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PGDBM focuses on developing business management expertise, covering areas like strategy, human resources, finance, and marketing. It prepares students for managerial roles.

Syllabus of PGD in Business Management

The Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) program is similar to a traditional MBA program and provides a well-rounded education in business management. Core courses typically cover areas such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. Specialized subjects may include business strategy, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. Students often work on projects, engage in case studies, and may have the opportunity to choose electives based on their interests. The program prepares graduates for a wide range of roles in business management, including leadership positions and entrepreneurial ventures.

Syllabus & Subjects

The syllabus for the PG Diploma in Business Management is quite similar to the MBA syllabus. PG diploma in business management is a course that teaches students both theoretical and practical aspects of business management. Candidates can check the complete syllabus of the PG Diploma in Business Management mentioned below:

Semesters Subjects
Semester I Information System for Managers
Financial Accounting and Analysis
Management Theory and Practice
Organizational Behavior
Marketing Management
Business Economics
Semester II Decision Science
Operational Management
Business Communications
Essentials of HRM
Business Law
Strategic Management
Semester III International Business
Digital Marketing
Organizational Theory Structure and Design
Cost and Management Accounting
Consumer Behavior
Semester IV Research Methodology
Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk
Corporate Finance
Sales Management
Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management
Core Subjects Marketing Management
Business Law
Psychology of Individual Differences
Management Theory and Practice
Business Communications
Organizational Behavior
Essentials of HRM


Research projects are an integral part of the studies when pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management course. The professors assess these projects to judge students' understanding of the subjects. Students can choose their project topics based on the specialization they choose to pursue. Some of the popular research projects are listed below:

(i). Internet advertising and its popularity.
(ii). Cheapest countries to invest in.
(iii). Differences in business ethics laws.
(iv). Latest leadership changes
(v). Business in the digital era.
(v). Remote employees – challenges.
(vi). Why franchising is a smart business solution?

Reference Books

When pursuing a PGDBM, books may be wonderful funding for the scholars as they could assist them to study their specialization in wonderful detail. Books can be a source of information for students, allowing them to further learn about topics of interest. Students can rent library reference books, download them online or purchase them. Listed below are some of the popular PGDBM course books that the students can invest in:

Name of Author Name of Book
Gareth R. Jones & Jennifer M. George Contemporary Management
Bovee, Thill & Chaturvedi Business Communication Today
V.S.P. Rao & V Hari Krishna Management (Text and Cases)
Koontz & Weihrich Essentials of Management: An International Perspective

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