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Updated On - Oct 14, 2021 PM

Gujarat govt to provide gap education to students

GANDHINAGAR: With a large number of students, especially those in rural areas, being deprived of education during the lockdown and subsequent online education, the government plans to provide gap education to those who are facing subject difficulties because of online classes.
Education minister Jitu Vaghani recently chaired a meeting to address the issues of students facing difficulties in understanding courses of various subjects due to online education.

Speaking to media persons on Wednesday, Vaghani said, “The government has received wide-scale feedback that due to online education, school students are facing issues in understanding lessons. Many students could not get online education in rural areas also. To help all such students, we have formed an expert committee who will study issues faced by the students due to online education.”

“The government has allowed offline education for students of Class 6 and above, and the government is considering opening classroom education for Classes 1 to 5 as well. Academic experts will map the gap in students’ knowledge and work out plans to match it during offline teaching. Rural students also faced a lot of issues which we will address shortly. Our purpose is to help students adjust to offline education again and teach them well so they can do better in higher studies,” he added.