Coures & Fees of Assam Down Town University

Assam Down Town University (ADTU) is a prominent educational institution in the northeastern region of India that offers a wide variety of programs across a variety of disciplines of study. The university is dedicated to providing high-quality education and training students for prosperous careers. The many programs that are offered by Assam Down Town University.

1. School of Health Sciences: The Assam Down Town University School of Health Sciences offers numerous programs in the field of health and medicine. The programs include:

i) Master of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): This is an internationally acclaimed undergraduate medical school that prepares students to become medical professionals.

ii) Master of Dental Surgery (BDS): The BDS program concentrates on oral health and dental surgery. Students are taught how to become dental professionals.

iii) Master of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing): This program is designed to teach and prepare students to pursue a career in nursing. The curriculum covers all areas of health care.

iv) Master of Science in Nursing (M.Sc Nursing): The M.Sc Nursing program offers advanced study and specialized training for nurses seeking to increase their knowledge and skills.

v) Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT): BPT is an undergraduate degree program that teaches students the knowledge and skills needed to become physiotherapists and offer rehabilitation services.

vi) Master of Physiotherapy (MPT): The MPT program is focused on the most advanced theories in the field of physiotherapy. It allows students to focus on various areas.

2. School of Allied Health Sciences: The school offers courses that concentrate on healthcare professions that are allied, and support the medical profession in different capacities. The courses comprise:

i) Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc MLT): This program prepares participants to work in clinical labs and conduct tests for diagnosis.

ii) Master of Science in Medical Imaging Technology (B.Sc MIT): B.Sc MIT prepares students for jobs in medical imaging and radiography.

iii) Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optom): This program teaches pupils to be optometrists and offers services for vision care.

iv) Master of Science in Radiography and Imaging Technology (B.Sc RIT): B.Sc RIT focuses on the application of equipment and techniques for medical imaging.

v) Bachelor of Science in Operation Theater Technology (B.Sc OTT): B.Sc OTT prepares students to work in operating theatres and assist in procedures and providing patient care.

vi) The Bachelor of Science in Cardiac Care Technology (B.Sc CCT): This program is designed to prepare learners for work in cardiac health units, with a particular focus on issues related to the heart.

3. Schools of Nursing In addition to the B.Sc Nursing and M.Sc Nursing programs, The School of Nursing at ADTU offers various different nursing-related programs, such as General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) and Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM). These programs address nursing's specific requirements for education and education.

4. Schools of Paramedics: The School of Paramedics offers specialized courses in paramedical science, which include.

i) The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT): DMLT equips students with the skills and abilities required in order to work in medical labs and aid in diagnosing.

ii) Certificate in the field of Radiography and Imaging Technologies (DRIT): DRIT concentrates on radiography as well as imaging techniques for medical use.

iii) Degree in Operation Theater Technology (DOTT): DOTT trains students to work in operating theatres as well as assist in surgery procedures.

5. of Management and Commerce: School of Management and Commerce: For students who are interested in managing and business ADTU's School of Management and Commerce offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs which include:

i) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): This program focuses on different aspects of management of businesses and administration.

ii) Master of Business Administration (MBA): MBA is a multi-faceted postgraduate degree in management that offers a variety of areas of study.

iii) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): The B.Com program covers a vast spectrum of subjects that are in finance and commerce.

iv) Master of Commerce (M.Com): M.Com offers advanced courses in commerce, with specialization in areas.

6. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: The school is geared towards students who are interested in technology and engineering. It offers the following courses:

i) Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech): B.Tech programs are offered in diverse engineering disciplines, including Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Civil, Mechanical and many more.

ii) Master of Technology (M.Tech): M.Tech provides advanced study and options for specialization in engineering.

7. The School of Social Sciences: ADTU's School of Social Sciences at ADTU offers academic programs in the following areas:

i) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW): BSW prepares students for a career in social work by addressing a range of social issues and problems.

ii) Master of Social Work (MSW): MSW is an advanced postgraduate program that delves deeper into social work theories and methods.

8. School of Applied Sciences:

i) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc): B.Sc programs are offered in different science disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

ii) Master of Science (M.Sc): M.Sc programs allow for advanced studies in the fields of science.

9. The School of Hotel Management: ADTU's School of Hotel Management at ADTU offers courses that are designed for students who want to pursue a career in both the hotel and food business, which includes:

i) Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM): BHM prepares students for jobs in hotel management and catering as well as related areas.

ii) Master of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT): BHMCT is focused upon the technological aspects involved in hotel administration and food service.

10. The School of Commerce and Economics:

i) Master of Business Administration (BBA) in Hotel Management: This specialized BBA program is focused on tourism and hospitality management.

ii) Master of Arts (BA) in Economics: BA in Economics covers a variety of economic concepts and theories.

Fees & Eligibility of ADTU

Course Fees(1st Year Fees) Eligibility
B.Pharma Rs1.6 Lakhs 10+2 with 60 60%
B.Tech Rs1.1 Lakhs 10+2 with 55%
Diploma Rs90,000 10+2
B.Sc 1 Lakh 10+2 with 55%
BBA Rs.90,000.  10+2 with 55%
B.P.T Rs1.3 Lakhs 10+2 with 50 percent
B.Pharm Rs1.1 Lakhs  D. Pharma

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