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Dive into the comprehensive syllabus of the Diploma in Radiology / X-Ray program. Gain expertise in diagnostic imaging techniques and protocols.

Syllabus & Subjects of Diploma in Radiology / Diploma in X-Ray      

A Diploma in Radiology or X-ray technology is a specialized Program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to perform diagnostic imaging procedures. The syllabus typically covers core subjects including anatomy and physiology, radiographic positioning and techniques, radiation protection, patient care, and medical ethics. Students delve into the principles of radiographic imaging, learning about X-ray equipment operation, image quality assessment, and radiation safety measures. They gain hands-on experience in positioning patients for various imaging exams, ensuring accurate and clear images. Additionally, coursework often includes pathology studies, providing insight into recognizing abnormalities in radiographic images. Furthermore, the curriculum often incorporates clinical rotations, where students apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world healthcare settings, working under the supervision of experienced radiologic technologists. This practical component helps students develop proficiency in conducting X-ray procedures and effectively communicating with patients.

Syllabus of Diploma in Radiology/Diploma in X-Ray

Year 1

Human Anatomy & Physiology, Radiology Physics
General Physics, Radiation Physics & Physics of Basics of Computer Diagnostic Radiology
X-Ray Machines & Accessories, Maintenance. Medical Ethics and patient care
X-ray Film / Image processing Techniques (Dark Room Techniques)

Year 2


Clinical Radiography-Positioning Principles of Medical Emergencies     
Equipment, Techniques of modern Imaging Modalities
Contrast & Special Radiography procedures
Quality Control at Radiology & Radiation Safety
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