The curriculum at the CEDP Skill Institute in Mumbai and on-job training is focused on the preparation of students for specific industry needs. The extended arm of CEDP called CWF (Capable Workforce) has formed partnerships with businesses that are in almost every vertical that CEDP has offered job opportunities and training to students from the relevant industries. CEDP Skill Institute gives a 100% job-related satisfaction guarantee.

CEDP Skill Institute Internship Opportunities:

CEDP Skill Institute offers internship opportunities to all its students, providing valuable hands-on experience in their respective fields of study. Upon completing the 5th semester of their academic program, students have the opportunity to participate in internships where they work alongside experienced professionals, gaining practical insights and exposure to real-world scenarios.

During the internship period, students have the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings, interact with patients, and observe various medical procedures under the guidance of senior doctors and mentors. This immersive learning experience allows students to develop clinical skills, enhance their understanding of different diseases and medical conditions, and strengthen their professional competencies.

By participating in internships, students at CEDP Skill Institute have the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience, build networks with healthcare professionals, and prepare themselves for future careers in their chosen fields. The institute's commitment to providing 100% internship opportunities underscores its dedication to fostering holistic development and practical learning experiences for its students.

CEDP Skill Institute Placement Statistics

CEDP Skill Institute is proud to offer a 100% job guarantee to its students, reflecting its commitment to facilitating successful career outcomes. The institute has consistently maintained an outstanding placement record, as evidenced by the placement statistics of previous batches.

  • 100% placement rate for eligible students in the previous batch.
  • Students are placed in reputable companies across various industries.
  • Placement in diverse roles and job profiles relevant to the student's areas of specialization.
  • Competitive salary packages are offered to placed students, reflecting the quality of education and training provided by the institute.
  • Continued support and guidance from the institute's placement cell to facilitate job placements and career advancement opportunities for students.

These placement statistics underscore the institute's dedication to ensuring the employability and professional success of its graduates. CEDP Skill Institute remains committed to providing industry-relevant education, practical training, and comprehensive placement support to empower students to excel in their chosen careers.


Basic Information About The Training & Placement

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