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What is B.Sc (Hons) Optometry?

Bachelor of Optometry or called as B.Optom is one of the several healthcare courses which a person can pursue at the undergraduate level according to their interest. Across India, this course is offered in various medical and healthcare colleges as a four-year undergraduate course. Students pursuing this course are named as Optometrists whose work is related to eye and visual systems as a consulted primary health care practitioner. These practitioners assist in providing eye and vision care which may include dispensing and refraction, co-management and diagnosis of disease in the eye and also handling the conditions of the visual system. 
Generally, various aspects such as visual aids, refractive conditions of a human eye, abnormalities involved of the human eye, cure diseases and the other services are involved in the curriculum of B.Optom in India to train the students who are pursuing this course of Optometry. This course involves three years of education and then headed by one year of internship to provide a source of practical knowledge to the students pursuing B.Sc Optometry. Different processes that involve the optical and vision system could be learned by the students through this course. The production and manufacturing of aids in an optical system such as spectacles, contact lenses, etc which are essential to be understood are involved in this course. Those students who have completed this course are eligible for diseases related to vision and eye. 

Eligibility Criteria for Students opting for B.Sc (Hons) Optometry

  • There is a minimum requirement that student must have completed their 12th class with Chemistry, Biology and Physics subjects.
  • The aggregate required marks must be greater than or equal to 45%.
  • The applicant must be at least 17 years to apply for this course.
Admission process for students opting for B.Sc (Hons) Optometry
 Across India, there are several methods of admission which are often opted by various universities and colleges. Of all other methods, merit-based and entrance-based are the popular admission processes. Following are the entrance exams for the admission process for Bachelor of Optometry:
  • AIIMS Exam
  • JNU Entrance Exam
  • CMC
  • DU Entrance Test
Job Prospects and Future Opportunities for Students pursuing B.Sc (Hons) Optometry

           As an optometrist, those students who have completed their degree in Bachelor of Optometry do have a great scope and are in continuous demand. Children, adults as well as old people require eye care. By completing this course students can overcome the needs of people related to vision and eye care. This can be an excellent private field to flourish. These candidates can have great employment opportunities in both private as well as government sectors. Each of these government or private sector provide different job opportunities.

Following are some of the employment opportunities for students of Bachelor of Optometry:
  • Basic research and integrated professional areas
  • Public health
  • Industries
  • Companies
  • Corporate sector
  • Private practice
  • Work for an optical chain or under an optical store
  • Scientific research
  • Education sector
  • Eye care hospitals and institutions
Candidates pursuing this degree can enter various areas of employment. Following are some of those job profiles:
  • Optician
  • Vision Care Associate
  • Vision Consultant
  • Private Practitioner
  • Optometrist
  • Trainee Optometrist
  • Optometry Researcher
Following are higher education options for students who have completed a degree in B.Sc Hons Optometry:
  • M.Sc in Optometry
  • Master of Optometry
  • MBA
  • PGDM
  • PD Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology 
So, pursuing career in this field is beneficial for your future.
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