Check all details about IIMT University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh - Facilities and Infrastructure like campus & classrooms, hostel, library, sports, canteen & cafeteria and more facilities inside & outside.

IIMT University, Meerut Facilities

IIMT University provides various types of facilities to the students, staff members and faculties. Modern infrastructure and world-class facilities make learning at IIMT University, Meerut a life time memory. IIMT University, Meerut hostel facilities for boys and girls are separate and designed to accommodate their individual needs. The IIMT University, Meerut campus also hosts common library, cafeteria, laboratories, and many other facilities. help students to have a hassle-free learning environment throughout their college life. IIMT University Meerut library has a rich collection of books and it’s a perfect spot for books lovers. Also, the campus provides medical and sports facilities to the students.

IIMT University, Meerut Hostels

Hostel at IIMT University, Meerut has separate accommodation for boys and girls. Hostel infrastructure is good and even room are categorized to accommodate single and multiple students in one room. IIMT University Hostel facilities include study table, Bed, Almirah, fan etc. provided to every student. Washroom and bathroom are separated, to maintain a good hygiene IIMT University, Meerut hostel staff ensures to cleaning rooms and other facilities every day. IIMT University, Meerut hostel living students can also access free Wi-Fi that will help them in their studies.

IIMT University Meerut hostel fee may vary upon different circumstances by on an average hostel fee for IIMT University, Meerut can range between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,50,000 per year depends on facilities. In the hostel fee, IIMT University mess fees is excluded, you have to pay a IIMT University mess fee separately. If students want to rent a PG / Flat, near the IIMT University, Meerut then its cost can range from 7000 to 15000 and more depending on the location and requirement. But nearby IIMT University Meerut campus there is whole locality of PG and food chains small vendor shops, grocery shop, stationery shop and everything just behind the IIMT University Meerut, Uttar Pradesh college campus.

IIMT University, Meerut Medical/Hospital

The IIMT University, Meerut, has established its own IIMT Life Line Hospital to cater to the medical needs of its students and staff round the clock. This hospital offers comprehensive medical services, including emergency care, ambulance facilities, and a range of healthcare services. With a focus on ensuring the well-being and safety of the university community, the hospital is equipped to handle medical emergencies promptly and efficiently. The availability of 24/7 medical services ensures that students and staff can access healthcare services whenever required, contributing to a healthy and supportive campus environment. Additionally, the presence of ambulance facilities ensures swift transportation in case of emergencies, further enhancing the university's capacity to respond effectively to medical situations. Overall, the IIMT Life Line Hospital plays a crucial role in providing essential medical care and support to the IIMT University community, promoting a safe and conducive learning and working environment.

IIMT University, Meerut Library

The libraries of IIMT University boast an extensive collection comprising approximately 4,00,000 publications and over 500 National and International Journals covering various disciplines such as Management, Engineering, Hotel Management, Law, Education, and Pharmacy, among others. Additionally, the library houses a diverse range of materials on general awareness topics, catering to the academic and informational needs of students and faculty alike. As a member of DELNET and INDEST, the university enjoys access to libraries of prestigious institutions worldwide, further enriching its resources and facilitating research endeavors. Moreover, the library continually enhances its International Journals Resource Base through subscriptions to platforms like EBSCO, providing access to over 4000 reputable international journals. This commitment to expanding resources ensures that students and faculty have access to up-to-date and relevant information for their academic and research pursuits, enhancing the overall learning experience at IIMT University.

IIMT University, Meerut Cafeteria

The university's hostels feature a distinctive mess system that offers a wide range of Indian, Chinese, and Continental meals and snacks tailored to suit the diverse tastes of the students. One notable aspect is that students have the autonomy to decide the menu themselves, providing them with a sense of ownership and satisfaction in their dining experience. Moreover, the meals are further enhanced in quality and taste by the expertise of highly qualified Hotel Management faculty members, adding an exceptional touch to the dining facilities at IIMT. With three active cafeterias on campus, students have access to nutritious refreshments to fuel their busy schedules. The emphasis on hygiene and health is evident, with the provision of hygienic and healthy food options for both students and faculty members at subsidized rates. Additionally, a wide variety of snacks and meals are available on demand, catering to the diverse preferences of the university community.

IIMT University, Meerut Swimming Pool

The IIMT University in Meerut boasts a state-of-the-art Swimming Pool facility that is accessible to all students. This amenity not only provides a venue for recreational swimming but also serves as a platform for students to engage in fitness and wellness activities. Swimming is recognized as one of the most effective full-body exercises, promoting cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance. With the swimming pool on campus, students have the opportunity to incorporate swimming into their daily routines, contributing to their overall physical fitness and well-being. Moreover, the presence of a swimming pool adds to the holistic development of students by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities beyond academics. It also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among students as they come together to enjoy this recreational facility. Overall, the swimming pool at IIMT University enhances the student experience by providing a space for both physical activity and social interaction.

IIMT University, Meerut I.T Infrastructure

The IIMT University, Meerut boasts an outstanding IT Infrastructure facility designed to cater to the diverse technological needs of its students. Equipped with modern computing resources, the IT Infrastructure encompasses a range of amenities aimed at enhancing the academic and overall learning experience. High-speed internet connectivity ensures seamless access to online resources, academic databases, and research materials, enabling students to engage in digital learning and exploration. State-of-the-art computer laboratories are equipped with the latest hardware and software, providing students with hands-on experience and practical training in various disciplines. Additionally, the university offers IT support services to assist students in troubleshooting technical issues and maximizing the utility of IT resources. Whether it's conducting research, accessing online lectures, or collaborating on projects, the robust IT Infrastructure serves as a cornerstone of the university's commitment to providing a conducive learning environment for its students.

IIMT University, Meerut Laboratories

The IIMT University prides itself on its departmental-based laboratories, which are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each academic department. These laboratories are equipped with specialized equipment, tools, and resources that align with the curriculum and learning objectives of the respective disciplines. Whether it's a chemistry lab with state-of-the-art instruments for conducting experiments, a computer lab equipped with advanced software for programming and simulations, or an engineering lab featuring machinery and prototypes for hands-on engineering projects, students have access to cutting-edge facilities that enhance their practical learning experience. The departmental-based laboratories not only provide students with opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios but also foster innovation, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Additionally, dedicated lab instructors and technicians ensure the smooth functioning of the laboratories and provide guidance and support to students as they conduct experiments and research activities. Overall, the departmental-based laboratories play a vital role in enriching the academic journey of students and preparing them for future career opportunities in their respective fields.


Available Basic Facilities In The Campus

  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Playground
  • Sports
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical
  • Computer Labs
  • Auditorium
  • Laboratory
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