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(1). About the course

A course for undergraduates in business management is called BBM (Marketing Management) or Bachelor of Business Management in Advertising. Brand concepts, costs, incentives, selling, dispersion, and other related topics are all included in the study of marketing.

The student will place more emphasis on ideas and industries like advertisements, sales, research, and advertising within the marketing specialization. The entire degree program consists of six semesters, the first four of which are shared by all BBM programs, and the latter two of which concentrate on the specialized disciplines and issues connected to the Marketing area. Candidates in the Bachelor of Business Management and Marketing (BBMM) program study both the technical and behavioral facets of business and marketing.

In-depth practical business training with a focus on marketing management, new and emerging media, and marketing analytics are all included in the Bachelor of Business Management & Marketing Program. To improve professional performance after graduation, the program integrates theory and practice. As businesses look for fresh and inventive methods to sell their products to consumers, job possibilities will increase. Most frequently, this course includes key topics such as business finance, business communication, management of human resources, global business, marketing administration, as well as service development.

 Overview of the Program

Name BBM Marketing Management
Type Bachelor's Degree
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent
Scope Marketing and advertising industries
Career Options Marketing manager, brand manager, sales manager, market research analyst, advertising executive, digital marketing specialist
Responsibilities Developing marketing strategies, managing advertising campaigns, analyzing market trends, coordinating with sales teams, monitoring marketing performance, developing brand strategies, managing brand identity, overseeing product launches, conducting market research, planning and executing advertising campaigns, developing and implementing digital marketing strategies
Fees Varies depending on the institution
Duration of Course 3 years
Recruiters Advertising agencies, marketing firms, retail companies, consumer goods companies, e-commerce companies, media companies consulting firms, technology companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, hospitality industry, non-profit organizations, government agencies, start-ups
Skills Market research, advertising and promotional strategies, brand management, sales management, digital marketing, communication skills

Why pursue a BBM in marketing management?

The ability to broaden your horizons in terms of business development is one of the finest aspects of learning BBM Marketing management. Having the flexibility to adjust to any market situation is simple to achieve. This is how they are integrated into the sector, and the upward trend in their expansion is frequently apparent.

Studying BBM Marketing Management has the benefit of not being exclusive to one industry and allowing students to use what they learn in a variety of contexts.

(2). Application or Admission Criteria

Participants must pass a standard entrance exam to be admitted to the program. Various educational institutions conduct various exams.

Additionally, there are three steps, the order of which determines whether a student is admitted:

Entrance exam: To be considered for admission to the BBM Marketing and Management course, applicants must complete a required entrance exam. Various colleges conduct a variety of examinations. The test must be passed by students. If the student has earned the required grades as of the cut-off notice, they can move forward with the admissions process.

Person-to-Person Interview: Before being accepted, the candidate must complete a round of personal interviews. If you obtained the grades required for admission to a BBM college, the following step is to ace the personal interview.

Admissions and counseling, of course: Counseling is a step in the admissions process that comes last. Following the student's success on the admissions exam and in a one-on-one interview, the counseling step is the last.

Types of BBM Marketing and Management Courses

Full-time BBM Marketing and Management course: This three-year BBM program offers comprehensive expertise in areas  like finance, strategic management, marketing, operations management, etc. Graduates of this program are equipped to work in a variety of industries, including finance, human resources, marketing, and advertising

Part-time BBM Marketing and Management course: Weekends or nights are used for part-time BBM classes. There is no requirement that students be physically present at the university to take the course. Working professionals who don't want to quit their employment to pursue a degree should strongly consider part-time BBM.

Distance BBM Marketing and Management course: It takes 2-5 years to complete the course. On merit, applicants are admitted. The performance in the qualifying examination, or the 12th-grade exam, is used to shortlist candidates.


For consideration for admission to the BBM in Marketing Management program, a candidate must meet the qualifying requirements listed below:

1.    Completed their intermediate years of study from a reputable educational board, especially in the commerce stream.

2.    As one of the main academic courses for intermediate students, commerce should be studied.

3.    A minimum overall score of 50% is necessary for applicants who are in the intermediate grade (45% for candidates who are SC, ST, or OBC).

Accepted Entrance Exams

CUET: The Common University Entrance Test, formerly known as the Central Universities Common Entrance Test, is an all-India exam being organized by the National Testing Agency for admission to various undergraduate, integrated, postgraduate, diploma, certification, and research programs in 45 Central Universities of India. To be qualified for the exam, candidates must have completed Class 10+2 or an equivalent course, or hold a 10+3 diploma that has been approved by the State Board of Technical Education.

AIMA UGAT: The Under Graduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) is an annual standardized test that AIMA uses to select applicants for a variety of undergraduate programs, including Integrated MBA (IMBA), BBM, BBA, BCA, BHM, and B.Com. One needs to have completed their 10+2 in any subject from an approved board to sit for the AIMA UGAT exam. Students' understanding of the English language, logical reasoning, analytical skills, and general knowledge are evaluated through this exam.

SET: Symbiosis Entrance Test is the entire name. The organization in charge of administering the test is Symbiosis International (Deemed University). Admission to undergraduate programs in management, law, engineering, economics, mass communication, computer studies, and liberal arts is facilitated by the SET exam. 50% of the written test and 50% of the GD/PI/WAT are weighted.

 Skills Required

Communication Skills Analysis Capabilities An emphasis on the Marketing Concepts
favorable professional connections An emphasis on the client Management of time
Innovative  Problem-Solving Marketing Strategies

BBM Marketing and Management Fee Schedule 

Varying universities have varying costs associated with pursuing a BBM. The cost of education at public institutions of higher learning is less than the tuition at corporate universities and colleges. However, the cost of the training often varies between a total of 1,000,000 rupees.

