it is particularly good for those who wish to work in academia. The program will equip you with advanced research and analysis skills that will be valuable for your professional development.

The field of Electronics and Communications Engineering is very broad and the benefits of earning a doctorate in this field are endless. A Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering can open doors in many different sectors, including government agencies, multinational companies, and corporations. As a result, there are many opportunities for career advancement in the field. A Ph.D. in ECE is ideal for pursuing an academic career because it will provide you with advanced research and analysis skills.

Future Scope of Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

An education in electronics and communication engineering opens up a world of opportunities. Today's technology makes use of electromagnetic phenomena to send and receive signals and power. Students will study topics such as Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic power, waves in media, resonance, and filters. They will also study electromagnetic fields and their application to electronic systems. Lab activities will include building and testing electronic devices and systems. A focus on teamwork and problem-solving skills will help them succeed in their doctoral studies.

The electronics field is continually growing and new companies are being created to meet the growing needs of consumers. As a result, there is a high demand for skilled electronic engineers in the market. Many ECE aspirants have chosen careers in communications, broadcasting, and transmission structure work spheres. The field focuses on strengthening electronics. The communication network engineer conceptualizes the communication network framework and ensures its exemplary execution.

With the growing need for qualified electronics engineers in various fields, a Ph.D. in this field opens up an array of career opportunities. Some opt for academics or research, while others choose to enter the business or government sector. As the demand for qualified engineers in this field is so great, there is an increased opportunity to publish your dissertation and inspire the next generation of electronic enthusiasts.

Ph.D. Research Programme duration

The Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Egg course is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 duration. This depends on the university offering the course.

Fees for research program for Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Egg 

The average fee for Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Egg degree is between INR 50000 and INR 500000.

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Chandigarh City

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Delivery Mode

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Masters degree in relevant subjects + the candidates should have cleared the Entrance test conducted by the respective university

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

5 Years

Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Type of Course


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