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  • Years 3 Years
  • Type Course Under Graduate
  • stream Arts
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What is Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Geography ?

B.A. (Hons) in Geography is an undergraduate course in Geography. Geography is an examination of the Earth and the land's characteristics and inhabitants. The highlights of the course are various aspects of water, soil, environment, and all internal and external formations.


Geography is the science that analyses the Earth's lands, characteristics, people and phenomena. The description or written about the Earth would be a literal translation. B.A. Hons. Geography usually consists of three academic year courses and may be given by the best institutes on a part-time basis. The course emphasizes the various characteristics of land, environment and water, as well as all forms of interior and exterior formation. This Geography Hons subject is offered by almost all institutions and universities.


Candidates study the surface and discipline of the Earth in the BA Hons Geography Course. This discipline is designed, mapped or protected by the environment. This course primarily focuses on specific areas such as GIS and the geography of the environment.

Some of the divisions or specializations in this course are:

  • Geopolitics
  • Globalization
  • Map and GIS
  • Geography of physicality

Human Geography: Geography of human beings: This issue focuses on the impacts of the world's population and additional research in this area. Other concerns encompass economic development, population expansion, residential development, geopolitics, use of land and distribution of resources.

GIS: Students learn GIS applications, digital mapping, spatial analysis, data collecting and mining and public policy use in geographical information system classes.


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Geography

Candidates must pass 10+2 or an equivalent art stream examination from a recognized board for BA Hons Geography's eligibility. To be eligible for this degree, students must acquire 45 per cent of marks. The percentage may vary between colleges. Application for this course can be received by qualified candidates online or offline.

Some colleges conduct entrance exams like:

  • GATA
  • GVSAT   
  • DU JAT

Course Benefits of Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Geography

  • In each Geography subject specialization, you can go to higher degree programmes such as master's, etc.
  • Other highlights include local authorities, the armed forces, public utilities, private enterprises, environmental protection agencies, environmental consultants, charities, education authorities, trade, tourism, industry and transportation, and civil service.
  • Since this graduate has outstanding transferability qualifications, it also enables them to obtain careers in business, law and finance.
  • Students can also be involved in population research, rural development and the environment in NGOs and other development agencies.

Scope of Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Geography

  • The knowledge and expertise earned by graduating in Geography can be used as geospatial analysts, planners, researchers and teachers for professions.
  •  Other highlights include local authorities, the armed forces, private enterprises, environmental consultants, environmental protection agencies, public utilities, charities, education authorities, higher and further education institutions, trade, industry and transportation, tourism, and civil service.
  • Since these graduates have excellent transferable qualifications, they can also obtain careers in business, law and the financial fields. A range of occupations where are offered to students having geographical majors, some of which are included below:
  • Teaching
  • GIS(Geographical Information System) work and mapping firms.
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Infrastructure and construction company
  • Mining Industries


Career and Job Opportunities after Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Geography


The professionals can operate in fields such as rural development, schools, travel and tourism, trash disposal, government research institutions, oil drilling, gas exploration businesses, environmental agencies of the mining industry, agriculture research and Indian civil services.


Graduates may work in the following positions: Urban planners, Environment manager, Agricultural specialist, Remote sensing specialists, GIS Specialist, Mining supervisor, Climatologist, Transportation manager and Tourist guide or even as a translator.

  • Geographer annually earns INR 7,45,000 
  • Demographer may annually earn up to is INR 7,65,000
  • The remuneration of a Cartographer is INR 5,56,000
  • Forest Manager earns an annual salary of INR 6,20,000
  • The remuneration of a Regional specialist is INR 4,84,000

Fees Structure & Course Duration of Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Geography


The usual fees for this course range from INR 2000 to 3 lakhs depends on the success of the candidate in entrance tests and marks in their exams 10+2 and on the school of study chosen.Duration of this course is 3 years .

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