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The syllabus for B.Sc. Physical Science includes a comprehensive study of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Students delve into topics such as classical mechanics, quantum physics, thermodynamics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and calculus. The program provides a strong foundation

Syllabus for B.Sc. in Physical Science Course

A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physical Science program typically covers a wide range of subjects in the physical sciences, including physics and chemistry. The syllabus includes courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and modern physics, providing students with a strong foundation in theoretical and experimental physics. Additionally, chemistry courses often encompass inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, with a focus on chemical reactions, molecular structures, and analytical techniques. Laboratory work is a crucial component of the program, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical experiments and gain hands-on experience. Graduates of this program are equipped with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles governing the physical world and are well-prepared for careers in scientific research, education, industry, or further studies in specialized fields of physical sciences.

Semester Course Title Course Code Description
Semester 1 Introduction to Physics PHYS 101 Fundamentals of physics, laws, and principles
  General Chemistry CHEM 102 Basic concepts of chemistry and chemical reactions
  Calculus for Physical Sciences MATH 103 Calculus applied to physical science applications
  Introduction to Laboratory LAB 104 Introduction to experimental techniques
Semester 2 Mechanics PHYS 201 Classical mechanics, kinematics, and dynamics
  Atomic and Molecular Physics ATOM 202 Atomic structure, molecular interactions, and spectroscopy
  Differential Equations MATH 203 Differential equations in physical science problems
  Laboratory Techniques LAB TECH 204 Laboratory skills, data analysis, and safety
Semester 3 Electricity and Magnetism E&M 301 Electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves
  Thermodynamics THERMO 302 Laws of thermodynamics, heat, and energy transfer
  Modern Physics MODERN 303 Quantum mechanics, relativity, and nuclear physics
  Scientific Computing COMPUTE 304 Introduction to scientific computing and simulations
Semester 4 Optics and Waves OPTICS 401 Wave phenomena, optics, and wave optics
  Quantum Mechanics QUANTUM 402 Advanced quantum mechanics and applications
  Statistical Mechanics STAT MECH 403 Statistical approaches to physical systems
  Laboratory Research Project LAB PROJECT 404 Research project in a specific field of interest
Semester 5 Electromagnetic Theory ELEC THEORY 501 Advanced electromagnetic theory and applications
  Solid-State Physics SOLID STATE 502 Study of condensed matter and materials science
  Nuclear Physics NUCLEAR 503 Nuclear structure, reactions, and applications
  Elective Course 1 ELECTIVE 1 Specialized course based on student's interest
Semester 6 Particle Physics PARTICLE 601 Elementary particle physics and high-energy physics
  Astrophysics and Cosmology ASTRO 602 Study of the universe, galaxies, and cosmology
  Research Seminar RESEARCH SEM 603 Seminar on current research in physical science
  Elective Course 2 ELECTIVE 2 Specialized course based on student's interest
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