Govt. Poly Technic College, Koratty has been at the forefront of the technical education scenario for the past nineteen years. Colleges have been providing the invaluable gift of quality education to students from many remote areas who at present have been occupying key positions in society. We are grateful to our patrons and the government for providing us with an ambiance for academic excellence. We hope our humble effort will go a long way in putting this college into an information super highway for making the institution a real instrument of socio-economic change while improving the quality of education through technology.

Government Polytechnic College Koratty is one of the Top College in Thrissur. It's Affiliated with the University of Delhi. Get Courses, Facilities, Placements, Recognitions & Accreditations details.

The state-owned Poly Technic College at Koratty has been at the forefront of technical education for nineteen years. Colleges offer the invaluable gift of quality education to students from many remote areas who now hold key positions in society. 

College is grateful to our patrons and government for providing us with an atmosphere of academic excellence. The college hopes that our humble efforts will help propel this college onto the information superhighway that will transform the institution into a true vehicle of socio-economic change while enhancing the quality of education through technology.  

Accreditations and Ranking:

Government Polytechnic College is affiliated with the University of State Board of Technical Education, Kerala, and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Govt. of Kerala.

Courses offered:

Government Polytechnic College offers Undergraduate Programs Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Textile Design, and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management (PGDM PPM).

Infrastructure and Facilities:

Government Polytechnic College has a large and well-maintained campus and offers a tranquil learning environment. The buildings are modern and equipped with the latest technology from Government Polytechnic College, which facilitates teaching and teacher development. The classrooms, units, and laboratories of the Government Polytechnic College are spacious, comfortable, and designed to ensure the highest quality of education. The library is excellent too, with a huge range of books, online resources, and knowledgeable librarians.


The Government Koratty College of Technology recognizes the importance of the breadth and depth of knowledge students must possess to enrich their personalities.  The college library aims to collect, organize and disseminate information for members or users of the library. We are constantly expanding the existing rich collection of more than 4,600 books with the latest publications in various fields of knowledge. Our library subscribes to 5 newspapers and 21, magazines. Out of. 400 new books have been added this year. 

Computer Facility: 

The College Computer Center with internet access serves various departments to meet their programming needs. It has been modernized and equipped with the latest technology. Students can use this internet service during working hours for their academic activities. This installation is currently supervised by Antony Christian Lecturer in Technical Informatics. 

Girls Hostel: 

The construction of a women's shelter with an area of ?? 1,700 m2 is completed. Current status: Construction, electrical, and plumbing work completed.Women's complaints office: Almost 30% of the students at this university are girls. The university has a Women's Complaints Unit, composed of faculty members who deal with student grievances.

Students' Union: 

The Elected College Union is the highest authority dealing with the concerns, needs, and welfare of the student community. The union has always strived to meet the academic, extracurricular, and cultural needs of students. College Union has the following goals. On the eve of summer vacation, the student association honored Onam with an Onasadhya scholarship. There were also competitions such as "Tug of War", "Uriyadi", Pookalam, and a procession with Maveli. Following the Student Union Elections for 2012-2013, the activities of the Student Union and Art Club were inaugurated by Sri Sebastian Paul, the former MP.

Welfare Committee: 

The committee addresses student facilities and other needs and advises on curricular, extracurricular, and extracurricular activities. The committee monitors student progress and behavior, collects and shares information on student welfare, and coordinates and communicates with teachers, parents, and students regarding student welfare. 

Continuing Education Cell: 

In accordance with the Government Decree on the Provision of Appropriate Technical Education for the Backward Persons and the Unemployed, we have established and operated a Sub-Centre of the Department of Continuing Education at our college since its establishment in 2001.  

Placement cell: 

An employment agency will be set up within the college to provide internship-based training, assist in finding suitable employment through on-campus interviews and other methods, and provide helpful advice to prospective college entrants.  

Entrepreneurship Development Club: 

There is an Entrepreneurship Development Club at the Institute, which aims to instill an entrepreneurial culture in students and equip them with the skills, techniques, and confidence to carry the torch of entrepreneurship for the next generation. Sri. M.R. Thomas Lecturer Eng.  The department is responsible for the association.


To upgrade the facility and competence of the faculty and the staff so that they contribute to the all-around development of students. To create good engineers, technologists, and entrepreneurs use to the society.


To mold dedicated, morally upright, socially responsible, technically competent, and positively motivated human resources, focusing on the comprehensive development of the nation.


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