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Political Science is concerned with political and governance at state as well as national and international levels. It is concerned with the study of effective methods and practices to build and improve society.

A few of the subfields within Political Science are Political Theory, History of Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Methodology, Public Policy and other. The courses in Politics will teach you to critically examine the political debate and tactics as well as how to manage an election campaign, and also how to raise awareness about voting.

Additionally, you will develop your debating skills and learn how to effectively build arguments for political change. The course will teach you about the power distribution and resources, and the impact they have on the individual country and its international relations. You will also learn the best ways to apply aspects like ethics and justice, peace as well as public health to evaluate and assess the performance of democracy and governance as well as ways to improve them.

A Master's or Bachelor's degree in Public Science will allow you to have an enviable career as a lobbyist, politician and political campaign manager PR consultant, political consultant and legal assistant, as well as a political commentator and more.


Candidates who wish to apply for an admission to Ph.D. must have a postgraduate degree in political sciences with at five percent marks or more from a recognized university . They must have passed the national entrance exam or the university level entrance exam. National level entrance exams such as UGC NET or UGC CSIR NET GATE/SLET or the University entrance exam consists of a test of writing and an interview.

Benefits of  Ph.D. in Political science

The majority of PG graduates are able to make a decision to pursue the PhD Politics Science due to these reasons

Opportunity for Research: PG candidates tend to be passionate and interested toward the Indian economics, politics, and its growth. So, a doctoral program will give them plenty of research opportunities and experience in the field they are interested in.

Scope of funded research projects: The doctoral holder in Political Science increases their odds of securing governmental and non-governmental grants to carry out the research.

Good annual CTC: Usually, PG students in Political Science earn lower CTC each year due to the insufficient research capabilities and skills. However, PhD Political Science holders generally receive better CTC each year of about 10 Lakhs because they possess a array of research capabilities and know-how related to the political system and the Indian Economy.

Scope of Study abroad studies: Because of holding one of the most sought-after degrees in the field and being constantly gaining knowledge in a wide range of political environments Doctoral students have the possibility of being placed in or work in various different countries.

The possibility of working in polling firms: Because of being the experts in Indian as well as other countries political affairs, these candidates may be employed in polling firms that determine the leaders in certain countries.

Opportunities for career and employment

Research scholars, following successfully completing PhD Political Science are able to be employed in industries where expertise about Indian Economy, Politics, changes are required.

The most common jobs that PhD Politics Science holders may be able to fill include Market Trend Research Analysts, Political Scientists, Public Relations Specialists; Survey Researchers as well as Research Analysts. The median salary of these PhD holders ranges from 5 LPA to 15 LPA.

Research and political roles are provided by companies like NDTV, Transoplanet, Times of India, Pollstar |, QuisLex, India Today, Oxynello, etc.

The future of political science

There are future possibilities of the Political science subject

More Research: PhD Politics Science students are able to participate in further research as well in India and around the world.

Leadership and political analysts: Since the political natures and the economies of Indian and other nations are addressed in this field Doctoral students gain enormous knowledge and expertise in leadership that could assist them in developing into a political analyst, and occasionally, even political leaders in the future.

Scope of Civil Services in India: Since many historic events that concern Indian Economy and Politics are learned through PhD in Political Science, applicants may think about their chances to get through in the Civil Services exams like UPSC due to the few similarities in the syllabus.

Economic Strategist: Any nation tries to boost its economy in one way or another. This is why it generates need for PhD in Political Science holders around the world.

Market specifications: PhDs in Political Science are able to gain experts in the majority of the leading economies because of their research expertise, which is why it's commonplace to find them in market research companies. 

Course Duration:

The Ph.D. political science program lasts at a minimum of 3 years and up to 5 years in duration. It is contingent on the institution providing the course.

Course Fee : 

The fee for a Ph.D. in Political Science can be found between the INR50000 to INR 500000.

Ph.D. in Political Science


Ph.D. in Political Science

YBN University

Ph.D. in Political Science
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Ph.D. in Political Science

Masters or post-graduation in political science

Ph.D. in Political Science

5 Years

Ph.D. in Political Science
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