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Updated On - Oct 25, 2021 PM

CBSE, ISCE/ISC Board Exams 21-22: ‘Cancel Papers or Conduct ONLINE’, Students Start Online Petition

Board Exams 2021-22: CBSE and CISCE students have also started #OnlineExamsforCBSEandICSE campaign on Twitter to protest against the upcoming class 10, 12 board examinations
Board Exams 2021-22: In a bid to make their demands heard, scores of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Council for the Indian School Certificate Exams (CISCE) students have started an online petition demanding that the upcoming board exams 2021-22 should either be canceled or held online. While the CBSE had already stated that the term 1 exams scheduled for November will be conducted offline, CISCE, backtracked on its decision to offer both online and offline choices to candidates for first term papers and asserted that the upcoming board examinations will be held in pen and paper mode only.

In the online petition on change.org, the students have said, “Taking the exams offline (CBSE and CICSE) is a huge mistake. If you need more time to correct the online examination program, please do so. But risking students’ lives is absolutely not worth it.”

Underlining the importance of conducting board exams online, the petitioner said, “ICSE took the initiative to conduct the 2022 year-end exams for classes 10 and 12 using the term system. This system however was forced upon us.. and we had no choice. We as students and parents wonder, what exactly was the point of doing this? That too MONTHS after CBSE announced it… However, we went along with it, hoping for the best. In this announcement ICSE specifically stated the first term exams would be ONLINE + MCQ. This is a safer way of conducting exams which have been adopted by hundreds of universities and schools around the world.”

“Unfortunately, a mere 25 days before the actual exams were to commence, i.e 15th November 2021 – Mid December 2021, the CICSE board released a statement saying that the exams are postponed until further notice. This is not done. The emotional stress CICSE has put its students through since 2020 is astonishing. This batch of students is being treated as test subjects. Lab rats. They’re not seen as people, children, with normal mentalities. With feelings, with PAIN. They’re seen as numbers, as marks, as nothing but a nuisance it seems”, the petition read. At the time of publishing the article, the petition had 35,000 signatures.

#OnlineExamsforCBSEandICSE Trends on Twitter

Besides, CBSE and CISCE students have also started #OnlineExamsforCBSEandICSE campaign on Twitter to protest against the upcoming class 10, 12 board examinations. While some argued that examinations should be deferred in the wake of pandemics, others said that the exams should be conducted online.