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(1). About the Course

The Faculty Development Program is a one to six-month-lengthy program that offers with improving in the capabilities and information of the aspirants concerning technology, control, or some other vicinity of specialization. The direction is designed to hone coaching abilities in addition to different abilities required in the academy which includes Research, Case and Research Management, General Management, Pedagogies, and so on. The graduates work as Professors, Researchers, Instructors, Teachers, Heads of Departments, and so on.

Faculty Development Program pursuits to hone the coaching and studies capabilities of prospective, new, and pro-control teachers, researchers, and trainers. The Program aims to improve the instructional and highbrow surroundings within the Institutions by providing faculty members with enough opportunities to pursue research and participate in seminars/conferences/workshops.   Such programs might allow college participants to replace their studies and pedagogical skills.

The Program enables the participants to develop competence in general management, understand recent advances in management research, and learn how to enhance pedagogies, powerful presentation techniques, and behavioral abilities to be an influential control faculty.

According to Wikipedia, “The Faculty Development Program (FDP) intends to offer monetary help to facilitate the improve of understanding and skill, and to offer possibilities for Induction schooling to instructors hired in disciplines Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Architecture, Town Planning, and Applied Arts & Crafts.”

Faculty Development Program makes a specialty of regions like Case and coaching ability development, Research Methodology, Research ability development, Perspectives on management, Area clever specialization courses, etc. The application is likewise regarded to be pretty useful for individuals who need to head for a Ph.D./ M.Phil.

In order to be eligible, the contributors ought to maintain at least a postgraduate diploma to wait for this course. They ought to actually have a postgraduate degree coaching revel in or studies revel in for a minimum 2 years. FDP Admission is typically direct and on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis. The admission manner receives closed as soon as all of the seats get filled.

The pinnacle Faculty Development Program schools are IIM  Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Indore, etc. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has these days released its FDP Program.

Course Highlights

The major highlights of the Faculty Development Program have been tabulated below:

Particulars Value
Course Name Faculty Development Program
Course Level Postgraduate Certificate
Course Duration 6 Months (not-fixed)
Eligibility Criteria Postgraduate level teaching experience/ research experience for at least 2 years.
Examination Type No examinations required
Admission Process Direct admission based on experience
Average Annual Fees INR 12,000-2,20,000
Average Annual Salary INR 6,00,000-22,00,000
Age Should not be more than 50 Years
Similar Options of Study B.Ed., M.Ed., M. Phil in Education
Job Profiles Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Instructor, associate professor
Top Recruiters Schools, colleges, universities, training centers, etc.

Why Study the Faculty Development Program?

(i). The exceptional schooling in academic institutes moreover is predicated upon the palms of the faculties. Many institutes aren't capable of preserving their training standards. Such institutes are continuously searching for great educators. Therefore the task alternatives additionally boom after the final touch of FDP.
(ii). Academic educators are accountable for shaping the profession of the students. Therefore educators are anticipated to be experts and must be experts with modern-day dispositions and technologies. The Faculty Development software is an ability enhancement and profession improvement software for mid-profession professors at undergraduate and postgraduate enterprise schools
(iii). The essential motive of this software is to interact with the educators in talent development (coaching and research) and become aware of quality practices to install in their curricula.  The route is specifically designed to offer rigorous schooling to the educators and assist them improve their know-how of center standard management, advantage publicity to superior topics, research and test with powerful pedagogical techniques, and advantage familiarity with critical elements of wearing out studies.

(2). Admission Process

Admission to the faculty development program is done on the basis of either merit or a first come and first, serve basis. No unique front examination is carried out for admission to the course. The applicants inclined to take this direction want to use the web utility shape at the university website. After reviewing the application, the university will name the candidate for an interview. If the candidate succeeds with inside the interview, he/she might be granted admission to the course.

Types of Faculty Development Program

The Yoga Certificate guides are to be had in full-time and online mode. The courses have been designed in such a way that candidates from different aspects of life are able to pursue the course.

(1). Online

India has witnessed significant growth in online faculty development programs, especially in recent years. These programs offer flexibility and accessibility for faculty members to enhance their skills and knowledge from the convenience of their own location.

(2). Full-time

There are several institutions and organizations that offer full-time faculty development programs to enhance the skills and competencies of educators. These programs aim to improve teaching methodologies, research abilities, and overall professional development of faculty members.

Eligibility Criteria

(i). The candidates must have a postgraduate degree in their respective domain.
(ii). The candidates should also have a postgraduate level teaching experience/ research experience for at least 2 years.
(iii). Non-teaching applicants should have served in a registered firm for 5 years, at a senior managerial position.
(iv). There is an age restriction for doing this course. The applicants must now no longer have an age above 50.

