M.Tech In Renewable Energy Syllabus - National Institute of Technology Arunachal Pradesh (NIT Arunachal Pradesh)

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Dive into the comprehensive curriculum, highlighting key subjects and courses that will shape your knowledge of renewable energy technologies and prepare you for a career in sustainable energy.

Syllabus and subjects in M.Tech Renewable Energy

An M.Tech in Renewable Energy program typically offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on sustainable energy sources and technologies. The syllabus often includes subjects such as renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass), energy conversion and storage, energy policy and economics, energy management and efficiency, environmental impact assessment, grid integration of renewable energy, and project planning and management for renewable energy systems. Students may also engage in practical projects, laboratory work, and renewable energy system design. This program equips graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to work in various roles within the renewable energy sector, including renewable energy system design and implementation, energy policy analysis, and sustainable energy project management, contributing to the advancement of clean and sustainable energy solutions. Please note that specific course offerings may vary between universities, so it's advisable to check with the institution offering the program for their detailed syllabus.

S.No 1st Year Syllabus of M.Tech. in Renewable Energy
1Energy Scenario & Energy Forms
2Fuels & Combustion
3Instrumentation, Control, and Automation
4Project & Financial Management in Energy Sector
5Green Buildings
6Waste heat recovery and cogeneration
7Energy Lab
9Solar Thermal Technologies
10Energy conversion – thermal systems
11Small hydropower system
12Waste of Energy

S.No 2nd Year Syllabus of M.Tech. in Renewable Energy
1Solar power generation through the PV route
2Renewable Energy Policies
3Smart and macro grid
4Wind Energy Technology
5Summer Internship
6Summer Internship Seminar

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