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Overview with a Diploma in Computer Engineering (Lateral Entry)

A diploma in computer engineering (Lateral Entry) comes as two years of the diploma course. For this, a student needs to have a minimum qualification of 12th class or 2 years ITI course in relevant field. Also, you need to have the last minimum of aggregated marks. 

Do you know the average admission fee charged here side for the students? Umm! You can prefer to read this article till the end to get the answer. 
What are the criteria for getting admission to these colleges? It would depend upon the candidate's performance in the 12th class. However, many institutes organize their entrance exam for access to students. 
This course covers all the topics concerning computer programming. It includes an operating system, networking, and more. 
The study mainly welcomes the students having better communication skills. 
All these get as basic for implementing and deployment level in relation with computer engineering. The candidate will get more productive and deployable. After completing the course, candidates can make applications for higher degree programs. Later, one can expect job opportunities in the private and public sectors also. 
The main objective for the course gets down as providing the candidate with more robust current technology. It will encourage one to bring up innovation and inventory ideas. Mainly one can find great deeds in the field of automation. It will help the candidate to solve down the real-time problems. 
Let's check out further details about the course as mentioned here side. 

Eligibility criteria for Diploma in Computer Engineering (Lateral Entry)

All candidate who has complete their education with 1 or 2 years ITI  course in relevant field after 10th standard gets eligible for this course. But yes, one needs to have a subject as science with significant last minimum aggregate marks for obtaining a system. Many of the institutions make admission based on the entrance exam. 

Fee structure and course duration for Diploma in Computer Engineering (Lateral Entry)

Listen! Every college offers a different fee structure for the students. But in general, one can expect fees for about 1 to 1.5 lacks. To complete the diploma in computer engineering, one would require two years. 

Future scope after Diploma in Computer Engineering (Lateral Entry)

The successful candidate with this course can expect for great future scope. It includes many opportunities as follows: 
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Financial companies 
  • Retail companies
  • Agricultural companies 
All these industries will indeed offer you higher salary packages. Hence, don't worry about future scope. It's all set for you. 

Career prospects and job profile in Diploma in Computer Engineering (Lateral Entry)
The candidate with this course will be able to work in a different sector. It includes both private and public sectors as follows: 
  • Maintenance
  • Development area
  • Testing companies
  • Healthcare companies
  • Retail companies
  • Defense sector
  • Aerospace sector
  • Academic institutes
  • Network fields
  • Multinational organizations 
You would get the job profile of a very reputed post. See some of it as follows: 
  • Web designer
  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • SaaS architect
  • System administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Mobile computing
  • Networking expert
  • Technical writer
  • Network administrator
  • Cloud Architect
  • Operations Executive 
After completion of this course, candidates can also choose a higher degree of rotation. It will increase the salary of the person.  

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