Admission Process

The candidates must keep the following things in mind while applying for the Faculty Development Program

(i). The candidates are first required to submit an inquiry form to the colleges from where they want to take up the courses.
(ii). After that the college will send in a form for registration and application.
(iii). The candidates are required to fill in the various details in the application form and submit the necessary document in the required format and size.
(iv). The candidates are required to pay for the application form and take out the receipt of the application form, for future reference.
(v). The applications will be reviewed and the selected candidates may have to attend either a telephonic or physical interview.
(vi). The applicants who qualify are presented admission. The applicants can ee-e book their seats by paying the admission fees.

Skills Required

To excel in a faculty development program in India, there are several skills that can be beneficial. While the specific requirements may vary depending on the program and discipline, here are some key skills that are often valued in faculty development:

Leadership and Mentoring Communication Skills Subject Matter Expertise
Collaboration and Teamwork Pedagogical Skills Technological Proficiency
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Research and Scholarship Adaptability and Lifelong Learning
Time Management and Organization

Fee Structure

In India, the Faculty Development Program fee structure ranges from INR 12,000-2,20,000 PA on average. Course costs for this system range via way of means of universities and colleges throughout the country, relying on the infrastructure and schools available. The following is a listing of a number of the great Faculty Development Program colleges, at the side of their fees:

Name of College Average Fee
IIM - Trichy INR 24,000
IIM - Vellore INR 3,000
IIM - Ahmedabad INR 2,18,000
IIM - Kozhikode INR 23,000
IIM - Indore INR 88,000

Selection criteria

Candidates inquisitive about the route have to keep a Bachelor's or Master's diploma in any applicable challenge with a mixture of 50% or higher. The college will very well evaluate the application, in addition to the choice procedure for the maximum deserving candidates. After that, the candidate has to seem for a telecellsmartphone interview, and then she or he may be known for a private interview if chosen.

(3). Specializations of Faculty Development Program

Faculty development programs in India offer specializations in various areas to cater to the diverse needs of educators across different disciplines. Here are some common specializations found in faculty development programs in India:

Teaching Methodologies Research Methodology Assessment and Evaluation
Curriculum Design and Development Educational Technology Leadership and Administration
Interdisciplinary Studies Quality Assurance and Accreditation

These are just a few examples of specializations offered in faculty development programs in India. The availability of specific specializations may vary depending on the institution and program. It is advisable to explore the websites or program brochures of the respective institutions or organizations offering faculty development programs to get more detailed information on the specializations they provide.

(4). Course Comparison

While FDP or Faculty Development Program is to train the teachers and faculty staff, MDP or Management Development Program focuses on increasing the managerial qualities of a candidate. The key differences between these two courses are discussed in the table below:

Parameter FDP MDP
Course Name Faculty Development Program Management Development Program
Course Overview The goal of this system is to educate educators by attracting them to talent improvement to discover high-quality practices to install in their curricula. The program aims to improve the overall effectiveness of existing managers as well as prepare them for greater responsibilities.
Course Objective This path facilitates to enhance the extent of training and for this reason, assists the educational institute to provide higher carrier to the students. This program will help the managers to promote and the organization to grow.
Duration 6 months 2 years
Average Course Fee INR 12,000-2,20,000 INR 10,000-30,00,000
Average Salary INR 6,00,000-22,00,000 INR 3,00,000-18,00,000
Top Colleges IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Indore. IIM Kozhikode, IIM Shillong, Indian School of Business Hyderabad.

Read More: MDP

(5). Top Colleges

Many Faculty Development Program faculties are positioned in India. Students can pick out a university primarily based totally on their educational advantage and specialization requirements. The following are the top Faculty Development Program Colleges in India:

Name of College Average Annual Fee(INR) Location
IIM INR 24,000 Trichy
Ahimsa Women Polytechnic College INR 20,000 New Delhi
IIM INR 3,000 Vellore
D.C.School of Management and Technology INR 30,000 Idukki
IIM INR 2,18,000 Ahmedabad
Heritage School of Business INR 1,75,000 Kolkata
IIM INR 23,000 Kozhikode
Indian Institute of Finance INR 1,80,000 Greater Noida
IIM INR 88,000 Indore
Saintgits Institute of Management INR 20,000 Kottayam

(6). Job & Placements

Faculty Development Program graduates work within the public and personal sectors. They are employed as Professors, Assistant Professor, Teachers, Instructors, Counselors, Heads of Departments, etc.

Job Profiles

Some of the job options for FDP graduates and their descriptions are mentioned below:

Job Profile Job Description
Professor Professors usually have a Ph.D. and feature specialized in a selected field. They train an extensive variety of instructional and vocational topics taught in colleges. They additionally behavior studies and write books and studies papers. They are certified in work in each non-public and public colleges, universities, and expert schools, in addition to professional and vocational schools.
Instructor Instructors are folks that impart talents and are normally hired withinside education facilities and colleges.
Assistant Professor Assistant professors are employed at the universities to carry out all aspects of university teaching and conduct research. They generally help the professors, supervise the students, behavior investigations for research, and serve on college committees.
Lecturer Lecturers are usually hired by academic institutions based on their career merit. They do not want a Ph.D. to concentrate on an area. They normally have large paintings revel in with inside the topics they teach. They also work part-time in some institutes.
Associate Professor They are also the ones with a Ph.D. and are specialized in a particular field. Their paintings are just like the professors however are ranked beneath them and better than the assistant professors. Their duties include developing lesson plans and curricula, providing lectures, advising students, conducting research, etc.

