Master Of Management Studies (M.M.S.) Syllabus - Chanakya Institute of Management Studies & Research - (CIMSR), Mumbai

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Covers management subjects including finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and strategic management.

Syllabus of Master Of Management Studies

The syllabus for the Master of Management Studies (M.M.S.) program is typically designed to provide students with a strong foundation in management principles and practices. Students cover core topics such as organizational behavior, financial management, and strategic management. The curriculum often includes courses on marketing management, human resource management, and operations management. Students may also choose elective courses based on their areas of interest, such as entrepreneurship, business analytics, or innovation management. Practical experiences, such as management projects, case studies, and internships, are often integrated to help students apply management concepts in real-world business situations. Graduates are well-prepared for leadership roles in various industries and sectors.

Syllabus & Subjects for MMS

MMS syllabus is designed in order that it impart an important understanding approximately the essential ideas of control in conjunction with accounting, trade, and commerce. The path is split into 4 semesters primarily based totally on diverse management, finance, human resources, and different topics. The following is the semester-smart MMS syllabus:

Semesters Subjects
Semester I Negotiation and Selling Skills
Information Technology for Management
Financial Accounting
Operations Management
Business Statistics
Managerial Economics
Perspective Management
Effective and Management Communication
Semester II Entrepreneurship Management
Analysis of Financial Statements
Business Research Methods
Marketing Management
Operations Research
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Legal Aspects of Business and Taxation
Semester III Operations Management
Marketing Management
International Business
Human Resource Management
Strategic Management
Semester IV Operations Management
Marketing Management
Project Management
Human Resource Management
Final Project
Core Subjects Managerial Economics
Perspective Management
Organizational Behavior
Financial Accounting
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Business Mathematics
Marketing Management
Electives Subjects Organizational Behavior
Introduction to Creativity and Innovation Management
Foreign Language (Other than English)
Negotiation and Selling Skills
IT Skills for Management and Technology Platforms
Project Management
Effective and Management Communication
Business Ethics

Projects for Master of Management Studies

Project Topics under the MMS syllabus is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their learning through real word application. Students can choose the subject matter from economics, marketing, finance, operation, and statistics. Some of the best project topics for the MMS Course are provided below:

(i). Stakeholder Management
(ii). The Role of Forecasting and Planning in Business Organization
(iii). Change Management
(iv). The Problem of Unemployment and Solving it Through Small and Medium-Scale Businesses
(v). Debtor management
(vi). Agile Project Management
(vii). Resource Management

Reference Books for Master of Management Studies

The reference books inside the MMS syllabus assist college students to apprehend diverse topics and subjects protected within the path curriculum and permit graduates to amplify their information and vision. Some of the very fine books for the MMS path are given below:

Name of Author Name of Book
Irfan Habib People's History of India
Alfred D. Chandler Jr. Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the Industrial Enterprise
Payal Mehra Business Communication For Managers
Tom Burns The Management of Innovation
Peter Drucker The Effective Executive

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