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About Bachelor of Arts LLB Courses

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law, also known as the BA LLB, is a five-year professional undergraduate degree that can be earned after passing the 10+2 exam or passing a recognized board. Individuals may be required to take the BA LLB entrance exams to enroll in a BA LLB program at the college of their choice.

In India, more than 150 institutions offer the BA LLB program. It is a highly sought-after degree all over the nation. Candidates who wish to pursue a career in law and the judiciary typically choose the BA LLB program. Although the program is available both online and offline, the Bar Council of India (BCI) does not recognize online BA LLB programs because they do not provide the same level of value.

A person must pass the BA LLB entrance exams, which are held throughout India, to enroll in a BA LLB program. The CLAT, AILET, LSAT, SLAT, ULSAT, MH-CET Law, TS LAWCET, and other popular BA LLB entrance exams are just a few examples. Legal Counsellor, Legal Consultant, Advocate, Law Professor, Public Prosecutor, and other prominent job roles are available after completing a BA LLB program. The average cost of the BA LLB program is between INR 1,50,000 and 7,00,000 LPA.

Highlights - BA LLB Courses Details

BA LLB Full Form Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law
BA LLB Course Level Graduation
BA LLB Duration 5 years
BA LLB Examination Type Semester-wise
BA LLB Eligibility Class 12th Board Exams with 50% aggregate marks or above
BA LLB Admission Process Entrance Exam or Merit-Based
BA LLB Average Fees INR 1.5 Lakhs - 7 Lakhs
BA LLB Subjects Administrative Law, Business Law, Advocacy Skill, Criminology, Corporate Law, etc.
BA LLB Average Salary INR 3 Lakhs - 6 Lakhs
BA LLB Top Recruiters CPA Global Services, Aparajitha Corporate Services, Amarchand Mangaldas & Suresh, etc.
BA LLB Scope Legal Advisor, Advocate, Law Officer, etc

Skills Requirements for a BA LLB

Students who are interested in pursuing a BA LLB should possess the necessary skills to succeed in the course and their careers. Candidates for the BA LLB program should be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Research Skills.

  2. Confidence.

  3. Power of Persuasion.

  4. Time Management Skills.

  5. Good Judgment Skills.

  6. Objectivity.

  7. Presentation Skills.

  8. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills

BA LLB Admission Process

The process for applying to the BA LLB program is based on the scores you get on entrance exams that are held at the national, state, or university level. One of India's most well-liked BA LLB law entrance exams is the CLAT, which is also known as the Common Law Admission Test. Those who pass the CLAT can get into well-known Indian law schools that offer BA LLB programs. LSAT India, AILET, DUET, and other popular law school entrance exams are among the others. Some law schools choose BA LLB applicants based on merit, and a few law schools direct students into the BA LLB program after a group discussion, personal interview, or written test. However, not all admissions to the BA LLB program are based on entrance exams.

BA LLB Admission by Examination

At various levels, law school admission tests are administered. While some colleges accept students who pass state or university-level entrance exams, others only accept national test scores. Several law schools offer their institute-level admission tests to select applicants. For admission to the BA LLB program, a candidate will be required to take the exam, which will depend on which college the candidate plans to attend.

Among the most popular BA LLB admission tests are CLAT, LSAT, AILET, and others. Multiple-choice questions based on law subjects make up the majority of BA LLB law entrance exams. These questions test candidates' legal knowledge, logical thinking, and legal reasoning, among other skills. The majority of BA LLB law entrance exams in India last between 1.5 and 2 hours and feature MCQ-based questions.

BA LLB Admission Based on Merit

There are a few colleges that offer the BA LLB program merit-based admission. In India, some law schools accept students based on their 10+2 or equivalent exam scores from a recognized board. As a result, applicants for these colleges' BA LLB programs are shortlisted after taking into account their 12th-grade grades. The BA and LLB schools make a merit list, giving preference to applicants with higher 12th-grade GPAs. All students who want to get a BA in law from one of these universities need to work hard to get the best possible grade on their 12th-grade board exam.

Direct Admission for BA and LLB

A few BA LLB colleges in various states may offer direct admission to BA LLB students if there are seats available. Until all spots are filled, admission to these colleges is on a first-come, first-served basis. Some BA LLB schools may conduct an additional round of group discussions, a written ability test, or a personal interview in addition to the primary admissions method. In such a scenario, applicants for the BA LLB program must complete all admissions rounds to be considered for enrollment in the BA LLB program. A BA LLB law entrance exam is not required for BA LLB direct admission; however, if you want to increase your chances of getting into a BA LLB program directly, you need to do well in all of the BA LLB admission rounds mentioned above, which are held by various BA LLB colleges.