Top Recruiters

Check the list below for the top recruiters that hire FDP graduates:

University of Hyderabad St. Xavier's College
Presidency University University of Calcutta
Jawaharlal Nehru University LPU
Jadavpur University

Employment Areas

Listed below are some of the employment areas for FDP graduates:

(i). Industrial Organization
(ii). Banking Sector
(iii). Colleges and Universities
(iv). Coaching/Training Centers

Average Salary

According to Pay Scale, the Faculty Development Program salary is an average of INR 6,00,000-22,00,000 PA. The profits after the Faculty Development Program in India rely upon the graduate's degree of education, grades, and competencies required. Listed underneath are a few roles and revenue programs for Faculty Development Program graduates:

Job Role Average Annual Salary(INR)
Guidance Counselor Rs. 3,50,000
Head of Department Rs. 10,50,000
Researcher Rs. 9,00,000
Professor Rs. 6,40,000
Assistant Professor Rs. 5,40,000
Teacher Rs. 4,85,000

(7). Career/Scope

FCD is an abbreviation for Faculty Development Program, which is a 1-6 month program in Which instructors and researchers get hold of specialized schooling and guides in Planning, Policy, Management, and Researching. It is a specialized path that sharpens the academician's skills. Some of the essential recruiting and employment companions for experts enrolled within the direction are prestigious and famous faculties and universities.

Career Options after Faculty Development Program

There are a plethora of professional alternatives for a graduate. India has many universities which lease Faculty Development Program graduates for numerous positions. Here is the list of some of the top career options:

(i). School Counselor
(ii). Head of Department
(iii). Lecturer
(iv). Professor
(v). Assistant Professor

Scope for Higher Education

After graduating from the course, the aspirant can choose to pursue higher courses in Research and Education. The aim of the program is to develop skills for researchers who can make substantial contributions to the field of education and research.

Here is the list of Higher Education after post-graduation:

(i). B.Ed
(iii). M.Phil in Education

Skills that make you the best Faculty Development Program graduate

An aspirant wishing to pursue the Program wishes to have the important competencies to increase with inside the course. The route is a theory-primarily based totally route wherein understanding abilities are required. Here is a list of a few skills an applicant should have:

(i). Visual and Graphic Communication
(ii). Data Interpretation
(iii). Statistical Knowledge
(iv). Writing
(v). Research and Analysis
(vi). Critical Thinking

(8). FAQs

(1). What is the FDP course?

Ans. The Faculty Development Program is a one to six-month-lengthy program that offers with improving in the capabilities and information of the aspirants concerning technology, control, or some other vicinity of specialization.

(2). How are the admissions conducted for the Faculty Development Program?

Ans. The admissions for faculty development programs are usually direct.

(3). what is the duration of the FDP course?

Ans. The duration of the course is 1-6 months(not fixed).

(4). What is the requirement of a faculty development program?

Ans. This program has been introduced to improve the quality of education. The course is beneficial for educators to enhance their knowledge and teaching skills and can even expect a raise in salary.

(5). What are the areas of study for the management of FDP?

Ans. The FDP program in management institutes includes:

(i). Research Skill Development
(ii). Perspectives on Management
(iii). Area-wise specialization elective course
(iv). Case and teaching Skill Development
(v). Research Methodology

(6). What is the average course fee for the faculty development program?

Ans. The course fees range from INR 80,000-220,000 in the management institutes. In engineering institutes also it starts from INR 70,000.

(7). Is there any faculty development program conducted for medical faculties?

Ans. Yes, the Medical Council of India conducts faculty development programs at various regional centers to enable faculty members to avail the modern education technology for teaching.

(8). Which are the top institutes that conduct faculty development programs?

Ans. FDP programs are conducted in every field of study, to train the educators to guide the students in the specific field and career. The top B-Schools conduct this program as a regular course for a few weeks. Some of the engineering colleges conduct this program as a training program of 5-6 days.

So, the top B-schools that conduct this as a regular course are:

(i). Indian Institute of Management, Indore
(ii). Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
(iii). Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

(9). What is the average salary expected by the educators after the faculty development program?

Ans. The expected salary ranges from INR 451,000 - INR 1,592,000.

(10). Which is a better course FDP or MDP?

Ans. Both courses are for personal development but are meant for people working in different areas. FDP programs train educators to provide quality education, whereas MDP trains the existing managers to improve their skills to get a promotion.

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