Detailed MBA Syllabus 2024: Specializations, Subjects, and Semester-Wise

By universitykart team, Posted on Jun 15, 2024
Detailed MBA Syllabus

The MBA curriculum covers several areas of business such as human resource management, marketing, finance, operations management, organizational behavior, business law, team management, etc. The MBA course includes MBA subjects that provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. succeeds in various positions in the business world. The MBA training program 2024 is also designed to improve the management skills and entrepreneurship of the graduates. MBA subjects and curricula vary by major, semester and MBA types. Scroll down to learn more about the MBA syllabus and various disciplines, semesters and MBA entrance exam laws, team management etc. An MBA course covers those MBA subjects that equip students with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to succeed in various roles in the business world. The MBA training program 2024 is also designed to improve the management skills and entrepreneurship of the graduates. MBA subjects and curricula vary by major, semester and MBA types. Scroll down to learn more about the MBA program and syllabus and various disciplines, semesters and MBA entrance exams

All About MBA Syllabus

  1. An MBA curriculum usually includes general subjects such as economics, finance, marketing, operations and management in the first year.
  2. In the second year, students specialize in, for example, finance, marketing, human resource management or entrepreneurship.
  3. MBA programs combine MBA core subjects, subject-specific subjects and case studies to provide a well-rounded business education.
  4. MBA admissions are based on merit based on final and entrance exam scores. The MBA entrance exam program is designed to assess quantitative, verbal and analytical skills and written communication.
  5. In addition to the full-time MBA degree, the MBA is also available in distance, online and part-time modes.
  6. Distance learning MBA studies focus more on theory and less on practical experiences such as projects or internships.
  7. On the other hand, full-time MBA training includes MBA summer exercises, projects and practical courses in addition to theoretical subjects

MBA Subjects and Syllabus 2024: Semester-Wise Breakup

Candidates are advised to choose MBA colleges wisely. The MBA syllabus and subjects of a particular college are updated according to the latest subjects. Few colleges followed the same curriculum for years. Check out some of these common semester MBA programs at various B-schools.

MBA Syllabus: Semester 1

  1. Marketing Management I
  2. Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis
  3. Product and Service Marketing
  4. Organizational Behavior I
  5. Human Resources
  6. Management Statistics
  7. Business Communication and Presentation Skills
  8. Business Statistics
  9. Indian and Global Economy
  10. n Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  11. n Microeconomics 

MBA Syllabus: Semester 2

  1. Product and Service Costing
  2. Organizational Behavior II
  3. Indian Economy in a Global Context
  4. Marketing Management II
  5. Macroeconomics
  6. Human Resource Management II
  7. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  8. Project Management
  9. Marketing II
  10. Transformation of Business through Information Technology
  11. Personal and Business Ethics
  12. Indian Banking and Financial Markets
  13. Operations Management
  14. Stakeholder and Litigation Management
  15. Risk Management
  16. Corporate Finance

MBA Syllabus: Semester 3

  1. Production and Operations Management
  2. Strategic Management
  3. Corporate Management and Social Responsibility
  4. Planning Management
  5. Cost and Management Accounting
  6. Indian Legal System
  7. Business, administration and society: ethics and responsible business
  8. risk analysis and mitigation
  9. business model and intellectual property
  10. use of IT in business
  11. problem-solving and consulting skills

MBA Syllabus: Semester 4

  1. Capstone Simulation
  2. Integrated Decision Making
  3. Project Research
  4. Applied Business Research Project
  5. Ethics and Indian Ethics
  6. Leadership Development

MBA Syllabus and MBA Subjects: Specialisation-Wise

MBA programs offer various specializations such as finance, marketing, logistics, human resource management, business analysis, operations management and more. All the MBA courses and subjects offered by these various MBA institutes and other B-schools are listed below.

