Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Course Syllabus

  • course years 3 Years
  • type of course Under Graduate
  • course stream Law
  • course type Full Time

The LLB program covers a wide range of legal subjects, including contract law, constitutional law, criminal law, and more. Students study the foundations of law, legal research and writing, and gain practical experience through moot court competitions and internships.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Course

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) course syllabus encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of various aspects of law and legal principles. The syllabus typically includes core subjects such as Constitutional Law, which explores the fundamental principles of the constitution and the structure of government; Criminal Law, which delves into the laws governing criminal offenses and procedures; Contract Law, focusing on the principles and elements of legally binding agreements; Tort Law, which covers civil wrongs and liabilities arising from negligence or intentional harm; Administrative Law, examining the legal framework governing administrative agencies and their functions; and Property Law, addressing the laws concerning the ownership, transfer, and use of property. Additionally, LLB programs often include elective courses allowing students to specialize in areas such as Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Environmental Law, and Human Rights Law, providing them with the opportunity to explore specific areas of interest within the legal field. Through a combination of theoretical study, case analysis, and practical application, the LLB syllabus equips students with the necessary knowledge, analytical skills, and legal acumen to navigate the complexities of the legal profession and contribute effectively to the administration of justice and the rule of law.

LLB Subjects: 1st Year

S.No Subjects
1 Introduction of Law
2 Law Contract and Relief Act 1963 
3 Family Laws
4 IPC Rules
5 Law of Evidence 
6 Probation of Offenders
7 Constitutional Law
8 Legal and Constitutional History 
9 Acts:- 1930, 1932, 1958, 1973 Etc.

LLB Subjects: 2nd Year

S.No Subjects
1 Property Law
2 Right to Information Act, 2005
3 International Law for Public
4 Labour and Industrial Law
5 Administrative Law
6 Indian Trust Act, 1882
7 Environmental Law

LLB Subjects: 3rd Year

S.No Subjects
1 Human Rights Law 
2 Taxation Law
3 Civil Procedure Code (CPC)
4 Company Law 
5 Property Law
6 Humanitarian and Refugee Law

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