Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Course Syllabus

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The LLB program covers a wide range of legal subjects, including contract law, constitutional law, criminal law, and more. Students study the foundations of law, legal research and writing, and gain practical experience through moot court competitions and internships.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Course

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program typically offers a comprehensive syllabus covering the fundamental principles and concepts of law. Core subjects often include legal history, constitutional law, contract law, criminal law, tort law, and property law. Students also study legal research and writing, ethics, and legal procedure. Advanced coursework delves into specialized areas of law, such as family law, environmental law, international law, and human rights law. Practical components often include moot court sessions, legal internships, and opportunities to apply legal knowledge to real-world cases. This program provides students with a solid foundation in legal theory and practice, equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills required for a career in the legal profession, including becoming lawyers, legal advisors, or pursuing further studies and specialization in specific areas of law. Specific topics and course offerings may vary among institutions offering the program.

Year 1

1Introduction of Law
2Law Contract and Relief Act 1963                                                                  
3Family Laws
4IPC Rules
5Law of Evidence 
6Probation of Offenders
7Constitutional Law
8Legal and Constitutional History 
9Acts :- 1930, 1932, 1958, 1973 Etc.

Year 2

1Property Law
2Right to Information Act, 2005                                                                          
3International Law for Public
4Labour and Industrial Law
5Administrative Law
6Indian Trust Act, 1882
7Environmental Law

Year 3

1Human Rights Law 
2Taxation Law
3Civil Procedure Code (CPC)
4Company Law 
5Property Law
6Humanitarian and Refugee Law                                                                    
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