MBA Specialisations

MBA Syllabus 2024

MBA in Finance and Accounting

  1. Financial Management and Planning
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Pricing Policies
  4. Asset Management
  5. Capital Cost
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Principles of Accounting
  8. Cost and Management Accounting
  9. Corporate Management
  10. Financial Institutions and Markets
  11. Corporate Finance
  12. Business Environment and Law
  13. Banking and Indian Financial System
  14. Management Accounting
  15. Strategic Financial Management

MBA in Marketing

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Marketing Strategies
  3. Organisational Strategies
  4. Customer Behaviour
  5. Analysis of Data-Driven Insights
  6. Advertising Management
  7. Consumer Behaviour
  8. Retail Management
  9. Industrial Marketing
  10. Managerial Economics
  11. Business Communication
  12. Marketing Research
  13. Brand Management
  14. Sales and Distribution Management
  15. Digital Marketing

MBA in Human Resource Management

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Talent Acquisition and Management
  3. Performance Management
  4. Training and Development
  5. Compensation Management
  6. Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
  7. HR Analytics and Metrics
  8. Organisational Development
  9. Principles of Management
  10. Organisational Behaviour
  11. Business Communication
  12. Economics of human resource
  13. Business Statistics and Research Methods


  1. Management Information Systems (MIS)
  2. Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  3. Software Engineering
  4. System Analysis and Design
  5. IT Project Management
  6. Information Security Management
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  8. E-commerce and E-business
  9. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  10. Principles of Management

MBA in Business Analytics

  1. Introduction to Business Analytics
  2. Data Mining Techniques
  3. Predictive Analytics
  4. Descriptive Analytics
  5. Prescriptive Analytics
  6. Big Data Analytics
  7. Machine Learning for Business
  8. Data Visualisation and Interpretation
  9. Time Series Analysis
  10. Text Analytics
  11. Financial Accounting
  12. Managerial Economics
  13. Business Communication
  14. Organisational Behaviour
  15. Business Statistics

MBA in Operations Management

  1. Introduction to Operations Management
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Quality Management
  4. Operations Planning and Control
  5. Project Management
  6. Operations Strategy
  7. Process Improvement
  8. Operations Research
  9. Inventory Management
  10. Production and Operations Planning
  11. Service Operations Management
  12. Global Operations Management
  13. Decision Analysis
  14. Information Technology in Operations Management
  15. Ethical and Sustainable Operations

MBA in Economics

  1. Managerial Economics
  2. Financial Economics
  3. International Economics
  4. Development Economics
  5. Monetary Economics
  6. Public Economics
  7. Industrial Economics
  8. Environmental Economics
  9. Labour Economics
  10. Microeconomics
  11. Macroeconomics
  12. Quantitative Methods for Business
  13. Statistics for Business
  14. Econometrics

MBA in Logistics Management

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Logistics Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Transportation Management
  5. Warehouse Management
  6. Purchasing and Procurement Management
  7. International Logistics
  8. Operations Management
  9. Strategic Management
  10. Business Analytics for Logistics
  11. Legal and Regulatory Aspects in Logistics
  12. Management Information Systems

Frequently Asked Question 

Ques: What are the core subjects typically included in an MBA program?

Ans: Core subjects generally include Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Business Ethics, and Quantitative Methods.

Ques: Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in an MBA program?

Ans: Prerequisites often include a bachelor's degree, work experience (usually 2-5 years), and standardized test scores (GMAT or GRE). Some programs may also require specific coursework in areas like economics or statistics.

Ques: How are MBA programs structured?

Ans: MBA programs typically consist of core courses in the first year, followed by elective courses in the second year. Many programs also include internships, capstone projects, and opportunities for international study.

Ques: What subjects are covered under an MBA in Finance?

Ans: Subjects include Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, International Finance, Financial Derivatives, and Risk Management.

Ques: What skills will I gain from an MBA in Finance?

Ans: Skills include financial analysis, investment strategies, risk assessment, portfolio management, and understanding financial regulations and markets.

Ques: Are there any specific certifications that complement an MBA in Finance?

Ans: Certifications such as CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), and FRM (Financial Risk Manager) are valuable additions.

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