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Updated On - Mar 07, 2022 PM

Advantages of pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) after your 10+2?

Pursuing a BCA after your 12th class is an excellent option if you have a keen interest in computer applications. Aside from its flexible course structure, BCA courses require minimal prerequisites. Students who have completed their 10th standard in a science stream must have 50-60% marks to be eligible for Bachelor of Computer Applications programs. After completing the program, you can pursue a Master of Science (MSc) (IT) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Some students choose to take this route and later work in IT organizations, and others may decide to pursue an entirely different line of study.

In addition to its flexible course schedule, BCA graduates can work in a variety of fields overseas and can earn higher salaries than other graduates. In addition, the course is subject to rapid technological advances and dynamic changes. This means that if you have the aptitude for it, you can expect a good package early in your career. Plus, Bachelor of Computer Applications degrees is recognized by employers and open doors to the latest technology enhancements. The career scope and salary are endless, and BCA degrees provide a good opportunity for various career profiles.

While the job prospects are not necessarily immediate, Bachelor of Computer Applications graduates can look for employment in the private sector as system engineers, software developers, or web designers. The only downside is that Bachelor in Computer Application degree is not as lucrative as an MBA after your 10+2. The good news is that it gives you a great platform to pursue further studies. The best thing about a BCA degree is that you'll never be stuck with an entry-level job.

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A BCA degree allows you to get into the government sector. The government employs BCA graduates without entrance examinations. And you'll find that many international and Indian companies hire Bachelors in Computer Application graduates. In addition, Bachelor of Computer Applications graduates can also pursue freelance work, allowing them to work on multiple projects. After graduating from a top university, BCA holders have many job opportunities.

High salary and good job opportunities after BCA

Another advantage of pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications after school is the high salary and good job opportunities. Aside from having excellent job prospects, it is less expensive than the average post-secondary education. By choosing an online Bachelors in Computer Application course, you'll learn in-depth computer applications, including coding and software development. In addition to being cheaper than regular offline colleges, it's time-saving, and you can complete it in your spare time. You'll not have to attend regular classes, which means you can work on your career while studying from home. Once you're done, you'll be eligible for a wide range of jobs.

Having a BCA degree will open up many career opportunities. It's important to know that you're prepared for any job you may encounter in the future. By opting for a BCA course, you'll have a broad range of opportunities to work in many different fields. And in addition to your current job, BCA graduates can also work in various areas such as a web developer, a system engineer, and a designer.

Jobs in Various Sectors after Bachelor of Computer Application

Bachelors in Computer Application graduates can enter several industries. They can work in government, private, and e-commerce. They can also be employed as system engineers in the private sector. Those with higher qualifications can find jobs in various industries, including financial services, consulting, sales, and marketing. Some graduates also find employment in the airline industry, banking, and aerospace sectors. What are the advantages of pursuing a BCA after your 10+2? Outweigh the disadvantages.

There are many jobs available for Bachelors in Computer Application graduates. It's easy to find a job in the government sector, and numerous international and Indian companies hire people with this degree. Apart from working in a government organization, a Bachelor of Computer Applications graduate can also work as a freelancer. The courses are very flexible and convenient. Moreover, students can work on various projects as part-time employees.

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