Bachelor of Architecture Course Syllabus

  • Years 5 Years
  • Type Course Under Graduate
  • stream Architecture
  • Delivery Mode
The Bachelor of Architecture syllabus includes subjects like architectural design, building construction, history of architecture, urban planning, and sustainable design. It equips students with creative and technical skills for architectural practice.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Architecture Course

The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program is a comprehensive five-year course that entails a diverse syllabus designed to cultivate a holistic understanding of architecture. The syllabus comprises a blend of theoretical and practical components. Fundamental subjects encompass architectural design, architectural history and theory, building technology and construction, structural systems, environmental studies, urban planning, and professional practice. A significant portion of the course involves engaging in studio projects, wherein students conceptualize, design, and present architectural solutions. These studio projects form a critical segment, allowing students to apply creativity and problem-solving skills in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, students undertake courses in architectural research, computer-aided design (CAD), sustainability in architecture, cultural and social dimensions of architecture, and building codes and regulations. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, effective communication, and teamwork, vital skills needed for successful architectural practice. Through this carefully structured syllabus, students develop competencies in critical thinking, spatial awareness, and technical proficiency, positioning them for a successful career in architecture upon graduation.

Semester Subject Topics Covered
1 Architectural Design I - Basics of Design
    - Elements and Principles of Design
    - Understanding Space and Form
  Architectural Drawing and Graphics - Technical Drawing and Drafting
    - Graphics and Visualization
    - Sketching and Perspective Drawing
  Building Construction I - Basics of Construction
    - Construction Materials and Techniques
    - Site Analysis and Planning
  Building Materials and Technology - Understanding Building Materials
    - Building Construction Techniques
    - Sustainable and Green Building Technologies
2 Architectural Design II - Spatial Design and Planning
    - Building Functions and Circulation
    - Building Systems and Services
  History of Architecture I - Ancient and Classical Architecture
    - Architectural Evolution and Styles
    - Notable Architects and Works
  Building Construction II - Structural Systems and Design
    - Foundations and Footings
    - Roof Systems and Coverings
  Environmental Science and Services - Natural Environment and Sustainability
    - Building Services and Environmental Control Systems
3 Architectural Design III - Architectural Design Principles
    - Spatial Organization and Aesthetics
    - Comprehensive Design Projects
  Architectural Structures I - Structural Analysis and Design
    - Load Distribution and Stability
    - Reinforced Concrete Structures
  History of Architecture II - Medieval and Renaissance Architecture
    - Modern and Contemporary Architecture
    - Architecture in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  Surveying and Leveling - Basics of Surveying
    - Measurement Techniques and Instruments
4 Architectural Design IV - Advanced Architectural Design
    - Urban Design and Planning
    - Architectural Thesis Project
  Architectural Structures II - Steel and Timber Structures
    - Structural Design of High-Rise Buildings
    - Prestressed Concrete Structures
  Architectural Services - Plumbing and Sanitary Systems
    - Electrical Systems
    - HVAC Systems
  Quantity Surveying and Estimation - Estimation and Costing
    - Quantity Surveying and Contracts

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