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Updated On - Nov 05, 2022 PM

Career opportunities available for MBA students other than business?

Career opportunities available for MBA students other than business?

MBA (Masters of administration) is a post-graduation degree program that is offered by UGC-approved universities. This course also contains 2 years duration. But this program is offered by the UGC-approved universities in Pan India. There are approximately 5500 universities that offer MBA courses. The curriculum of this course changes in every 5 to 10 years. This makes the course irrelevant when we talk about the placement.

Career opportunities available for MBA students other than business:-

MBA Job Opportunities:-

After completion of a MBA course, one can find some employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors and earn around INR 5 to 10 LPA. 

Students can go into research and educational institutes and become professors and teachers for Management, Accounting Business, and Soft skills wherein their duty will be to impart their knowledge and expertise to the younger students.

MBA Jobs in Banks:-

MBA professionals in Banks are responsible for maintaining a cordial relationship between an organization and its consumer. MBA Bank Jobs include Bank sales officer, Relationship Manager, Executive Manager, etc. 

The table below lists the various job profiles and their average salary per annum-

Job profile
Job description
Salary (per annum)
Bank sales officer
They aim to achieve the monthly sales target that is assigned to them. For this, they follow the bank's inner guidelines and procedures. They also must solve customers' queries.
INR 3,00,000
Probationary officer
They mainly handle the transaction of the customer. Besides this, they are also responsible for different banking activities like investment, marketing, etc.
INR 4,00,000
CNC Operator
They manage CNC equipment from setup to operation. Monitoring the machinery is also in their task.
INR 1,92,000
Executive Manager
They give constructive feedback to the employees and report their work to the upper authority. So they are equipped with leadership skills and abilities to initiate change.
INR 5,00,000
Operation manager
They oversee the matter that a high degree of accuracy is maintained by the bank at the time of the transaction. They also ensure the procedure related to cash on hand total, facility maintenance of the bank, etc.
INR 8,00,000

MBA Jobs in Educational Institute:-

The education industry is booming, especially in India, where the emphasis is on providing quality education right from the primary level up to the higher education level.

Education management experts can find employment in government-run and privately-run organizations like schools, colleges, IT solutions companies, education portals, coaching centers, non-profit organizations, etc.

Job profile
Job description
Salary (per annum)
Education policy developer
They aim to shape education by looking at its system, process, and structure. They evaluate how the education policy creates an effect on a nation's youth.
INR 44,34,000
College marketing officer
They have to write script material for video streaming, advertisement, and special projects. They also attend the training and courses directed by the vice president for marketing and communication.
INR 48,31,000
Student counselor
They assist the student to choose the right career options from elementary school to college. Their role is to listen to the student's personal concerns which create obstacles to the academic way and solve them.
INR 3,00,000
Curriculum Developer
Their work is to focus on the student learning process. They also look after the teaching method that the teachers follow for a year.
INR 5,66,000
Admission Counselor
They advise the student about the application process and manage students' data.
INR 2,08,500

MBA Jobs in Non-profit organization:-

The demand for consultants is rising day by day. They basically help companies in identifying problems, and their perfect solutions, and also to get the best resources available. Below we have described some of the Jobs and opportunities available for the aspirants with an eye on Non- profit organizations.

Job profile
Job description
Salary (per annum)
Business Transformation Consultant
They help the client to integrate strategy, process, and technology for increasing effectiveness. Its responsibility is to reduce the cost of things and improve its profit and shareholder value.
INR 15,12,000
Senior Finance Analyst
They forecast the financial reporting by analyzing financial data. Preparing regular leadership reviews and guiding the cost analysis process by establishing policies and procedures that maintain a strong financial analysis foundation.
INR 6,04,000
Product Quantity Officer
They have to understand the customer's needs and expectations. By supervising the other staff they ensure that the products are designed with legal and safety standards and quality.
INR 3,65,000

MBA Jobs in Export companies:-

MBA jobs in this field are normally there for marketing, documentation, shipping, and packaging departments of global business entities including MNCs and other international trading houses. Below mentioned is the job role and their average salary in tabulated form.

Job profile
Job description
Salary (per annum)
Commercial Manager
They must look after the expenses and create financial returns which help in business growth.
INR 15,20,000
Procurement manager
They give services as required by the procurement plan of the company and ensure the cost-effective purchase and quality control of all materials with the company's policy and procedures.
INR 12,63,000
Fema Specialist
Their work is to collaborate with other institutes in time of emergency to provide shelter and resources. Giving insurance about the efficiency of ground-level workers is also their responsibility.
INR 55,35,000

Jobs for PGDM Fresher:-

There is a huge demand for PGDM fresher professionals because every company wants financial and business intelligence and stability in their company to grow their business and maintain profitable records. Some of them are tabulated below.

Job profile
Salary (per annum)
Business Consultant
INR 4,36,000
Marketing Manager
INR 4,20,000
HR Manager
INR 3,82,000
PR Officer
INR 2,47,000
Finance Manager
INR 5,11,000
Strategic Manager
INR 7,60,000
Brand Manager
INR 9,15,000
International Sales Manager
INR 4,64,000

After going through this article readers can able to know about the job opportunities which will be they able to get after having an MBA other than business. This article includes all those job profiles which you can continue other than your business profile. if you want to do an MBA but don't want to enroll yourself in any kind of business so you can able to know about the profiles which you can get after an MBA. This article includes all those profiles which you can able to get after MBA except any business profile.