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What is M.A. in Punjabi?

M.A. in Punjabi is a two-year postgraduate programme in Punjabi. The course is a speciality for those interested in learning and comprehending Punjabi's roots and practising Punjabi for its benefits.

M.A. in Punjabi focuses on examining various genres and the variables that shape literature from multiple periods. After completing the course, a student should be able to properly assess a work of literature in its historical, cultural, political, and philosophical context. Candidates who are willing to pursue a profession in the creative area and love reading about different literary genres or styles should take this course.

 It enables the applicant to have a deeper understanding of other civilizations and nations' socio-cultural and historical systems. After finishing the course, one can pursue a career in public relations. The education and media industries have the most job opportunities.

The course is required for any government-sponsored study using Punjabi language, as well as for future studies.


Eligibility Criteria for M.A. in Punjabi 

Basic Eligibility is a bachelor's degree in Punjabi with honours, although many institutes prefer applicants who have completed a bachelor's degree in Punjabi with a minimum of 50% marks. The overall grades in the graduation or the marks achieved in the entrance examination will be used to determine admission to the institute.


Benefits of M.A. in Punjabi

  • Postgraduates in this subject can pursue various professional paths, including teaching, translating, and working as a freelancer.
  • Educational institutions typically seek professionals in this subject to teach a foreign language curriculum.
  • The Option of private tuition of the language can be considered.
  • Interpreters can work as sequential interpreters, general interpreters, or liaison interpreters, among other positions.
  • Some of the M.A. in Punjabi employment prospects for the course are listed below: Translator, educator, and tour guide Translator, Lecturer, Professor, Journalist, Public Relations Manager, Tutor, and Politician are among these positions.
  • Translators operate in a variety of disciplines, including scientific literacy, technical writing, and business.
  • In the realm of language, freelancing is the latest trend.
  • Freelancers work for companies such as research businesses, translation agencies, publishing houses, international organizations, the hotel industry, and the travel and tourist industry.

Future Scope of M.A. in Punjabi

  • Higher and advanced education: Students with an M.A. in Punjabi can pursue higher and progressive education and research opportunities. They can pursue higher education in the following fields: B.Ed., M.Phil., and PhD.
  • Competitive Exams: After completing their postgraduate studies in Punjabi, students can apply for various government jobs through competitive exams such as the UPSC CSE, IFS, and state PSCs.
  • Students can also apply for the NTA-UGC NET-JRF, which would allow them to serve as Assistant Professors at Indian colleges and universities while pursuing research possibilities.

·         Besides, there are multiple-choice career opportunities they can choose from, as mentioned below:

  • Embassies from different continents
  • The sector of Information Technology
  • Sector of Education
  • Business of Translators
  • Sector of Management
  • Authorities at the airport
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Sector of Transportation

Career and Job Opportunities after M.A. in Punjabi

An M.A. Punjabi has a variety of career options based on their degree of knowledge and practises preference. They are hired for a variety of positions, including instructors and public relations managers. The average wage in India is between 16,000 and 25,000 rupees. Educational institutions, entertainment firms, coaching centres, television, media, public relations, politics, online tutoring, journalism, and other fields employ people.

 These jobs include Translator, Lecturer, Professor, Journalist, Public Relations Manager, Tutor, and Politician. Compensation and remuneration for these occupations vary greatly based on the type of Punjabi, the manner of practice, and the degree of skill and operation.


Fees Structure & Course Duration of M.A. in Punjabi

In India, the cost of the training ranges from INR 1500 to INR 70,000.It's a two-year postgraduate programme separated into four semesters.

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