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Introduction of Bachelor of Library Science (BLibSc)?

The Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc.) is a one-year undergraduate programme that teaches library administration and management students. B.Lib.Sc is divided into two semesters in most cases. The bachelor's degree in library and information science (B.Lib.I.Sc.) focuses on the preservation and upkeep of libraries.

In the B.Lib.I.Sc curriculum the students are taught about/: Library and Society, Library Classification, Library Cataloging (Theory and Practice), Information Sources and Services, and more.


Book enthusiasts who wish to learn more about valuable resources and books will like the B.Lib.Sc. Programme. Students who take this course will learn more about book management and consumer demands when recommending different books on various topics. People will need books as the demand for information about multiple subjects grows because the internet cannot always provide customers with detailed information on every topic, B.Lib.Sc. Graduates can assist customers in referring to books in much less time because they will have a clearer understanding of book administration and management.


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Library Science (BLibSc)

Each college or university has its own set of eligibility requirements that interested applicants must meet. The following are the key qualifying requirements for the Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] programme:

  • The applying student must have graduated from a recognised university with a bachelor's degree in any field.
  • Anyone who wants to pursue the course must have a minimum of 50-55 per cent in their graduation. They must also meet the entrance criteria for the college to which they wish to apply.
  • Some colleges and universities have entrance exams that applicants must pass.

Benefits of Bachelor of Library Science (BLibSc)

  • The Bachelor of Library Science is an undergraduate programme for those interested in working in library science. 
  • A Bachelor of Library Science degree is for students who enjoy reading and learn more about book management and useful resources.
  • It gives enrolled students a fundamental understanding of philosophy as it applies to library science, its basic concepts and rules, and how they affect society. 
  • Students in the course learn how to use the library to manage books and other study materials.

Future Scopes of Bachelor of Library Science (BLibSc)

Students with a Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] degree have a variety of career options. 

  • Students with a Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] degree can work in both the public and private sectors. Candidates may also work in educational institutes as librarians.
  • After completing their Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] degree, applicants can sit for civil service examinations.
  • There are a number of private offices that hire Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] students. Working at such companies might provide students with very nice pay.
  • Students with a Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] degree may continue their education. They might pursue a master's degree in library science after that.

Career, Salary Package and Job Opportunities after Bachelor of Library Science (BLibSc)

  • The B.Lib.Sc.offers a variety of career options for book lovers who want to learn more about books and their management. Students can, however, pursue a master's degree in Library Science after completing the undergraduate programme. After completing the Bachelor of Library Science programme, students can work in various roles, as listed below.
  • Both government and private schools are looking for librarians. They also play a role in a variety of other government and private sectors. Librarians can also be found at various well-known companies such as Amazon, Infosys, and others.
  • Librarian, Assistant Librarian, Deputy Librarian, Technical Writer, Assistant Professor, Publication and Documentation Officer, and others are some of the most popular employment profiles for Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] applicants.
  • The average Salary Package for Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc] students ranges from INR 1.2 LPA to INR 6 LPA per year.
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