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MSc Mathematics: Course, Admission Process, Eligibility, Exams, Syllabus, Fees, Jobs, Top Colleges, Other Specializations

The MSc Mathematics is a two-year postgraduate course in Mathematics that provides an in-depth understanding of applied and advanced mathematics such as algebra, geometry calculus and dynamical systems, number theory and differential equations, as well as prepare them for various research projects.

The journey through an MSc Mathematics Course is both challenging and rewarding, requiring dedication and passion for numerical exploration. the MSc Mathematics Admission Process marks the beginning of a transformative experience. Prospective students must meet stringent Eligibility Criteria, demonstrating proficiency in prerequisite mathematical concepts. Additionally, many institutions require candidates to excel in MSc Mathematics Entrance Exams, further showcasing their aptitude for the subject.

The heart of the MSc Mathematics Program lies in its comprehensive curriculum, designed to cultivate analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. From algebraic structures to differential equations, students navigate through a diverse array of topics, gaining insights into the intricacies of mathematical phenomena. Moreover, specialized tracks allow individuals to tailor their education to align with their interests and career aspirations.

Despite its academic rigor, pursuing an MSc Mathematics Degree opens doors to a myriad of opportunities. Graduates are equipped with the expertise to excel in various fields, including finance, technology, and academia. Moreover, the intellectual challenges posed by the discipline foster a resilient mindset, preparing individuals for the complexities of the professional world.

To be qualified for the course, students must complete their degree from a recognized institution with a minimum 50%. However, those with B.Sc./B.Tech./B.E. degrees are more desirable. However, some colleges conduct their admissions tests, which students must pass in order to be part of the college. A few of the subjects included within the MSc in Mathematics syllabus include Real Analysis, Algebra, Number Theory, Probability Theory and many more. The course also covers general subjects such as Physics as well as Chemistry.

MSc is a course that covers the most sophisticated concepts in Mathematics. It encourages mathematical thinking into the minds of students. There are many universities and colleges offering this kind of course, including St. Xavier's College, Alagappa University, St. Stephens College and many others. You can also take this course through distance learning institutions like IGNOU, Periyar University, and many others.

MSc Mathematics Course - Highlights

Course Level Postgraduate Course
MSc Mathematics Duration 2 years
MSc Mathematics Eligibility Graduated from a recognized university, with a minimum of 50% in total. English and Maths are required.
MSc Mathematics Admission Admission is based on merit. However, certain colleges might require an additional entrance test or offer admission via the lateral entrance.
MSc Mathematics Entrance Exams IIT JAM, CUET, NEST, CUCET, etc.
MSc Mathematics Course Fee INR 30,000 - INR 4,00,000.
MSc Mathematics Salary INR 6-9 Lakhs per annum
MSc Mathematics Jobs Mathematics Specialist, Professor Quantitative Risk Analyst, Quantitative Developer, and many others.
Top Recruiting Companies IIT Delhi, BITS Pilani, IIT ISM Dhanbad, Edudrive Education Services, Goodwill Solutions, ISI Kolkata, etc.

MSc Mathematics Admission Process

The Admission Process for the MSc Mathematics program begins in March/April. The application forms are made available in both offline and online manner and students will be informed of the decision via the website for the university. In most colleges, the process for admission is simple and students are accepted based on the marks they earned upon graduation. However, in certain institutions, students are required to take an additional entrance exam. In this article, we've discussed the different steps to be taken for admission.

Direct Admission

(1). The applicants fill out the application form where they have to provide the necessary information, such as category proof, details about qualifications along other information before they are required to complete the form.

(2). The final selection of applicants is done according to the cutoff lists released by colleges. Students who meet the cutoff will be invited for admission.

MSc Mathematics Entrance Examination

For MSc Mathematics admission, some colleges, universities, and even states may hold MSc Maths entrance exams. The exam covers a wide range of disciplines, giving students an overview of MSc Mathematics.

Candidates must note that to be eligible for the MSc Mathematics course, they must wish to apply for the MSc Mathematics course and must sit for and successfully pass the following MSc Maths entrance exams.

