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  • Years 24 Years
  • Type Course Diploma
  • stream Paramedical Science
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Details of Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech 

This degree is also known as DHL (Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech), which stands for Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech. Hearing and communication problems are the emphases of the DHLS course. It focuses on communication and speech impairments (as well as appropriate treatment/therapy). A diploma in hearing language and speech is related to speech therapy and rehabilitation to some extent. It also focuses on hearing impairments in addition to speech treatment.


Speech and language therapists are doctors who specialize in communication and swallowing issues. They are capable of detecting, assessing, and treating such conditions. Though the DHLS programme is not solely focused on speech therapy, it does address the principles of the field and communication problems and rehabilitation approaches.


The fundamental goal of the Diploma in Hearing, Language, and Speech programme is to produce trained professionals who can assist patients with language and communication impairments. The DHLS course is aimed to teach skills including identifying, evaluating, and classifying a condition (hearing, swallowing, or communication disorder), treating and rehabilitating patients, and tracking their progress.

The course consists of a balanced combination of classroom lectures and hands-on lab activities. Speech and language therapy is mainly concerned with practical issues. As a result, throughout this course, adequate attention is paid to practical training.


Eligibility Criteria for Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech 

  • The candidates must have completed 10+2 Science (with PCB/M courses) with a minimum of 50% to be considered.
  • The candidate must be over the age of 17 at the time of admission. 

Benefits of Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech 

  • Multiple specializations can be done after completing the diploma course.
  • Students become trained about both speech and audiometric problems.

Future Scope of Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech 

  • Clinics, district disabilities rehabilitation centres, rural health centres, speech and hearing centres, and other relevant sectors are all options for the candidates. Speech therapists will be in high demand and have a bright future ahead of them.
  • Bachelor's and master's degrees in speech therapy and audiology are available. Many colleges and universities offer postgraduate programmes in speech-language pathology or audiology.
  • Three-year bachelor's degree in speech and hearing science
  • Bachelor's degree (B.Sc) in speech-language pathology and audiology

Master Courses take two years to complete:

  • Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Master's Degree
  • Speech and Language Therapy (M.Sc.)
  • Audiology (M.Sc.)
  • Speech-Language Pathology Master's Degree
  • PhD (Audiology)
  • PhD (Speech-Language Pathology)

Career, Salary Package and Job opportunities after Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech 

  • Hearing language and speech professionals can work in ENT departments, paediatrics, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, speech and hearing centres, the hearing aid industry, and child guidance centres, among other places. They can also work as independent audiologists. Diploma holders can work as assistants to audiologists and speech-language pathologists in schools for hearing impairment, mental retardation, and other conditions. Speech therapists are also essential in a reputable hospital such as the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).
  • Speech therapists and audiologists can also create their practice after earning a degree in a relevant discipline. The majority of Speech therapists and audiologists work in schools. They get the opportunity to work in Institutions of Health, Governmental Organizations, Hospitals and nursing care facilities run by the government, Centers for Rehabilitation, Practice in your own home, Universities are academic institutions, Industries that deal with hearing aids and cochlear implants, Medical Clinics/Hospitals and Special Education Programs. Candidates can also work on their chambers and private practice and rehabilitation setups.
  • They can work as: Assistants in general audiology or speech pathology, Speech therapists, Assistants in research, Assistants in clinical speech pathology, Audiologists, Manager of a speech pathology service, audiologist for educational purposes, Audiologist with certification in hearing aids and Audiologist who conducts research.

In India, a speech therapist earns between Rs. 2.5 and 3 lacs per year. Salary rises as you gain more experience.

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