Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Hons.) Sanskrit - Nava Nalanda Mahavihara

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What is Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Sanskrit ?

B. A (Hons) in Sanskrit is an undergraduate course specializing in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is considered the main liturgical language of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism and is an old Indo-Aryan language. The Sanskrit language and literature programme consists of three sections and eight documents. 

The three years Sanskrit Graduation Program gives students a broad overview of their syllabus with an overall mastery of this ancient language. The Sanskrit study is separated into Poetry includes the study by the prominent ancient poets and scholars of Sanskrit shlokas and the couplets. Sanskrit was a language in ancient times, and several epics of the Hindu and Puranas were widely written. Students are taught numerous shlokas and couples from the epics and fictional works.

Literature: It is comparable to the English component of fiction or literature (or any other language). It consists of studying history, books and fiction published in the given language by prominent authors. It emphasizes the Sanskrit literary aspect.

Grammar:  It plays a part in improving or enriching the language learning process, just like any other language. It aims to make the pupils comprehend basic rules and elements that should be followed when language speaking or writing. It includes the study of the times, points, words, etc., in Sanskrit.

History: This area of study offers information and knowledge about the Sanskrit language's origins and evolution. Students are taught about ancient Sanskrit text and literature to grasp better their language origins, such as the Vedic and Post-Vedic works. This helps them to appreciate better the present contemporary language's modern aspect and use.


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Sanskrit

  • At least 55% (45 per cent to 50 per cent for the candidate category reserved) of the candidate should clear the 10 +2 examinations or equivalent examination from the approved State Council or Central Board.
  • The person shall have no backlog or division at an additional or equivalent level to any subject/subject that is not yet clear upon receipt of admissions.
  • In addition to the above criteria, the individual colleges and institutions may have additional criteria to fulfil to be admitted.
  • Students who have a reserved category would have to provide the certificates of reservation given by the authorities responsible for taking advantage of the privileges they receive.


Benefits of Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Sanskrit

  • The course helps the students, such as translators, interpreters, and guides, take up several Sanskrit-related jobs.
  • You can go to higher graduation programmes in other subjects, e.g. a master's degree, etc., to qualify as a lecturer at the college level together with the obligatory NET exam.
  • Third, in India's cultural programmes, they can be afforded representative status. This is happening here in the country and abroad.

Future Scope of Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Sanskrit

  • Those who have a teaching job can also try their hands during this training because Sanskrit teachers at the high, high and college levels are in demand.
  • Those wishing to have a career in communications and journalism in Sanskrit can also choose the course.
  • Those who aspire for government work can choose the course after graduation.

Career and Job Opportunities after Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Sanskrit

Holders may also be recruited as translators, content producers, journalists, professors, and Sanskrit degree holders. INR 12.000 is the average beginning pay.

Applicants for Sanskrit graduate have many choices regarding their careers. The most popular instruction and literary works can be chosen from fields such as journalism and communication.

  • The translator annually earns INR INR 1.44-1.8 Lacs
  • A journalist/developer has an annual salary of INR 1.8 lacs
  • Teacher/journalist at government school runs annual news channels INR 1.8-2.16 Lacs
  • The writer makes INR 1.44-1.8 Lakes every year.
  • Private school/university teacher pay is INR 1.2-1.44

Fees Structure & Course Duration of Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Hons.) in Sanskrit

The average fee for different institutes is around INR 20,000 & Duration of this course is 3 years.

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