 (3). Course Comparison 

Particulars BBM Marketing and Management B.COM with Specialization in Marketing
Degree Name Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing) Bachelor of Commerce
Eligibility Criteria High school completion, minimum grade requirement, and entrance exams may be required Must be completed intermediate in commerce background
Curriculum Core business courses along with marketing-specific Core business courses with a focus on marketing subjects principles,consumer behavior,market research
Course Focus Marketing within the broader context of Business Management Specialization in Marketing within the commerce field
Fees Range from 50000 to 300000 Tuition fees vary between institutions
Career Opportunities Brand management,market research, advertising,digital marketing, etc. Marketing manager,sales manager,market research analyst,advertising executive,digital marketing specialist,etc.
Top Recruiters Marketing and advertising agencies,consumer goods companies. Technology companies,Retail companies,financial institutions,etc.

 (4).The topmost colleges for BBM in Marketing Management

In India, there are a wide variety of colleges and universities that provide BBM in Marketing and Management. A few Colleges are listed below:

S.No College Name Location
1.         The University of Christ Bengaluru
2.         The Narsee Monjee Institute for Management and Studies Mumbai
3.         The Pune University Pune
4.         The Lovely Professional University Delhi
5.         The University of SRM Chennai
6.         The KIIT School of Management and Studies Bhubaneswar
7.         The Business School ICFAI Hyderabad
8.      Institute of Business Management & Technology Bengaluru

(5). Jobs in BBM (Marketing Management)

1.    Administrator of advertising

2.    Manager of brands

3.    Business Development Manager

4.    Director of Marketing

5.    Marketing Supervisor

6.    Relationship Manager:

7.    Analyst of Market Research

8.    Manager of communications and marketing.

9.    Operations Manager:

10.  New Product Director Sales Director

Leading Recruiters of BBM (Marketing Management)

A BBM graduate will have little trouble finding employment. Numerous reputable businesses are seeking BBM in marketing and management graduates to join their teams. Here are a few of the best recruiters for you:

1.    Cognizant

2.    Amazon

3.    Accenture

4.    Deloitte

5.    Google

6.    Infosys

7.    Goldman

8.     TCS

9.     KPMG

Salary Details 

An employee's pay is based on their experience and qualifications. The normal annual pay for a BBM graduate, however, ranges from 3, 00,000 to 8, and 00,000.

(6). BBM (Marketing Management) Further Programs

1. Master’s in Marketing and Management

2. A post-graduate diploma in marketing management

Who should opt to pursue a bachelor's degree in business management (BBM) program?

It is essential that the following people can take a BBM Marketing management course:

To strengthen their entrepreneurial abilities and be able to test-launch any company ideas they may have, people who want to become entrepreneurs and establish their firms must enroll in the BBM program.

Candidates should enroll in a BBM program if they want to learn more about a variety of fields, such as human resource management, entrepreneurship, finance, and service operations.

Candidates must register in the BBM program if they want to establish their reputation as management experts. Graduates who want to launch their own companies may have a higher chance of obtaining financial backing since investors perceive them to be more skilled.

They must have self-assurance, keep up with current events, and be knowledgeable about marketing and merchandising strategies.

Good computer skills are advantageous for this job, particularly with programs like PowerPoint and Excel.  

Benefits of BBM Marketing and Management

Students who complete the course might pursue other degrees to advance their education, such as master's and research degrees.

They can work with a huge variety of offline and internet marketing firms.

It provides you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate effective marketing and communication across a wide range of platforms and media.

The learners will be prepared to deal with Marketing Strategy, Market research, Marketing

Techniques, Advertising, Promotion, Sales, and Distribution, Marketplace Marketing, Online Marketing, Using

Neuro-Marketing, Modelling a franchise, Entrepreneurship in Technology

It produces highly qualified professionals who are open to innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking. These professionals are those who can launch and build their businesses, adjust to shifting market conditions, and work in a team in any organization. They also understand the value of communication and are proficient in the use of the most recent information and communication technologies.

Scope of the BBM Marketing and Management

Business management is one of the core functions of every organization, which increases the need for BBM positions. The scope of the BBM program is extremely broad since graduates have the option of going into the workforce or continuing their education, according to their preferences.

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) degree, with specializations in Marketing and Management, provides students who want to succeed in the contemporary corporate environment with a thorough educational track. The BBM program gives students a well-rounded skill set to handle difficult issues, create innovation, and make informed strategic decisions. It does this by fusing fundamental business concepts with specialized marketing and management skills. In addition to marketing, sales, consulting, entrepreneurship, and leadership positions, graduates of BBM programs are well-suited for a wide range of other careers as well. An advanced degree in marketing and management from a BBM program will become more and more valuable as the business world changes, helping to launch the careers of tomorrow's business leaders and promoting innovation and expansion in businesses all over the world.

(7). FAQS

(1). What is the typical entrance fee for BBM?

Ans: For entrance, various colleges have varying costs. However, the cost of admission to government colleges is far less than that of private institutions. The typical entrance price might be anything between Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 100,000.

(2). What is the typical pay for a BBM graduate?

Ans: According to the profession that each person chooses, the typical pay for a BBM graduate varies. The salary might, however, range from Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000 annually on average.

(3). How long does the BBM course last?

Ans: BBM is a three-year undergraduate program.

(4). Following BBM, is a higher degree possible?

Ans: After a BBM, it is possible to choose to pursue a higher degree such an MBA.

(5). BBA vs. BBM: Which is superior?

Ans: In response, a BBA degree is a better choice if you want to pursue an MBA. BBM, on the other hand, is your best option if you want to learn about management.

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