Entrance Exams

Exam Dates

Exam Schedule


11 Mar '24 - 28 Mar '24

CUET PG Schedule


Feb '25

IIT JAM Schedule


15 - 31 May '24

CUET Schedule


June '24

CPGET Schedule


June '24

AP PGCET Schedule

MSc Mathematics Eligibility Criteria

The minimum MSc Mathematics Eligibility Criteria is given as follows.

(1). Passed BSc Mathematics or BSc (Mathematics with Computer Science Applications) or any other relevant degree with Mathematics and English as the main subjects.

(2). Secured a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate (Varies from university to university).

(3). Some institutes also consider BE/BTech-qualified candidates.

MSc Mathematics Syllabus

The coursework for the MSc Mathematics includes assignments and projects which help the students in getting a deep knowledge of the subjects that they can implement in real-life problems. The MSc Maths courses consist of main subjects which are compulsory to study and there are some elective subjects also. The final marks of the students depend on the internal and external assessment which includes the presentations, tests, assignments, thesis, and attendance.

The subjects of the MSc Mathematics which are being offered in almost all institutions or colleges are:

MSc Mathematics Semester 1

Algebra - I

Real Analysis

Topology - I

Ordinary Differential Equations

MSc Mathematics Semester 2

Algebra - II

Complex Analysis

Topology - II

Functional Analysis

MSc Mathematics Semester 3

Differential Geometry

Mathematical Methods

Fluid Mechanics

Numerical Analysis - II

MSc Mathematics Semester 4

Measure And Integration

Electives IV, V, and VI

Top MSc Mathematics Colleges

Many colleges in India offer an MSc Mathematics program. Because it's a type of specialisation, it requires both practical and theoretical study which assists in gaining a knowledge of the subject.

According to the latest information of the aforementioned, these are the most prestigious MSc Maths schools (government. private, and location-wise) within India.

Note: The colleges mentioned in the table are listed alphabetically, and not in any order of ranking hierarchy.

Check Location-wise MSc Mathematics Colleges

The top MSc Mathematics colleges in Delhi/NCR

Best MSc Mathematics Colleges for Students in Hyderabad

Best MSc Mathematics Colleges Chennai

Best MSc Mathematics Colleges for Students in Bangalore

Best MSc Mathematics Colleges for Students in Kolkata

The top MSc Mathematics colleges in Mumbai

Top Government MSc Mathematics Colleges

There are a total of 614 colleges run by the government of India which offer MSc Maths programs. These institutions are renowned for their academic excellence as well as the expertise of their faculty members and their contributions to mathematics research. The schools that offer Top Government Colleges MSc Mathematics that are listed below are renowned for their mathematics departments that are strong as well as academic excellence.

The top 10 MSc Mathematics colleges that are government-run are listed in the table below:

College Name

Total charges (in INR)

Banaras Hindu University


Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

11,000 - 13,000

Calcutta University


Indian Institute of Science


Jamia Millia Islamia

16,000 - 47,000

UoH - University of Hyderabad

13,000 - 47,000

Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai


Osmania University

5,000 - 43,000

Panjab University


Alagappa University


Top Private MSc Mathematics Colleges

There are more than 977 private Colleges in India that offer MSc Mathematics courses. Be aware that reputations and rankings are subject to fluctuate, so it's important to verify the most current details from trusted sources. MSc Mathematics.

The following institutions are renowned for their outstanding MSc Mathematics departments as well as academic excellence:

College Name

Total charges (in INR)

Amity University, Noida

2 Lakh

BITS Pilani

20 Lakh

Chandigarh University (CU)

1 Lakh

KIIT KIIT Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

6 Lakh

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

2 Lakh

SASTRA (Deemed to be a university)

2 Lakh

SOA University - Siksha 'O' Anusandhan

2 Lakh

VIT Vellore

4 Lakh

MSc Mathematics Career Scope: Job Profiles, Salary

Postgraduates who study MSc Mathematics have an extensive understanding of both mathematical concepts, both applied and pure. With the aid of MSc Mathematics, they have developed problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities in the past. these abilities help enhance the MSc Mathematics career path and increase the odds of getting a job in the field of research. Candidates may be able to work in the financial industry, as well as in the government sector.

