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Explore the comprehensive MD Biochemistry syllabus. Gain insights into the curriculum for a thorough understanding of this advanced medical discipline.

Syllabus & Subjects of MD Biochemistry

The MD (Doctor of Medicine) program in Biochemistry is a postgraduate course that delves deeply into the chemical processes occurring within living organisms. This program typically spans two years and is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in various facets of biochemistry.

In the first year, students cover fundamental topics such as biomolecule structure and function, enzyme kinetics, cellular biology, and molecular genetics. Additionally, they gain proficiency in biostatistics and research methodology, essential tools for conducting meaningful research in the field of biochemistry. Furthermore, medical genetics is introduced, offering insights into principles of inheritance and genetic disorders, as well as genetic counseling. Moving into the second year, the focus shifts towards clinical applications of biochemistry. This phase involves an in-depth study of biochemical aspects relevant to medical practice, including diagnostic procedures, disease mechanisms, and therapeutic interventions. Additionally, students may engage in research projects or clinical rotations to further enhance their practical skills and understanding of biochemistry in a clinical context. Throughout the program, students are expected to actively participate in seminars, case discussions, and research activities to consolidate their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills.

S.No. 1st Year Syllabus of Doctorate of Medicine Biochemistry
2Foundation of Biochemistry
3Physical chemistry
4Protein Chemistry: Amino acids
5Peptides & protein
6Plasma proteins
7Carbohydrate Chemistry
8Proteoglycans & Glycosaminoglycans
10Lipid Chemistry
11Nucleic Acids

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