M.Tech In Electrical Engineering Syllabus - National Institute of Technology Hamirpur (NIT Hamirpur)

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Delve into the comprehensive curriculum, highlighting advanced electrical engineering courses that will shape your academic journey and skill development.

Syllabus and subjects in M.Tech Electrical Engineering

An M.Tech in Electrical Engineering program typically encompasses a wide array of advanced topics within the discipline. The curriculum generally includes core courses in areas such as power systems, electronics, control systems, and electrical machines, laying a solid foundation in fundamental principles. Students often have the opportunity to specialize in areas like power electronics, renewable energy systems, communication engineering, or microelectronics through elective courses. Research projects, labs, and practical assignments are commonly integrated into the syllabus, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and fostering innovation within the field. Overall, the M.Tech in Electrical Engineering syllabus is designed to equip students with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in academia and industry, preparing them for diverse career prospects in this dynamic and evolving field.

S.No 1st Year Syllabus of M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
1Advanced power system operation control
2Advanced protective relaying switchgear
3Power system dynamics
4EHV AC and HVDC transmission
5Applied linear algebra and matrix computation
6Cyber security
7Computer-aided power system analysis
9Advanced power system stability
10Power electronics in power system
11Substation engineering and automation
12Power system simulation lab

S.No 2nd Year Syllabus of M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
1Practical training

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