In October, 2005, CMI moved to its new campus at Siruseri, on the southern outskirts of Chennai. In December, 2006, CMI was recognized by the Government of India as a University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956.

Chennai Mathematical Institute is one of the top University in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Here are the details about Chennai Mathematical Institute Courses, Fees, Placements, cut off, Ranking, Facilities, Reviews.

Chennai Mathematical Institute is a considered university that was established in its foundation in the year 2006. The MHRD granted the university the authority to function as a college. The university is located at Siruseri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) is an acclaimed education institution situated in the renowned SPIC IT Park. The institution is situated within Chennai, in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, it is one of the most sought-after places to study maths for students from across the world.

Courses Offered

The institute provides a variety of courses for undergraduates, postgraduates and research levels for students who wish to pursue their careers in the fields that includes Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics.

Accreditation and Ranking

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized as the Chennai Mathematical Institute.


Chennai Mathematical Institute has a excellent infrastructure. It is home to a range of amenities. The campus is tranquil and serene ambience. Additionally, Chennai Mathematical Institute has amenities like libraries Smart classes, sports, canteen etc. In addition, the college offers an Wifi campus. Additionally, the university offers numerous clubs that help students improve their abilities. The facilities at Chennai Mathematical Institute Chennai Mathematical Institute are:


Furthermore, Chennai Mathematical Institute gives the same importance to physical activities. Grounds for games, such as Basketball Ground, Football ground cricket ground and so on. are readily available. Additionally indoor games like Tennis Court, Chess are available. The school is also interested in enhancing the athleticism of students.


Chennai Mathematical Institute has a central library located on campus. The library offers a broad collection of books. Furthermore, the school offers online access for students. The library has a selection of audiovisual materials, books as well as student project papers, reports, newspapers as well as magazines. Online and offline books and journals are readily available on campus. A variety of e-journals that have been subscribed are accessible.


There is a restaurant within the campus. It serves delicious and high-quality food. Food items are available for a nominal cost. The cafeteria is the most convenient spot on campus. It offers soft drinks and snacks in the cafeteria.

Computer Labs

The computer laboratory is located located on the campus. The labs are fully equipped with the latest computers. Additionally, the lab has access to an internet connection that is high-speed connection. The equipment is updated regularly to ensure that they are in good working order.

Wifi Campus

The campus offers access to free WiFi for students. Students are able to use the internet connection.

Smart Classroom

Chennai Mathematical Institute has small rooms in every class. It assists students to learn the latest methods of learning. It assists students with interactive learning.


Chennai Mathematical Institute offers a wide range of scholarships for students who want to improve their abilities and excel in specific areas. Thus, Chennai Mathematical Institute attracts students with young minds who are able to fulfill their dreams. Furthermore, the institution assists students who are financially weak by offering educational loans that permit them to pursue their studies with no interruption.


The institute also has an additional society named Algolabs to encourage interactions between CMI and industry. The society is regularly involved in courses and projects that focus on areas like optimization and analytics, risk management, and gives students the opportunity to interact with industry.

Students from CMI have been put in the top software firms in India. The top recruiters include Credit-Suisse, Ernst & Young, TRDDC, Adobe, Zen Drive, Teradata, Fresh Works. In recent times, many students have created businesses in India as well as within the USA.


The institute occupies an exclusive place in Indian academics, attracting money from both public and private sources. In order to meet the needs of the financial weak students in mind The Institute offers a range of scholarship programs that are under its control. Below are the information of the programs:

All students are awarded handsome scholarship awards that cover all costs. B.Sc. (Hons.) students are awarded a scholarship amounting to the amount of Rs. 4000 per month

M.Sc. students get a grant of Rs. 6000 per month. Ph.D. scholarships start at the amount of Rs. 16000 per month

Students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Also, you will get an additional monthly scholarship of (Rs.). 1000, which is made possible by generous private contributions


Admissions to Chennai Mathematical Institute takes only in the form of. Students must fill out the admission application on the college's website. Additionally, they must fill out the online application form for admission. After that, they must complete entrance tests administered through the institution. The admission requirements are strictly based on entrance. Additionally, the eligibility requirements for every course will be stated on the website of the college.

Vision of Chennai Mathematical Institute

True to its name Karunya which means 'Compassion' shall be an institution with social concern to address the problems of humanity through technical education, research and development, products, patents and extension. The faculty and students of Karunya will be nurtured in character, ethics and spiritual discernment to serve the society with fervor and zeal.

Mission of Chennai Mathematical Institute

To find solutions to human problems in areas relating to water, food, health and sustainable energy through scientific, social and technological research. To setup care homes for physically and mentally challenged, the elderly and the terminally ill, enabling students to understand human needs through participation and dedication, solving problems through research, development, innovation and spiritual care.


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