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Master of Arts (MA) Karnatic Vocals degree in Indian classical music is designed for artists who want to pursue a career in this traditional form of Indian music. The program is taught by experienced professionals. The faculty includes well-known singers, composers, and teachers. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to teach yourself the various techniques in singing Karnatic music.

This Master of Arts program is a full-time, two-year, four-semester program that blends theory and practice. It is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the art of music. The programme also introduces students to research, writing, and inter/multidisciplinary studies in the field. You will also learn about the history and development of the classical music genre in India and the world, as well as the contemporary challenges that the field faces.

The program consists of two theory papers and two practical papers in Stage Performance. Entrance exams for MA Music are typically conducted at the university level and will include questions that relate to your chosen field of study. Depending on the school, you can choose a merit or entrance exam-based program. You should consider all factors when deciding where to study and what to expect. A MA Music degree in Karnatic Vocals is a great way to get a thorough education and be prepared for a professional career in this exciting and rewarding field of study.

Benefits of Master of Arts (MA) in Karnatic Vocals

If you're thinking about taking up Karnatic vocals as a profession, a Master of Arts (MA) in Karnatic Vocals is an excellent option. The course covers all the fundamentals of Carnatic music, such as aadhi thala varnams, kritis, and basic theory lessons. Once you've completed this course, you'll be well-prepared to take the next step in your career and sing advanced krithis.

Students pursuing a Masters in Karnatic Vocals have numerous benefits. They can tap into the diverse cultural influences and deep roots of the South Indian community. Students who study this music can be immersed in different styles and accents that help them express their unique personalities. In addition to the soaring, beautiful music, Karnatic vocals help students develop dynamic personalities and in-depth knowledge gleaned over years of practice. Raaga School of Music offers innumerable opportunities for students to express themselves, whether in live online classes or in-person classes.

Students must have completed CV101, CV102, and CV104 before enrolling in the program. During their time in the course, they'll be introduced to more advanced forms of exercises, as well as vocal culture. These exercises improve range, diction, and the culture of the voice. The student will also be taught basic Laya exercises, which are the basis for mathematical calculations. A good course in Karnatic vocals also provides valuable lifelong knowledge.

Future Scope of Master of Arts (MA) in Karnatic Vocals

The future scope of the Master of Arts (MA) in Karnatic Vocals is quite promising. There are several reasons to pursue this degree. Here are some of them:

The future scope of this course lies in developing the singers' skills. The mastery over laya is evident in every aspect of their presentation. While some prefer subtlety, others choose to show off with intricate kannakus. Various singers choose their voice style depending on their comfort, personality, and style. The voice culture in Carnatic music has a long history and many musical experts from the past have contributed useful insights into this field.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the art of Carnatic music was heavily patronized by local kings, especially those of Travancore. The Marathas of Tanjore were also patrons of this art form. Some royals were noted composers and skilled musicians. Famous court musicians during these times included Veene Sheshanna and Veene Subbanna.

The MA course covers all aspects of the art of singing in Carnatic. Students learn about octave, beats, rhythm, and the posture of the hands. While learning this art form, the student will develop the confidence and stage presence that is so important in today's society. And that confidence can't be acquired in a single day! You will need to be confident in front of an audience. But the future scope of this master's program in Karnatic Vocals is bright.

Career Opportunities and Job Prospects for Master of Arts in Karnatic Vocals

If you have a passion for Indian classical music, then a Master of Arts (MA) in Karnatic Vocals may be the right choice for you. Traditionally, this music comes from southern India. The genre consists of vocal music, samgita, and the art of Gayaki (singing).

A career as a classical singer is a rewarding one and an M.A. in Indian classical vocals is a coveted qualification. You can even sing for royalty! This degree program can open doors to many careers. Taking a Master of Arts in Indian classical vocals will help you pursue a variety of careers. Here are some of them:

The world of Indian classical music has benefited greatly from the diaspora. Many musicians in the South Indian music community have found significant income through teaching the children of NRIs. While not all of these children end up becoming well-known musicians, a few do. A good example of this is Ramakrishnan Murthy. Besides performing, AMN Rajeswari Rajaratnam is also involved in teaching students.

Students who have graduated from the MA Music program may find themselves in a number of careers, including lecturing and conducting research. Graduates can expect a salary of INR 6,500 to INR 18,000 per month, with the potential for further advancement. Entry requirements for this master's degree program include passing one music subject in high school or an equivalent degree. Furthermore, applicants may also pursue further studies and become individual performers.

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