BA LLB Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the BA LLB program:

  1. Candidates must have passed a recognized board's 10+2 or equivalent exam.

  2. The BA LLB program is open to applicants who have already passed the 10+2 exam. Their BA LLB admission, on the other hand, will be contingent on their overall passing percentage on a recognized board's 10+2 or equivalent exam.

  3. To be eligible for the BA LLB program, you must earn between 50% and 60% of your total marks on the 10+2 exam. Depending on the specific requirements of each college, the minimum aggregate percentage may differ.

  4. Students from SC/ST/OBC/PWD backgrounds are eligible for BA LLB with a 5% reduction in the aggregate required 10+2 percent.

  5. Students must be at least 18 years old to enroll in a BA LLB program; however, some BA LLB colleges have age restrictions for their BA LLB programs.

Scopes for BA LLB

Even though many students in India opt to continue their education after completing the BA LLB program, the BA LLB course opens up a wide range of career options in a variety of fields. Legal consultants, attorneys, and lawyers are in high demand as a result of large organizations' global expansion through mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and consolidations. Depending on their area of expertise, a BA LLB professional can work in a variety of capacities, including as a company's legal advisor, as a paralegal sorting and preparing important court documents, or as a litigator who is in charge of all aspects of litigation, including investigation, pleadings, discovery, and so on.

BA LLB professionals can earn a lot of money and have a good reputation in society while working in a variety of roles. The global demand for legal professionals is expected to rise exponentially in the future as technology advances and our legal system becomes more complex. After earning your BA LLB, some of the most common career paths are as follows:

1)  Assistant Attorney

2)  Solicitor

3)  Legal Associate

4)  Advocate

5)  Paralegal

6)  Notary

After receiving your BA LLB, you will be eligible to take the entrance exams for the Indian Civil Services, State Legal Services, and Public Service Commission. After earning a BA or LLB, a typical salary ranges from 3 to 10 lakh Indian rupees, depending on your job description and employer.

After completing your BA LLB program, you will have access to a wide range of options and opportunities to pursue a career in law that best suits your objectives and interests. You will be able to work in a variety of legal fields once you earn a BA LLB. You can work as a lawyer, paralegal, solicitor, judge, etc. with a BA LLB degree. All of the legal professions are intellectually stimulating, pay well, and have a global reputation. After earning your BA in law, you can choose to pursue LLM postgraduate studies, a two-year program designed to provide aspiring lawyers with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving legal system.

With the added benefit of preparing you for the postgraduate LLM course, the five-year integrated BA LLB program will pave your way to a better understanding of the legal system and legal expertise. The following are some of the most well-liked BA LLB careers, which offer excellent work-life balance in addition to higher pay and a high level of respect:

1. Legal Counsel:

A company's or a customer's legal counsel helps save and defend the business from legal problems by advising on various legal terms and conditions. The role of a legal counsel is no longer limited to managing the legal risk associated with the business they represent.

2. Advocate:

Advocates manage and resolve a client's legal operations and issues from top to bottom and serve as their legal face and spokesperson. An advocate must be registered with the Bar Council and possess a legal degree, as required by the Advocates Act of 1961. The only individuals who are permitted by law to practice law are advocates.

3. Prosecutor General:

A lawyer who gathers and presents evidence to investigate and prosecute criminal cases in a court of law is known as a public prosecutor. In some instances, the professional also helps the judge do his or her job. Additional Public Prosecutors are overseen by Public Prosecutors in Session Court and the High Court. Public Prosecutors are the ones who represent the state, not the police.

4. Lawyer for Companies:

As professionals in business law, their work primarily focuses on assisting clients and businesses in the corporate and commercial sectors. They frequently handle day-to-day legal business matters, verify business accounts, and negotiate company agreements. Corporate lawyers also represent their clients in court when necessary.

5. Paralegal:

A paralegal is an administrative assistant who works in a law office or business and carries out the following tasks:

1)  Collecting documents like affidavits and evidence.

2)  Investigating the case in depth through fieldwork or the internet.

3)  They write research papers or reports for the law firm where they work.

4)  Prepare pleadings for submission to the court.

5)  Prepare legal documents like contracts for sales, papers to transfer property, and wills.

The following is a list of typical salaries for BA LLB positions:

BA LLB Job RoleSalary per Annum
Legal CounselINR 11-15 LPA
AdvocateINR 4-7 LPA
ParalegalINR 4-5 LPA
Corporate LawyerINR 5.5-8 LPA
Law OfficerINR 4.5-5.5 LPA

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