They are ideal for the job profile of an analytical science consultant as well as an accountant, external auditor, database manager, data analyst, as well as a credit analyst, customer coordinator, and an analyst of quantitative risk.

MSc Mathematics graduates can opt for the teaching profession and become professors in public and private universities. Secondary school teachers as well as technical experts in subject matter academic coordinators middle school teachers as well as science teachers are earning good money after earning their MSc Mathematics degrees.

MSc Mathematics Core Industries

Based on their passions as well as their skills and the kind of job they wish to pursue, MSc Mathematics graduates have an excellent career outlook in India and can choose between working in the public or private sectors each with its advantages and benefits.

Here are some of the main industries in which MSc Mathematics graduates can get employment.

MSc Mathematics Core Industries

Aerospace companies

Pharmaceutical companies

Market research firms

Research and Development Companies

Economic Research Firms

Engineering Firms

MSc Mathematics Salary in India

In the majority of cases being hired as an MSc Mathematics graduate at any company in India is considered to be an easy task for recent graduates. One reason is that once you have completed the MSc Mathematics program, students are considered professionals because of the structure of the course, which will allow them to acquire the required skills and job prospects in India.

Many graduates continue their studies which improves their job prospects. Because of the interviews on campus, getting the job of your dreams is easy. After the completion of the MSc Mathematics program, candidates can submit applications to the following job descriptions.

Job Position

Job Description

Average Salary

Actuarial Analyst

They are specialists who use mathematical and statistical techniques to evaluate the risk of financial transactions particularly in the areas of pensions, insurance, and investment.


Operations Research Analyst

These are experts who employ analytical and mathematical methods to solve difficult issues and make educated decisions within an organization.


Statistical Analyst

They are experts with a specialization in the use of statistical techniques to interpret and analyze data.

INR 10.6 LPA


Mathematicians and statisticians make use of formulas and data to address issues in academia, business, and government


Data Analyst

A data analyst analyzes data to uncover important information about the clients of a company and possible applications for the data


Note: The salary has been derived from

MSc Mathematics Top Recruiters

Campus recruitment has its advantages and disadvantages. The primary benefit of campus recruitment is that it enables companies to quickly choose the most suitable and most competent candidates.

Candidates could benefit from securing an official job before completing their university degree The top recruiters who employ MSc Mathematicians are:

MSc Mathematics Top Recruiters



American Express

Capital One

Barclays Bank

Marks and Spencer's





MSc Mathematics Online Courses

Many reputable institutions are offering online MSc in Mathematics. Here are some possible options to think about:

Course Name

It is offered by

Total Fees

MSc in Applied Mathematics

Parul University


MSc in Mathematics



Applied and Computational Mathematics, Master of Science

Johns Hopkins University


MSc Mathematics FAQs

Q. What is MSc Mathematics?

Ans. MSc Mathematics is a postgraduate degree program focusing on advanced study and research in mathematical theory and applications.

Q. What are the prerequisites for MSc Mathematics?

Ans. Typically, applicants need a bachelor's degree in mathematics or a related field, along with a strong background in calculus, algebra, and analysis.

Q. What topics are covered in MSc Mathematics programs?

Ans. MSc Mathematics programs cover a wide range of topics including algebra, geometry, analysis, number theory, and applied mathematics.

Q. What career opportunities are available with an MSc Mathematics degree?

Ans. Graduates can pursue careers in academia, research, finance, data analysis, cryptography, and various industries requiring advanced mathematical skills.

Q. Are there online MSc Mathematics programs available?

Ans. Yes, many universities offer online MSc Mathematics programs, providing flexibility for working professionals and students unable to attend traditional on-campus programs.

Q. How long does it take to complete an MSc Mathematics program?

Ans. The duration of MSc Mathematics programs varies but typically takes one to two years to complete full-time, with part-time and accelerated options available at some institutions.

Q. What sets MSc Mathematics apart from other mathematical degrees?

Ans. MSc Mathematics programs focus on advanced mathematical concepts and research, while undergraduate degrees may have a broader or foundational focus.

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