As DBGI transforms into Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University, it brings with it a proud legacy of close to two decades. It will be built around its core values based on academic excellence, diversity and mutual respect, shared governance, social conscience, environmental responsibility, and more. Being an autonomous university also opens an array of opportunities.

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University - [DBUU], Dehradun is one of the top Universities in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Here are the details about Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University - [DBUU], DehradunCourses, Fees, Placements, cut-off, Ranking, Facilities, and Reviews.

As DBGI transforms into Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University, it brings with it a proud legacy of close to two decades. It will be built around its core values based on academic excellence, diversity and mutual respect, shared governance, social conscience, environmental responsibility, and more. Being an autonomous university also opens an array of opportunities. As Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University it finds itself on a stronger global platform that will expand its international reach. In fact, it will be better placed to forge collaborations and stronger bonds with National and International universities of repute. It will result in student and faculty exchange programs that enhance the learning experience. Students of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University can also expect a more robust curriculum with the latest technological And managerial inputs, as it is now able to streamline and synchronize academic activities across all courses. As an autonomous university, it can exercise more flexibility in setting higher standards for admission and performance evaluation. Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University is an auspicious new beginning; not just for students but for the entire state too.

Accreditation and Ranking

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University - [DBUU], Dehradun is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), 

Courses Offered 

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University - [DBUU], Dehradun courses are offered at various levels like Diploma Degree i.e Diploma - Computer Science & Engineering, Diploma - Civil Engineering Undergraduate Degree i.e Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com. Hons.) Accountancy, Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Pharmacy Degree i.e. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.), Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm), Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) Pharmacology many more. You can also find a brief overview of the different courses offered by the university across various disciplines with their specializations on the Course page.

DBUU for Admission Process

The Admission Process for DBUU is designed to identify and select candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, aptitude for the chosen field, and a commitment to personal and professional growth. The process typically includes the submission of application forms, academic performance evaluations, and entrance examinations. Personal interviews may also be conducted to assess a candidate's suitability for the chosen program. The institute's holistic approach ensures that students admitted not only possess the requisite academic qualifications but also exhibit qualities such as leadership potential and a passion for learning. Transparent and merit-based, the admission process at DBUU aims to create a diverse and dynamic student community.

  1. Experiential Learning: DBUU places a strong emphasis on experiential learning methodologies. Whether through internships, industry collaborations, or research projects, students are exposed to real-world scenarios that enhance their practical skills and deepen their understanding of theoretical concepts.

  2. Industry Connect: The university fosters strong ties with industries relevant to each discipline. Regular interactions with industry professionals, guest lectures, and industry visits provide students with insights into current industry practices, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the demands of the professional world.

  3. Innovation and Research: DBUU encourages a culture of innovation and research. From well-equipped laboratories to research centers, students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

  4. Global Exposure: Recognizing the importance of a global perspective, DBUU facilitates international collaborations and exchange programs. This exposure allows students to interact with peers from different parts of the world, fostering cultural diversity and preparing them for global career opportunities.

  5. Holistic Development: Beyond academics, DBUU focuses on the holistic development of its students. Leadership development programs, cultural events, sports, and community service initiatives contribute to shaping well-rounded individuals who can excel in various aspects of life.

Cutoff 2023

DBUU's cutoff for the academic year 2023 is determined based on several factors, including the number of applicants, the difficulty level of entrance examinations, and the overall performance of candidates. The cutoff marks serve as a benchmark to shortlist candidates for various courses. Aspiring students are advised to stay updated with official announcements and guidelines provided by the university to ensure they meet the necessary cutoff requirements for their desired programs.


Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University understands the financial challenges that some students may face and, therefore, offers a range of scholarships to deserving individuals. These scholarships are awarded based on factors such as academic merit, financial need, and specific criteria outlined by the university. The scholarship programs aim to support and encourage talented students to pursue their educational aspirations without undue financial burden.

DBUU for Facilities

State-of-the-Art CampusDBUU's campus is equipped with modern infrastructure, including well-furnished classrooms, advanced laboratories, and recreational spaces, creating an optimal learning environment.
Hostel and AccommodationOn-campus hostel facilities provide comfortable living spaces for students. The accommodation options cater to the diverse needs of students, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment.
Library and Learning ResourcesA well-stocked library offers an extensive collection of books, journals, and online resources. Access to digital databases and research materials supports academic excellence.
Computer LabsDBUU's computer labs are equipped with the latest technology, providing students with hands-on experience and access to software relevant to their academic coursework.
Sports and RecreationThe institute prioritizes the overall well-being of students through sports and recreational facilities. These include outdoor sports grounds and indoor recreation areas.
Cafeteria and Food ServicesDBUU's cafeteria serves a variety of nutritious meals and refreshments. The campus ensures diverse food options catering to different dietary preferences and requirements.
Auditorium and Event SpacesWell-designed auditoriums and event spaces facilitate seminars, conferences, and cultural events. These spaces are equipped with audio-visual amenities for effective presentations.
Healthcare ServicesDBUU provides healthcare services on campus, including a medical center with qualified staff. Regular health check-ups and first aid facilities contribute to student well-being.
Wi-Fi ConnectivityHigh-speed Wi-Fi connectivity across the campus ensures that students have seamless access to online resources, supporting their academic and research endeavors.
TransportationDBUU offers transportation facilities for the convenience of students and faculty, ensuring easy access to and from the campus.
Green InitiativesThe university is committed to sustainability with green initiatives such as waste management, energy conservation, and green spaces that contribute to an eco-friendly campus.

DBUU for Training & Placement

DBUU places a strong emphasis on the training and placement of its students, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The university collaborates with leading corporations and industry experts to design training programs that enhance the employability of its students. Mock interviews, resume-building workshops, and skill development sessions are integral parts of the placement process. The placement cell at DBUU works tirelessly to connect students with potential employers, organize campus recruitment drives, and facilitate internships.

Students at DBUU benefit from exposure to a diverse range of industries, allowing them to make informed career choices. The university's strong industry connections contribute to a high placement rate, with graduates securing positions in esteemed organizations across various sectors.

Recognition & Accreditations

  1. Accreditations: DBUU holds accreditations from recognized bodies, ensuring the quality and relevance of its academic programs. The university is accredited by national accreditation agencies and is recognized by regulatory bodies such as the University Grants Commission (UGC). These accreditations affirm DBUU's commitment to maintaining high academic standards and delivering quality education.

  2. Affiliations and Collaborations: DBUU has established affiliations with reputed institutions and industry bodies. Collaborations with industry partners contribute to curriculum development, joint research initiatives, and guest lectures. These affiliations enhance the university's academic and industry connect, providing students with exposure to the latest industry practices.

  3. Research Excellence: DBUU is recognized for its commitment to research excellence. The university encourages faculty and students to engage in impactful research across disciplines. Research centers and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities support innovative research initiatives that contribute to advancements in knowledge and technology.

  4. Global Recognition: DBUU has gained global recognition through collaborations with international universities and participation in global academic forums. These collaborations facilitate student exchange programs, joint research projects, and exposure to diverse global perspectives. The global recognition enhances the university's standing and provides students with an internationalized educational experience.


To foster a society of lifelong learners with the ability of critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and leadership and to create an environment for discovery, innovation, discourse, and expression.


setting a benchmark to improve performance and quality assurance in academics. Creating a thriving and sustainable research environment. Laying impetus on a successful student support system so as to nurture creativity, resiliency, and problem-solving skills.


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University Courses

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Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)
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Master of Planning (M.Plan)
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Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) Pharmacology
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Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) Pharmaceutics
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