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About Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM)

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery is the full form of ANM. The ANM Nursing diploma program lasts two years. It focuses primarily on the health care industry. The course teaches you how to set up an operating room, care for various equipment, keep records, and give patients their medications on time. For these courses, there are a total of 1936 colleges, 1615 of which are private and 275 of which are public. There are 1,00,930 seats available for this course in India.

Candidates must earn a minimum of 50% overall on their 10+2 exams in order to be eligible to take ANM courses. Additionally, they must not be older than 18 years old. The ANM Nursing Syllabus emphasizes the acquisition of fundamental medical and nursing skills for providing medical assistance to physicians or more experienced nurses. 

ANM Nursing Course Details

ANM Nursing Full Form

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery

ANM Duration

2 Years

ANM Seats in India


ANM Admission Process

Entrance Exams/Direct Admission

ANM Top Colleges

TMU Moradabad, Integral University Lucknow, etc

ANM Average Fees

INR 35,000 – INR 88,000

ANM Salary

INR 3,10,000 – INR 4,50,000 (Starting)

What are ANM Nursing Courses?

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery, or ANM, is primarily a diploma program that focuses on the study of human health. In addition, candidates take this class to learn about the Operation Theatre, how it works, and various types of equipment and how to use them. The primary goal of the ANM program is to prepare candidates to serve as basic health care providers in society, treating patients of all ages, including children, women, and the elderly. See Too: ANM typically covers child health nursing, health promotion, midwifery, primary and community health nursing, and health care management. A candidate who wants to take this course needs to be patient, alert, physically fit, and responsible. Additionally, ANM has numerous job opportunities in a variety of settings, including NGOs, government hospitals, nursing homes, and private hospitals.

Why Should I Take ANM Classes?

There are a number of good reasons to take ANM classes, such as improving people's well-being, increasing opportunities, and earning a handsome salary.

1) One of the greatest advantages of taking ANM courses is that candidates can gain experience and work in government sectors with full job security.

2) The students who do well in the class also get opportunities abroad.

3) A candidate with these qualifications is eligible for a starting salary of INR 10,000, which may be increased based on the candidate's work history.

4) Individuals who hold the ANM credential can also instruct others in a variety of educational institutions.

Who ought to enroll in ANM Nursing programs?

1) Candidates should enroll in ANM courses if they have a strong sense of determination and are willing to put in a lot of effort and dedication.

2) This course is open to students who want to work in the healthcare industry and serve society with love, patience, and care.

3) To be considered, applicants must possess a 10+2 degree from a recognized institution.

4) This program's average tuition ranges from one lakh to five lakh.

The ANM Nursing Admissions Process 

Applicants will be admitted to the ANM program based on how well they did on the common entrance exams. In some colleges, direct admission options are also available. Check: Admission to ANM 

1) The majority of ANM colleges in India offer direct admission.

2) At this location, candidates will be selected based on their intermediate exam scores.

3) They will be able to apply for admission if their scores are higher than the college's minimum requirements.

4) Additionally, entrance exams are used in some colleges to determine admission based on merit.

5) Additionally, a specific cutoff score will be established, and candidates will be eligible for admission if they achieve it.

ANM Nursing Eligibility Criteria 

Candidates must meet a number of eligibility requirements before they can be admitted to the course they want to take. The eligibility requirements for ANM courses are listed in the points below.

a. In order to enroll in the ANM program, applicants must pass the science 10+2 exam.

b. Depending on the college, a different percentage is needed for each stage. However, the candidate should receive a 50% average mark.

c. You must be at least 35 years old to apply for this course. The minimum age is 17.

ANM Admission 2023 

The ANM program's admissions procedure is detailed below.

a. Candidates must meet the above eligibility requirements.

b. To be eligible to enroll in this course, you must have a minimum of 40% overall marks.

c. Competitors might sit for selection tests assuming that they are applying for any. The ANM program's entrance exams will be held in July and August 2022.

d. The counseling round will take place in August and September 2022 with the candidates who have been narrowed down.

e. Additionally, the candidates should be in good health at the time of admission.

ANM Entrance Exams

The majority of ANM admissions exams are administered by the states themselves. The ANM Nursing Course entrance exam is different in each state. 2 The ANM Nursing Course has all-India entrance exams. The following are examples: 

JIPMER Nursing Entrance Exam: 

The JIPMER Nursing exam is a national entrance exam overseen by JIPMER. This entrance can be used by candidates to gain admission to BSc, MSc, and diploma nursing programs.

