Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Mechanical Engineering - East West College of Engineering (EWCE, Bangalore)

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A Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical studies the fundamental principles of engineering and the processes that apply them. Students learn about thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy generation, product design, and materials used in manufacturing processes. Mechanical engineers apply their theoretical knowledge to create working models. Their work involves designing, developing, testing, and evaluating prototypes, as well as overseeing the manufacturing process. 

These courses are arranged into tracks with designated courses. Technical tracks emphasize a particular technical area, while specialty tracks are geared toward careers outside of mechanical engineering. 

Students studying mechanical engineering develop an understanding of engineering principles, material science, and structural analysis. The program helps students pair these core principles with the tools necessary to develop their creative and practical design solutions. Computer-aided design software, for example, is an important part of mechanical engineering. 

These programs help students design manufacturing facilities, industrial equipment, cars, aircraft, and medical devices. The practical application of these skills is invaluable in a career in the field of mechanical engineering.

Benefits of Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

A Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering offers a wide variety of career options, including design and manufacturing. The discipline focuses on computations and 3D structures. Engineers can also dabble in environmental protection or alternative energy systems. Depending on the employer, they may be asked to create software programs or write business proposals. They have a wide variety of skills to draw from, including strategic planning and problem-solving abilities.

A mechanical engineer can work in many fields, including the car industry, energy, power plants, robotics, biomechanics, and many others. Graduates will be on the cutting edge of their field, with the skills to apply those skills in different industries. Furthermore, students can further their education with a doctorate, putting them ahead of the competition. 

There are numerous professional organizations that can help students, including mechanical engineers, gain industry exposure. These organizations can provide scholarships and other perks for members, as well as help mechanical engineers, build their resumes. Membership in these organizations can also help them network with other professionals at various levels in their careers. 

And if they decide to pursue a career in mechanical engineering, they'll have an edge in the job market. A mechanical engineer's education is useful beyond the engineering field, as they can apply their critical and creative thinking in a wide variety of settings.

A mechanical engineer's degree will prepare you for the world's most innovative industries. The field requires innovative thinking skills and allows students to develop new technologies. By developing new systems, mechanical engineers can make a difference in the world. And this means that they can enjoy high wages and career growth.

Eligibility for Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

The candidates must have passed 10+2 in the relevant stream from a recognized board.

They must have a minimum aggregate of 55% to be eligible for the program.

Future Scope of Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

The future scope of a mechanical engineering degree depends on the type of job that one wants to do. Mechanical engineers must be able to design systems within a realistic range of constraints, which may include environmental, social, health, and safety issues. Mechanical engineers must be able to work as part of a team, understand their professional responsibility, and be comfortable applying advanced mathematics and engineering tools. 

A career in mechanical engineering has endless possibilities. The field combines expertise, creativity, and analytical tools to create products that impact human lives and communities. There are numerous job opportunities available to mechanical engineers, and the degree's broad scope reflects this diversity. 

As the automotive industry continues to grow, mechanical engineers will have more opportunities than ever. Clean diesel and hybrid-electric cars will need engineers. The oil and gas industry will also require more mechanical engineers. With these jobs, mechanical engineers can create a range of products, from oil and gas drilling equipment to automobiles. 

The future is bright for mechanical engineers. So, if you have been considering an engineering career, consider a mechanical engineering degree.

Career Opportunities and Job Prospects for Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

While studying for a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Mechanical engineers are in high demand for their technical skills, as they help design and implement a variety of different machines. Some mechanical engineers may even find themselves leading engineering teams that develop new power systems. 

Whether you are seeking a more managerial or more advanced role, a bachelor's degree will provide a strong foundation to enter this field. Graduates can apply their technical skills and pursue a master's degree to broaden their job options and increase their earning potential. After completing a bachelor's degree, some mechanical engineers decide to continue their education by pursuing a master's degree. 

After completing a bachelor's degree, mechanical engineers can pursue a master's or doctorate in the field. Advanced degrees in engineering can lead to roles as college faculty, consulting engineers, or even entrepreneurs. In addition to working in a field, they're passionate about, mechanical engineers may choose to pursue graduate degrees in engineering or business administration.

Course duration and fee details of Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of engineering mechanical engineering is a four-year degree program.

The average fees for the completion of the program are between 50K to 2 lacs or it may vary from college to college.

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