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Introduction of Diploma in Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering Diploma is a full-time diploma-level engineering degree that lasts for three years. Qualifications for the Diploma in Electronics Engineering program include a passing grade of 55 percent in the 10th-grade mathematics and science or an equivalent test from a recognized board. Electronics Engineering Diploma offered at most institutions and universities. The eligibility requirements, admissions procedure, cost structure, and curriculum for this course vary from college to college and from university to university.

An overview of Diploma in Electronics Engineering

The Diploma in Electronics Engineering program focuses on the design and testing of integrated circuits, inductors, capacitors, and resistors, among other things. Students will learn how to create electronic circuits, computer systems, electric wires, and construct control systems during this course. As a result, these individuals can expect to solve problems that arise in electrical machines and electric power transmission networks. Among the primary subjects covered in this course are math basics, computer science, physics, and project management. In addition, several sub-disciplines under Electrical & Computer Engineering are covered in this course, including power, telecommunication, electronic, signal processing, control, and microelectronics. Also covered in this course are electric motors, including their control, redistribution of electrical energy (transformers), and future generation, transmission, and electrical control issues in industries. This course has as one of its goals to provide applicants with electrical power.

Eligibility criteria for Diploma in Electronics Engineering

  • Qualifications for the Diploma in Electronics Engineering program include a 10th-grade mathematics and science test or an equivalent examination from a recognized board. 
  • This course is also open to candidates who passed the 10th grade with a grade point average of 55 percent or above. 
  • On the official college website, eligible students may apply for this course online or obtain an application directly from the admission office.

Benefits of Diploma in Electronics Engineering

  • Diploma holders in Electronics and Communication Engineering can choose from a variety of employment options.
  • Jobs in both the public and commercial sectors are accessible to them.
  • Because this sector of engineering intersects with others such as electrical, computer science, and telecommunications, holders of an EC Diploma may work in those fields as well.
Fee structure and course duration of Diploma in Electronics Engineering

Based on the grades achieved in their 10th test or the scores acquired in an admission exam held by the college, the typical tuition cost ranges from INR 4,000 to INR 2 lacs.
Students study semiconductors, electron tubes, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, electronic circuits, devices, systems, and passive components, and printed circuit boards in this engineering discipline course. There are two ways to get into the Diploma in Electronics Engineering program: by merit or entrance exam score. In most colleges and institutes, students are counseled and selected based on a university-prepared merit list. For this program, certain reputable universities have entrance examinations. State-by-state differences in the entrance test may exist. Each college has its own set of test requirements and procedures. There are very few colleges that admit students directly to this program.

Career and job profile after Diploma in Electronics Engineering

After completing a diploma in Electronics Engineering, you'll have a lot of opportunities in the future:

  • Graduates may work in the government sector after completing this degree. Companies and departments such as BHEL, BSNL, HAL, Indian Railways, State Wise Voltage Supply, Indian Armed Forces, DRDO, Hydroelectric Power Plants, and Thermal Power Plants are among the top employers. Electrical products, telecommunications, manufacture, manufacturing and production, energy, and private sector companies are possible places for an individual to work.
  • HP Enterprise, Mentor Graphics, Raana Semiconductors Private Limited, Techabyte Private Limited, TATA Power Strategic Engineering Division, Spider focus Solutions, and others are among the top employers for these individuals.
  • Candidates who want to continue their education in electronics engineering can enroll in a Masters in Electronics Engineering program. Candidates may be placed in reputable firms after completing this course.

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