PGIMER Nursing Entrance Exam: 

The Chandigarh-based PGIMER (Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) administers the PGIMER Nursing Entrance Exam, a national nursing entrance exam. The purpose of conducting this entrance exam is to select applicants for the ANM program.

ANM Entrance Exam Dates

Mentioned below are a few of the top entrance exams along with their important dates for your reference:




Last date for Application

January 20, 2023

Admit Card Release Date

July 1 -9, 2022

Exam Date

May 7, 2023

Result Date

July 19, 2022




Application Date

April 12, 2022 – May 2, 2022

Admit Card Release Date

May 26, 2022

Exam Date

June 3, 2022

Result Date

July 1, 2022

ANM: Course Comparison

Below mentioned is a detailed comparison of the ANM course, with other related courses including BSc Nursing and GNM for your reference,

ANM vs BSc Nursing

Below is an elaborate comparison between ANM Courses and BSc Nursing courses,



BSc Nursing





2 years

3 to 4 years

Admission Process

Both direct and merit-based admission is accepted.

Candidates generally have to give entrance exams to get permission for admission.

Course Overview

It deals with the study of health care of people, teaches up regarding operation theaters, various equipment, provides medication, etc.

BSc Nursing, also known as BN, is an academic degree in Nursing, teaching its principles.

Average Fees

INR 75,000

INR 5 lakhs

Top Colleges

Assam Down Town University NIMS UniversityTeerthanker Mahaveer University, Parul University, Rama University.

Christian Medical College AIIMS, Delhi Madras Medical CollegeRajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research

Average Salary

INR 180,000

INR 500,000


Tabulated below is a detailed comparison between ANM and GNM courses,








2 years

3 and a half years

Admission Process

Both direct and merit-based admission is accepted.

Both direct and merit-based admission is accepted.

Courses Overview

It deals with the study of health care of people, teaches up regarding operation theaters, various equipment, provides medication, etc.

GNM teaches how to take care of sick or injured people, and help them to recover. It is primarily the clinical approach of handling patients.

Average Fees

INR 75,000

INR 2.3 Lakhs

Top Colleges

Assam Down Town University, NIMS University, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Parul University, Rama University.

IPGMER, KolkataKIIT BhubaneswarSt. John’s Medical CollegeRR Nursing InstitutionsSRM Kanchipuram, Chennai.

Average Salary

INR 180,000

INR 5.25 lakhs

ANM Courses: Skills Required

Here below are the skills for ANM course,

Checking and Monitoring Vital Signs

Urgent Care and Emergency Care

Patient and Family Education

Patient Safety

Technology Skills

Time Management


Communication Skills

ANM Jobs

We have given below the various job profiles about ANM course. Those candidates seeking admission in ANM course and bwant to become a ANM officer.

Top ANM Job Profiles

Following are the job profile and job description and average salary, 

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary (INR)

Nursing Tutor

A professional nursing tutor is the one who provides various additional nursing instructions assisting the nursing students to study it. A nursing tutor focuses more on a student facing trouble in a particular area, and helps them to make strategies on decent study planning and execute it well, eventually helping them to improve.

15 Lakh

HealthCare Nurse

A health care nurse provides care to the ill or injured patients, tries to handle their physical needs, and also helps in treating health conditions. They are also responsible for observing and monitoring the patients to analyse their problems. They record any sort of relevant information that they explore from the patient, which eventually helps in their treatment.

3 Lakh

Certified Nursing Assistant

A certified nursing assistant provides direct health care needs to the patients, which are regulated often under the nurse’s supervision. They are also the assistants for a patient’s care.

2.5 Lakh

Community Health Nurse

Community health nurses play the major role to treat the patients. Also, they provide education regarding how to maintain their health, eventually decreasing the occurrence of diseases ratio, to the community.

4 Lakh

Home Care Nurse

Home care nurses play the role of giving care to the patients in their home, under a physician’s guidance. They visit the patient regularly in his home, analyze the patient’s condition, including wounds, and take action as per necessity. They also create reports on the patient's progress to the doctor, each time they visit the patient’s house.

2 Lakh

ICU Nurse

ICU Nurses are a master in giving care to their patients who are highly trained in their work. They are responsible for giving care to the patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions or illnesses. They also give knowledge and experience as well as skills to the patients which assists them in their survival.

3.5 Lakh

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