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  • Years 3 Years
  • Type Course Under Graduate
  • stream Science
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What is B.Sc in Anthropology?

B.Sc. is a 3-year degree dedicated to anthropology, covering issues relating to human behavioural similitudes or differences. It encompasses several characteristics of people, such as culture, organization, and biology. In anthropology, the subjects are studied such as Socio-cultural, Biological and Archeological Anthropology.
B.Sc Anthropology consists of three main subjects: Anthropology of biological sciences and Anthropology, Anthropological socio-cultural sciences. Students who desire to understand human history, biology, sociology, and culture must select B.Sc Anthropology.
The candidates who wish and desire to know the human origin and its developments over the layers of time are an excellent example of it. Secondly, students who intend to research this topic together with a Masters' degree can also take this course. They should have the ability to learn, study, communicate in writing, analyze and critical skills, collect, evaluate and analyze data, communicate orally, and present. They must also have skills in time management, conversation and group work, statistics and computer procedures; strong cultural awareness; clear, logical and independent thinking.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc in Anthropology

  • For a B.Sc. (Hons.) Anthropology degree, the fundamental eligibility condition is the qualification of 10+2 or the Science Stream equivalent of a recognized national Board. To get admission in this degree course, certain reputable universities and institutes require at least 50% marks for 10+2.
  • Also, several of the highly well-known universities and institutes run an entrance exam to their B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in anthropology. The graduation programme is based on grades gained in the final merit, i.e. total marks added in the final 10+2 examinations and the entry test.
Benefits of B.Sc in Anthropology

  • B.Sc Anthropology is one of the rare degrees selected by students. Expert and specialized anthropologists worldwide are needed.
  • This subject is to be chosen by students who have a significant interest in archaeology. It allows them to study ancient history worldwide. B.SC students learn about the variations between humanity and all its physical, historical, cultural and language issues worldwide. Mental and physical work is included in anthropology.
  • The anthropology study enables us to comprehend more fully the various methods of living of humanity.
  • The graduates of Anthropology may additionally study, Linguistics, Medicine and Neural Studies, Psychology of Cognition, Ethnic Studies, Community and Regional Studies, Neural Studies, Public Health, numerous programmes for public health, community development, etc.
  • Social issues such as birth control, labour unrest, juvenile delinquency and the death rate can be adequately studied and addressed with anthropological investigations.
  • Knowing anthropology after the degree in Anthropology gives one a chance to work and interact with and closely interact with individuals of numerous groups and civilizations.
  • Students with a B.Sc. Anthropology degree may also choose to study abroad and study for internationally recognized organizations such as WHO, UNESCO, OXFAM, etc.
  • The typical payroll is approximately 3 to 4 Lakhs; however, if a person lives in anthropology, they will go worldwide and learn the history of humanitarianism.
Scope of B.Sc in Anthropology

Graduates of Anthropology are especially suitable for working in professions involving people, such as education, law, medicine, social work and journalism. It is a science that investigates humanity's origins and physical, social, and cultural behaviour.
Anthropologists participate in interdisciplinary subjects, such as international studies and ethnic and gender studies, and work in universities worldwide. They carry out research on human culture and evolution in science and humanism.
About further education, after completing your B.Sc course in anthropology, students can also attend postgraduate studies.

Career and Job Opportunities after B.Sc in Anthropology

Graduates of Anthropology can search for the Anthropological Study of India because it is the leading recruiting centre and state level for anthropologists in India.
The fields of employment for successful course graduates include art galleries, editors, NGOs, archives, museums, bookcases, the Department of Archeology, government departments, private business agencies, organizations for human and health services and computer software and information technology industries etc.
  • A 2.5LPA pay for anthropologists.
  • Archaeologist receives the wage of 3LPA
  • Historic Building Inspector receives a 2.8LPA
  • Field Investigator wage of 3.5LPA
  • forensic anthropologist and a 3.5LPA pay.
  • Conservation Officer is paid 6LPA salary
  • The Archeological Engineer receives 5LPA pay
Fees Structure of B.Sc in Anthropology

The typical fee is between INR 50,000 and 3 LA for anthropology of B.Sc.

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